LISTEN: Black Pudding Games on New Slot Aeterna & More

LISTEN: Black Pudding Games on New Slot Aeterna & More

In this episode of The Knowledge we spoke with Luke Taylor and Dan Nyman of Black Pudding Games. The two set up Black Pudding in 2018 with Nathan Howes, with the distinct aim of doing casino games “differently”. Their newest title Aeterna, the focus of today’s episode, is available now at online casinos. You can read a short blurb and listen to the full episode below.

LISTEN: The Knowledge Episode 14 | Luke Taylor & Dan Nyman | Black Pudding Games

The Knowledge Podcast by · Episode 14 - Luke Taylor & Dan Nyman - Black Pudding Games

Black Pudding Games was set up in 2018 by Luke Taylor, Nathan Howes and Dan Nyman. The company has been relatively under the radar since inception, as you might expect in the noisy and crowded corners of online casino games development. But now, with their new, visually striking and mechanically twisted title Aeterna, the small team are confident that they’ll stake a claim in online slots, arguably the most competitive vertical in iGaming.

A deconstruction of a standard three-reel game with some fascinating bonus features, Aeterna can, in theory, provide players with an unlimited max payout. Dan, who came up with the game concept with Dr. Fintan Coyle, a co-creator of the Weakest Link game show, says that the game is genuinely unique when put up against its contemporaries:

"The inspired way of rearranging the three reels was an idea that Fintan devised. I remember going down to see him in London and we sat around his kitchen table with these bits of cardboard wrapped in unusual shapes. It created the conundrum of how best to turn spins into wins. The idea of the game's Orbital paypath became the elegant solution to that."

With over 30 years industry experience between the co-founders, the Black Pudding team knows online casino games to the nth degree. The company’s website outlines their mission very clearly. They will not describe themselves using tired tropes like ‘disruptive’ or having ‘a passion for gaming’. Black Pudding are just curious. And they reflect that curiosity in the types of games they put out. Towards the end of today’s episode, Luke explains that for the rest of 2020 and beyond Black Pudding have big plans:

"We've got Super Selector Scratchcards - three of them - that we're hoping to get out into the wild before the end of the year. Then beyond that we have a second type of Orbital reactor engine that we hope [to release] before the end of the year, but maybe next year [that will come out]. Beyond that, we've got a smorgasbord of ideas! It's just a case of prioritising which ones to work on really. We do have a third title for the Orbital Reactor in the works and beyond that, we have some really interesting game mechanics we hope to start pushing into the marketplace."

To learn more about Black Pudding Games' journey so far check out episode 14 of The Knowledge now!