Darts Betting Tips & Live Darts Betting Strategy

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Darts Betting Tips & Live Darts Betting Strategy

Darts is no longer just a pub game and the pros of the modern era battle for eye-watering sums of money at the oche. 

Punters also want a slice of the action, so the best betting sites have responded with more darts markets and promotions than ever before, as the sport continues to surge in popularity.

We've compiled our top darts betting tips for May 2024 here to hopefully help you beat the bookies. 

Read on to improve your darts betting strategy and learn how to approach live darts betting while matches are in-play.

Tip 1 - Use Statistics Wisely

While statistics like average scores and checkout percentages are useful, they don’t always tell the whole story. 

Contextualising these stats - and considering how a player performs under pressure or against certain opponents - can provide a more accurate picture.

The best way to combine context with stats is to watch plenty of darts throughout the year, so you can use the 'eye test' as well as the numbers to help place winning bets.

Tip 2 - Know The Darts Calendar

Players might peak during certain periods and will usually prioritise some tournaments over others. Knowing the context of different events during the year can be crucial when placing bets.

The venue and crowd can influence player performance. Some players thrive in certain atmospheres or struggle in others. 

A relative rookie might struggle in the World Darts Championship in front of a raucous Ally Pally crowd, for example, when up against an experienced veteran of the oche. 

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Tip 3 - Take Format Into Account

Darts matches can vary significantly in format, with the more prestigious tournaments generally consisting of longer matches.

In longer formats, the best players have more time to recover from a bad start. Conversely, in shorter formats, underdogs have a better chance of causing an upset. 

Understanding these dynamics is crucial for informed darts betting.

Tip 4 - Research The Form

Understanding how form affects performance in darts is a key darts betting tip.

Researching recent results, head-to-head records, and a player's history in specific tournaments for valuable insights.

If you're looking for historical head-to-head results, the official PDC website has a detailed results database.

Tip 5 - Specialise in a Market

There are dozens of darts betting markets to choose from with the best betting apps - from match winners to highest checkouts, correct scores, total 180s and much more besides.

But it might be wise to narrow your focus to just one or two markets as part of your darts betting strategy, with a view to becoming an expert in those areas.

You can potentially identify value more easily by specialising in this way.

Tip 6 - Take Advantage of Live Darts Betting 

Perhaps the most important of our darts betting tips is to take full advantage of in-play betting.

The best darts betting sites have lots of live darts betting options to choose from while matches are ongoing.

For example, If you bet on a certain player to win after they happen to go a few legs down, you'll get much better odds than you would from a starting bet. If they surge back to win the match, you're sitting pretty.

Big upsets are common in darts and often the favourite can come unstuck due to nerves or the underdog finding a streak of form. By waiting to place a bet can and watching the action, you can often sniff out these opportunities.

You can also sometimes capitalise on final score odds if you think a losing player is giving up. Some pros will chuck the towel in if things aren’t going their way, say if they are two sets down in a five-set match, especially if they’ve been playing poorly.

Similarly, when you're watching live darts, you might be able to determine the player who is going to land the most 180s in a game.

Perhaps the favourite is struggling to find triple-20s with their usual ease and you can get a good price on the underdog.

'Highest Checkout' betting also comes with clues once play has started. Before you bet, take note of who is finishing well and who isn't. 

The chances are that the player finishing best will take the highest checkout, allowing you to find value in the live odds.

Darts Betting Tips: In Summary

In conclusion, successful darts betting hinges on a deep understanding of the game, the players, and the dynamics of different tournaments. 

Always consider the current form of players, their head-to-head history and their performance in similar conditions or stages. It's also crucial to factor in the format of the tournament and the psychological aspects of the game, as they can significantly influence outcomes. 

Remember, while statistical analysis is invaluable, the unpredictable nature of sports, including darts, means there is no guaranteed darts betting strategy. Bet responsibly, set limits, and enjoy the thrill and excitement that darts betting brings.

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