The Luckiest UK Postcode According to the National Lottery

Date IconLast Updated : 28 Sep 2022
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The Luckiest UK Postcode According to the National Lottery

There are now countless lottery draws to enter in the UK and around the globe – but what is the elusive secret to pocketing a jackpot? Well, according to the latest National Lottery data, it could all be down to 'location, location, location'.

Several hotspots around the UK are being labelled as 'lucky lottery postcodes' based on the data released by the National Lottery. So, if you believe in superstition or probability theory, you might just want to take a trip to Romford to buy a few tickets!

How can a Postcode be Lucky in the Lotto?

According to official lotto statistics, there are now well over 4,000 National Lottery winners living it up across the UK – six new millionaires are made every week! Their locations are spread all over the United Kingdom, so in theory you have as much chance of playing in Brighton and getting a dream ticket as you have in Newcastle.

But funnily enough, some locations seem luckier than others. Some will say it's the mysterious workings of the universe, while mathematicians will probably tell us that clusters are a natural part of chaos theory. After all, if you play roulette, red and black each have a near fifty percent chance of winning.

But it's common for one colour to win many times in a row in certain games. So, if you're passing by one of these 'hot' lottery locations, it makes sense to pick up a ticket while the lucky streak lasts. Online lottery services can also offer tickets but this data doesn't apply despite making up a percentage of the winners.

Finding the Luckiest UK Lottery Postcodes

The lotto postcode stats reveal a number of locations around the UK that are seemingly blessed when it comes to dishing out winning lottery tickets. There's a good spread of millionaire-making from North to South, so we should all have a fair shot at passing through a lucky locale.

In fact, with Romford in position one followed by Cleveland and Warrington, the South East, the North East and the North West are all represented. Here are the top ten postcode lotto locations based on the volume of major wins per head of the adult population:

  1. RM – Romford
  2. TS – Cleveland
  3. WA – Warrington
  4. L – Liverpool
  5. IG – Ilford
  6. ME – Medway
  7. NP – Newport
  8. NE – Newcastle upon Tyne
  9. WN – Wigan
  10. HA – Harrow

Glasgow Becomes a New Lottery Postcode Hotspot

Before you book yourself a tour of the top ten lucky lottery postcode destinations, remember that nothing is set in stone. New hotspots continue to crop up and probability theory dictates that these regions' lucky streaks won't last forever. Instead, it could pay to keep tabs on areas that are gathering lotto momentum.

Scotland has had more than its fair share of winners with longstanding lotto hotspots Paisley (PA) and Kilmarnock (KA). But 'G' for Glasgow is the one to watch if you're a trend-follower. The National Lottery recently revealed that the city has had the highest number of lottery wins per head of population in Scotland over the last five years.

In fact, an amazing 21 millionaire winners have bought tickets in the city over two years alone. The senior winners' adviser from the National Lottery, Andy Carter, commented:

"It's one of the luckiest postcodes in Scotland when it comes to creating lottery millionaires with 37 new winners joining that very special life-changing club. The National Lottery makes, on average, a new millionaire every day meaning there are big winners in every corner of the country. We are always ready to help celebrate and have plenty of champagne on ice."

Midlands Postcodes Create Millionaires

Another postcode that seems to love a big win is 'B' for Birmingham. The UK's second city has paid out around 2,000 prizes in excess of £50,000 and created well over 120 millionaires since the National Lottery started. And the Midlands' luck doesn't stop there, with Leicester (LE) creating over 60 major prize winners recently.

If you're based in the South West, then don't despair – take a trip to Truro (TR) in Cornwall, which has become one of the best locations for high value wins over the past 18 months. While no one can prove the existence of lucky locations to buy National Lottery tickets, some places really do create more winners than others.

Whether you want to look to mysterious cosmic forces for the reasons behind these lucky spots or go with mathematical logic, that's down to you. However, it does make sense to keep an eye on hotspots and buy a ticket there if you're passing by. Of course, the other option is to visit a cold postcode and opt for reverse psychology – it's got to get lucky sooner or later, hasn't it?

If you're unable to reach a lucky postcode and yours just hasn't worked, why not try buying a ticket online from the likes of the TheLotter? Playing lottery online means you can expand outside the basic selection of draws in the UK and play some of the biggest lotteries in the world including the two biggest out of the US!