History has a long and storied history having traded hands several times since the earliest days of the Internet. Most recently, KAX Media (a group of avid online punters who love gambling) picked up the domain in April 2011 from Media Corporation plc. At the end of 2011, KAX Media replaced Media Corporation's with a brand new version of its own. Once again in September 2015, KAX published the completely redesigned version of that you are seeing now. KAX Media has no intention of selling any time soon. Before that the details are a bit sparse but we are doing our homework now to fill in the blanks.

Current owners are (price paid):

KAX Media (Charles Gillespie, Kevin McCrystle, et al) - $2.5M USD, April 2011

Previous owners include (and prices paid):

Media Corporation plc (Justin Drummond, James McBriar, et al) - $20M USD, September 2006 - April 2011

Dylan Schlosberg December 2003 - September 2006

Graeme Levin 1997 - December 2003 - $1,750.00

From the website logs and urban legend we have heard about quite a number of features and pages that existed at some point in the history of We are 100% open minded and willing to bring back many of these older features that were a hit with users. Finally, we at strive to provide our visitors with the best exclusive bonus offers and helpful, unbiased reviews for the top online gambling sites in the world! If you have any feedback about the website, past or present, do not hesitate to send us a message. We'd love to hear from you.

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