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    200% Welcome Bonus up to NZ$2500 + 50 Free Spins

  2. 2

    Welcome Bonus up to NZ$3000 + 100 Free Spins

  3. 3

    Up to $1000 and 300 Free Spins for your first three deposits
    Bonus Code: NITRO1

  4. 4

    Up To $1,000 + 200 Free Spins

  5. 5

    500% Welcome Bonus up to NZ$500
    Bonus Code: NEON

  6. 6

    100% Deposit Bonus up to $1000 + 200 Free Spins

  7. 7

    Get 100% Up To $1000

  8. 8

    100% Up To $300 + 50 Free Spins

  9. 9

    100% Welcome Bonus up to NZ$100 + NZ$3,000

  10. 10

    200% Welcome Bonus up to NZ$500 + 100 Free Spins

Kia ora Kiwi punters! Online casino bonuses and promotions are everywhere — but just like a local fish and chip shop, not all are created equally — and the last thing we want is for them to leave a bad taste in your mouth!

It’s probably fair to say us Kiwis don’t always get a lot of guidance when it comes to finding the best online casinos, and those big bonuses they promise can therefore feel a bit too good to be true.

So can you trust these big online casinos? Are their larger than life bonuses and promos legit, or are they a scam? And if they are real, what’s the catch?

Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about — our dedicated team of Kiwi and international gambling experts have put together this guide to walk you through the big world of online casino promos and bonuses.

And we get it — sometimes casino sites can just seem too far away from NZ to be trustworthy, so we’ll make a real effort to look at the world of online casinos from a uniquely Kiwi perspective.

Okay, buckle up, because we’re about to go to town on everything Kiwi gamblers need to know about online casino bonuses and promotions. Let’s go!

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Established 2003
750 520 25
Established 2015
2606 2418 1000
18+. T&C Apply
Established 2015
500+ 50+ 77

What is a Casino Bonus in New Zealand?

If you’ve ever Googled “Online casino”, you’ll know that there is no shortage of casino websites willing to offer you the world if you sign up with them. 100 free spins! Up to $1000 in free bets! Free this, free that, it makes you feel like the most popular person in the world. But, if you’re like any reasonable person (which you are, because you’re reading this!), you’ll wonder why they are so keen for your attention and business.

Long story short, the online casino industry is absolutely legal, and therefore absolutely massive. With all of this business at play, there is a lot of competition for your eyeballs, and ultimately your business.

That means that these days, no self-respecting online casino will ignore the opportunity to get your attention with a generous range of bonuses. These bonuses range from welcome bonuses, where they give you stuff like free spins for making your first deposit, to high roller VIP bonuses for the big guns.

We’ll talk about all of the different types of online casino bonuses soon, but first, let’s talk about how we find the best online casino bonus NZ sites.

BrandAll Casino Games XMobile Slot Games XFree SpinsVisit Site
Established 2018
1704 1672 200
Established 2003
750 520 25
Established 2015
2606 2418 1000
18+. T&C Apply
Established 2015
500+ 50+ 77

How We Find the Best Kiwi Casino Bonus Sites

When we look for the best casino bonus NZ sites, we undertake a really detailed review of each gambling site. Our main goal is to provide Kiwis with solid info about each online casino, so that you, the punter can have full confidence in what we recommend, and what we don’t recommend. To do that, we rank online casinos on a range of factors, which we’ll cover now.

Online Casino Reputation and Safety

Here in New Zealand, it’s pretty easy to think that the TAB is the only place you can have punt online, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s actually completely legal to gamble online in NZ, and there are a ton of online casinos out there that would happily welcome you through their virtual casino doors.

Of course, to be legal in New Zealand, an online casino needs to have comply with the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003. 99% of all online casinos operate out of Europe, so it doesn’t make sense for them to directly comply with NZ laws. Instead, they will comply with one of the relevant European gambling bodies, which will then in turn mean that they are in compliance with NZ laws.

It sounds a bit confusing, but if they comply with the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority, The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Commission, or the UK Gambling Commission, they will be safe and legal for Kiwis to play at. Rest assured, every single online casino we recommend will be safe, secure, and therefore legal for Kiwis to play at.

Online Casino Game Variety

If you’ve ever walked into the pokies room at your local only to find two machines, you’ll know how disappointing a lack of variety can be. When we review an online casino, we go through all of the gaming options to make sure you’ll be busy having fun for a long time. A good casino will offer a range of casino games such as:


Table Games

Live Table Games

Some of the larger online casinos will also have sports betting sites, also offering virtual sports, and politics betting. Again, because the online gambling industry is so competitive, the best online casinos will offer as much gaming variety as possible.

Online Casino Mobile Gaming

These days there are more mobile phones than desktop computers, so it makes sense that online casinos need to offer a top-notch mobile gaming experience. Mobile casino gaming is the preferred method of playing for most punters, as it allows you to game anywhere, anytime, without the need for dressing up for the casino in town.

For an online casino to rank well in this area, we make sure that the performance and playability is just as good on mobile as it is on a proper computer. Switching between a computer and a mobile device should be seamless, and it should let you continue where you left off without a hitch.

Bottom line, if we recommend an online casino to Kiwis, it must have an excellent mobile gaming experience, whether it is on a phone or a tablet.

BrandMobile GamesiOS AppAndroid AppMobile Slot Games XVisit Site
Established 2012
2120 Yes Yes 1924
Established 2017
1444 Yes Yes 1386
Established 2018
1096 Yes Yes 1672

Online NZ Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Given that we’re writing a whole article about online casino bonuses and promotions, we better know what we’re talking about here! Look, every single online casino under the sun is going to offer you bonuses and promotions, but we take the time to delve into the terms and conditions to make sure it’s worth your time.

For example, some online casinos won’t let you use bonus cash on certain games, or you won’t get bonus funds if you deposit with a certain payment method. Some online casinos will offer a VIP programme, and some won’t. It’s things like this that can make or break a good bonus, so we make sure any online casino we recommend has a solid bonus and promotion system.

Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Speaking of casino bonuses, one of the main things that catches people out is the wagering requirements. These are the requirements that an online casino will place on bonuses to make sure you don’t just withdraw your “free money” and run.

The standard wagering requirement for the industry is around 35x, meaning that if they give you 100 35 times before you can withdraw it. Some online casinos have better wagering requirements than others, but we always spell it out in plain English so you don’t have to trawl through the small print.

How to Use NZ Casino Bonuses

Step 1 – Choosing Your Casino Bonus

After having a look at our reviews and links on, you’ll likely find an online casino that has the type of gaming and bonus that tickles your fancy. The most common welcome bonus is a deposit match bonus, meaning they will match your deposit with bonus cash. Remember, this isn’t just free money for you to withdraw and scarper off with — you’ll have to do some winning first!

Whether or not you decide to stick with this particular online casino is up to you, but the welcome bonus is a great way to have some free bets and see if you like what they have to offer.

Step 2 – Check the Casino Terms and Conditions

Generally, we will check the terms and conditions for you and tell you what’s up without all the lingo, but it always pays to have a quick look yourself. Make sure that your preferred method of deposit qualifies you for your bonus, and which games the bonus funds can be used on.

The big one to check though, is the wagering requirement. As we mentioned earlier, the wagering requirement is the number of times you have to wager or bet your bonus amount before you can withdraw it. We will let you know what the particular wagering requirement is for your chosen casino, but you can check yourself if you want.

So if the wagering requirement is 35x, and they give you $100 in bonus money, you’ll have to bet that bonus money 35 times before you can withdraw it into your pocket.

To make things a little bit more complicated, some online casinos will place a wagering requirement on your own deposit *as well as* your free bonus money. This is a bit stinky, because they are putting a wagering requirement on your own money before you can withdraw it. We’ll let you know if this is the case, but it always pays to check yourself in case they’ve recently changed their rules.

Finally, they might have some time restrictions in place. For example, they might require you to use your bonus within a certain time period before they delete it. Some online casinos may even delete any of your bonus winnings from the bonus too, so watch out for that. This period is usually about a month, so you should have plenty of time to spin some reels on the casino’s dime!

Step 3 – Deposit and Get Bonus Credit

The part where you enter your credit card information can be a little bit scary, but every online casino we recommend is safe and secure for Kiwis to enter their sensitive details. In fact, every online casino we link to has full SSL encryption, meaning all of your details are encrypted over the internet, so no naughty hackers can see your stuff.

If you are super concerned about your personal details or credit card information going astray, you can use a payment method like Neteller, Skrill or Paysafecard, which have either partial or full anonymity. Also, make sure your preferred method of payment qualifies you for the bonus you want.

Want to learn more about PaysafeCard? Read the full guide and check out the Best PaysafeCard Casinos.

Once you’re at the part where they ask for the amount to want to deposit, make sure you know what the minimum deposit and maximum deposit is to qualify for the deposit bonus. Sure, you can deposit as much as you want, but if you deposit too much, they won’t match your deposit. For example, an online casino might match your deposit 100% from a minimum of 1,000. If your first deposit is outside of that range, you won’t get that sweet bonus.

Oh, and a little tip, sometimes an online casino will have clickable boxes with “suggestions” of how much you can deposit. More often than not, the smallest amount in these boxes is more than the minimum deposit. It’s just a little sneaky thing online casinos sometimes do to get a little bit more money out of you. If you only want to deposit the minimum deposit amount, just do that!

To qualify for a bonus, most online casinos really just need you to be a new casino player making your first deposit. However, some online casinos will require you to enter a casino bonus code when you make your first deposit. If there is a bonus code required, we will let you know so that you can copy and paste it in the right place.

BrandTesting AgencyPayout %Slots XVisit Site
Established 2018
eCogra 96.00% 1421
Established 1997
eCogra 95.35% 1445
Established 2018
eCogra 95.45% 1672

Step 4 – Follow Wagering Requirements

So by this point you should already know what the wagering requirements are, e.g. 30x, 35x, etc. You should also know what games you can use the bonus on, and which ones you can’t.

To keep track of your wagering requirement progress, you should be able to click on your casino profile, or perhaps your wallet. Here you should be able to see how you are progressing, and how much more you need to wager to fulfil your wagering requirements. Once you have completed the wagering requirements, that bonus money is yours to keep, gamble, or withdraw as you please.

If you’re in any doubt as to how you are progressing with your wagering requirements, just contact the support centre for your online casino, and they will be happy to help you out.

Step 5 – Look for Additional Free Spins and Other Bonuses

Like any good Suzanne Paul infomercial — wait, there’s more! Most decent online casinos will continue to pepper you with little bonuses here and there. You’ll usually be contacted via email that you have a bonus waiting for you, whether in the form of a free spins bonus, or even a deposit bonus.

You don’t really have to do anything to qualify for these bonuses — the truth is, they’ll give them to you for betting a lot, but they’ll also give them to you if you’ve been missing in action for a little bit.

Again, there will be some restrictions to these extra bonuses, like wagering requirements, and what games you can use them on. Those details will be made very clear in the email you get, so just have a squiz at the rules there.

BrandAll Casino Games XMobile Slot Games XFree SpinsVisit Site
Established 2018
1704 1672 200
Established 2003
750 520 25
Established 2015
2606 2418 1000
18+. T&C Apply
Established 2015
500+ 50+ 77

Casino Offers in New Zealand - What to Look For

When you’re choosing an online casino, you’ll want to check out a range of factors that will give you a good idea of what will keep you coming back for more. The biggest things to look out for are type of bonus, wagering requirements, mobile-friendliness, game variety, reputation and safety .

We covered all of that stuff in detail in the section above called How We Find the Best Kiwi Casino Bonus Sites, so check that out if you missed it. That way, you can use the same criteria the pros use to decide which online casinos cut the mustard, and which don’t.

Popular Casino Bonus Types in NZ

So, what types of casino bonuses are there for Kiwis? Here's a run-through of the most common ones.

Welcome Bonuses for New Kiwi Players

The welcome bonus is the most common sort of big bonus for Kiwi punters, offered by the old online casino favourites and exciting new online casinos as well. This sort of bonus is only for a new Kiwi casino player that are making their first deposit, and as long as you follow a few other criteria, they will give you some “free” money to bet at their online casino.

The way it usually works is that you deposit a certain amount for your first deposit, and they will match you X%. So for example, if they offer to match you 100%, and you deposit 100 in bonus money to bet at their online casino. The amount they offer to match might be 50%, 100%, 200% or even more.

Of course, you’ll have to follow things like the wagering requirements we talked about above, but it’s still a fun and easy way of getting some free games, and potentially some free winnings.

Returning Players - Deposit Match NZ Casino Bonus

This form of bonus is a little less common, but it’s still out there. Instead of just having a welcome bonus on just your first deposit, they will offer your subsequent bonuses on your second, third, or even fourth deposit. These bonuses might look like this:

● First deposit casino bonus: 100% up to $300, plus 100 free spins on the selected pokies.

● Second deposit casino bonus: 50% up to $500, plus 25 free spins on selected pokies.

● Third deposit casino bonus: 25% up to $700 plus 25 free spins on selected pokies.

This is a little bit more complicated than a one-off welcome offer, but on the bright side, it might add up to more free stuff!

Free Spins NZ Casino Bonuses

A free spins casino bonus is basically a pokies casino bonus, offered by most of the best online pokies sites, where you get bonus spins on selected pokies. Not all pokies will fall under this bonus, so check the list of qualifying games. You probably won’t be able to use free spins casino offers on progressive jackpot pokies etc, but it’s still a welcome surprise to your inbox!

BrandAll Casino Games XMobile Slot Games XFree SpinsVisit Site
Established 2018
1704 1672 200
Established 2003
750 520 25
Established 2015
2606 2418 1000
18+. T&C Apply
Established 2015
500+ 50+ 77

Cashback NZ Casino Bonus

A cashback casino bonus is great because it essentially means they will offer you a refund for a certain amount to make up for what you may have lost that day or week. It will usually be a percentage, say 30%, meaning if your lost 3.

No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonus is pretty rare, but not unheard of. After all, most people don't go around handing out free cash without getting something in return. As the name suggests, it allows you to receive a free bonus without even making a deposit. While there is usually a wagering requirement attached here, sometimes an online casino won’t actually let you withdraw your winnings at all.

Casino Bonus Code

A casino bonus code offer is where you are sent a particular code to enter to receive a bonus. Sometimes these bonus codes are available to anyone that finds them on the internet, and other times they might be exclusive casino bonus codes like the ones you find here on

VIP Casino Bonus

Hey there high roller! A VIP casino bonus is given to the big bettors, and usually just like a normal online casino bonus, but on steroids. Think 100 free spins on the pokies instead of 10 free spins.

Pokie Bonuses

These bonuses are just for use on pokies — it might be for any pokie game, selected pokie games, or just one particular pokie game.

BrandPokiesMobile Pokies ProvidersTotal Pokies ProvidersMobile Slot Games XVisit Site
Established 2018
1421 107 112 1421
Established 2018
1672 107 107 1672
Established 2017
1386 106 109 1386
Established 2003
541 13 8 520

Live NZ Casino Bonuses

Okay, let’s move on to the world of live casino bonuses! If you haven’t played a live casino game at one of the best live casino sites before, think of a real-life casino with a real dealer — only instead of being at the casino, you are playing via a live HD video feed on your computer or phone. And of course, being part of an online casino, you still get those sweet live casino bonuses!

BrandLive Software ProvidersLive GamesLive RouletteLive BlackjackVisit Site
Established 2012
3 38 5 12
Established 2016
3 127 50 34
Established 2006
2 25 13 6

Live Online Blackjack Bonuses

Beyond the typical bonuses, an online casino might run some bonuses specific to their live online blackjack games. Be warned though, blackjack bonuses are pretty rare, so grab them when you can find them!

Live Online Roulette Bonuses

There is a variation of online roulette called bonus live roulette where players receive bonuses for certain plays that happen in the game. For example, if five blacks are spun in a row, a player will get a bonus equal to the lowest stake over the five spins. Check out the best live roulette sites for some of the best bonuses you can find in live roulette online.

Live Online Video Poker Bonuses

Bonuses are much easier to come by with live video poker, so you can expect to find free spins here and there.

Best NZ Casino Bonus – Our Verdict

We’ve done our best to give you as much advice as possible when it comes to online NZ casino bonuses, and we’ve done it from a uniquely Kiwi perspective. While some of these bonuses seem too good to be true, you can trust us to cut through the small print and let you know where to find the best legit casino bonuses.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what sort of bonus works for you, but the good news is that you don’t have to stick to just one online casino bonus — you can try as many as you want and get a welcome offer each time. If you’re keen to take advantage of one of our recommended online casino bonuses, click on one of our links and have a gander!


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  3. Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs
  4. E Cogra Approved Testing Agency
  5. Responsible Gambling Website
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A wagering requirement is an amount that you need to wager through to turn your casino bonus funds into cash. This will be a multiple of either the deposit, the bonus or both.

A non-matched deposit bonus will give you a fixed reward rather than a bonus. A non-matched bonus offer might include cash, free spins or prizes, such as gadgets, tech, holidays and even cars.

VIP and loyalty schemes are designed to reward players for consistent play at the casino. The more hands you play the more points you earn. You can then turn these points into rewards such as cash, bonuses, free spins and a range of products.As you increase your VIP rating the rate at which you earn these points will increase. You will also open doors to other benefits such as concierge services, dedicated bonuses, an accounts manager and invitations to VIP events, as a small example.

Usually, you’re only able to claim a single bonus at one time. If there is more than one welcome bonus to choose from, you can only pick a single promo.

You can only cash out bonus bet winnings once you have met the wagering requirement for that bonus. This will be a set multiple of the bonus you have claimed from the casino.

Playthrough is a term used to reference the amount that you need to play before you can cash a bonus out. It is also known as wagering requirements or turnover for many bonuses.

Yes, pretty much all bonuses are now eligible on mobile devices. You may also find that some bonus is mobile-specific, meaning you can only claim and clear them on mobile.It’s worth noting that some casinos do not have their full catalogue of games on their mobile casino platform compared to their online platform. This may limit the games that you can use to clear the bonus.

Not necessarily. The range of offers will vary from established brands to new casinos. You do get the odd new casino that will offer a very limited large casino bonus, but they often come with pretty poor wagering requirements, so they aren’t all that lucrative.

No. Pretty much all casino bonuses will have certain payment methods that you cannot use to claim a bonus. Common ones include things like e-wallets, Bitcoin and pre-paid cards.The reason behind this is that these payment methods can all be used anonymously, meaning there are no verification processes needed. This means that manipulating offers and even claiming multiple offers through the same payment method is a lot easier

Yes, Kiwis can use online casino codes. However, most casinos don’t require bonus codes for welcome bonuses, only that you are a new player making your first deposit.

Yes, casino bonus offers are legal in New Zealand, as long as the casino is in compliance with the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003. To make sure your chosen casino is safe, check to see our review of that casino.



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