Top 10 TV Slots

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Top 10 TV Slots

TV's top shows have inspired game developers to make some excellent online slots. Whether they’re old classics or modern day masterpieces, the television series that entertained the world are now firm favourites with slot players online.

We started with the 'Top 10 Movie Slots', here's 10 of the best online slot games centered around the top TV shows.

10. The Incredible Hulk

A 1978 TV series most popular for it's less than stellar graphics and make-up, The Incredible Hulk has stemmed into pop-culture infamy, a budding career for a less-than talented actor more known for his weightlifting than his line-reading, and additional animated spin-offs. The most popular of those spin-offs was the same-named The Incredible Hulk animated TV series originally aired in 1996 and is now an online slot game cherished by many.

The Incredible Hulk slot game favors the animated Hulk in place of the familiar, yet poorly painted Lou Ferrigno but aside from the digital adjustments, this 25-line, 5-reel slot features all the sights and sounds typically associated with the classic show and transitioned to the new ones; Hulk 'smashes' are used to symbolize bonuses while the graphics provide imagery of the mayhem The Incredible Hulk TV show commonly referenced.

Whether you enjoy watching cars be pummeled to a pulp or simply crave a few quality spins on a stellar slot, head over to Slots Heaven and start 'smashing' today!

9. Wolverine

The famed Marvel character and X-Men frontman, Wolverine, has long been portrayed in a wealth of novels, TV shows and movies. The character reached it's height of popularity during the Marvel X-Men movie series which not only starred Wolverine throughout but provided prequels and sequels solely dedicated to further explaining the history of the ageless wonder. Now the famed character is branded all across industries including the online slot world.

The Wolverine slot narrows down the scope of the game from all the films, TV shows and novels the character starred in to the simply, lesser known, Wolverine animated TV show aired in 2011. Instead of limiting Wolverine's exposure to Marvel slots like the X-Men slot game, Playtech created a slot game specific for the Wolverine show. This Marvel slot features a ton of bonuses and free spins to enjoy along with the imagery.

If your a Wolverine fan but might not like all that comes with the X-Men series, check out Wolverine at Gala Casino today!

8. Fantastic Four

If you were a child of the 90's, or an adult who refused to grow up, and spent your Saturday mornings enjoying a cable line-up littered with cartoons, you probably get quite the bit of nostalgia running through your veins when you see the next Marvel slot on our list. The Fantastic Four animated TV series, originally airing back in 1994, was a staple in the weekend cartoon line-up cherished by most young children.

As with most Marvel TV series, a wealth of movies have sprung from the Fantastic Four show including TWO different Hollywood blockbusters both looking to establish them selves as the brand's premier film as both carry the Fantastic Four name despite completely different actors, directors and overall story lines. The TV series also sparked the interest of the online slot world as Playtech has created a slot game about the 90's hit, the Fantastic Four slot game. This 20-line, 5-reel slot features a wealth of bonuses to enjoy.

Embracing a bit a nostalgia is never a bad thing, so head over to EuroGrand Casino today to start spinning the Fantastic Four slot game!

7. Battlestar Galactica

If Time magazine names you one of the "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME", it's safe to assume your slot game companion will surface on similar lists, as this stellar progressive jackpot has on our "Top 10 TV Slots". The show's popularity can be traced to two separate stints, the original airing from 1978–79 and the revamp/relaunch which aired from 2004-09, with both donning the 'Battlestar Galactica' name.

The popularity of the two TV series has trickled down to their slot companion as the Battlestar Galactica slot game is not only found all around the world of online casinos but has been considered a topnotch slot since it conception. This 5-reel slot doesn't limit your paylines to the familiar straight lines, instead featuring the trending 243-payline structure.

Fans of both TV series will certainly enjoy the familiar sights and sounds of this heralded show while enjoying this slot but even those unfamiliar with show will enjoy the stellar graphics and 243-paylines. To start collecting those big jackpots, head over to Leo Vegas today and see which of the 243 ways you can win!

6. Pink Panther

Featuring Inspector Jacques Clouseau alongside the flamingo-coloured feline, there’s no mystery behind why this 1969 hit show and its slot partner has become such a phenomenon. The Pink Panther television series began airing in 1969, quickly establishing itself as one of the premier cartoons on cable at the time and eventually snow-balling into one of the most popular slot games ever, the Pink Panther slot.

Featured at most of the top online casinos, this 5-reel and 40-payline slot features the Crack the Pink Code, Pink Trail, The Colour Pink, the Wheel of Pink, and Pink Pow! Bonuses, all of which trigger randomly in the main game. There are also two Mystery Progressive Jackpots: the Major Pink and the Minor Pink.

To jump back to one of the greatest years to date, 1969, without losing the perks of today's technology, head to today to play the Pink Panther slot game!

5. Deal or No Deal

Another quality offering from Playtech, this video slot looks to recreate the tantalising atmosphere of the real life Deal or No Deal TV show. A weekday staple among both Americans and Brits (two different versions per country), the show Deal or No Deal is centered around the premise of contestants choosing numbered boxes (22 in UK, 26 in US) with corresponding prize values. They gradually reduce the number of boxes hoping the largest prize isn't contained.

The Deal or No Deal slot pits you against the banker as you play for big prize money. With the atmosphere of the TV studio recreated by the dramatic game show soundtrack and a recognisable user interface, it won’t be long before you get a call from you know who. Three or more telephone Scatters will trigger the classic Deal or No Deal format in the Jackpot Bonus.

Visit Coral Casino now to try your luck at the awesome Deal or No Deal slot!

4. South Park

NetEntertainment (NetEnt) touts some of the most well-known slots on the market including their most popular progressive slot known for it's record breaking jackpots, Mega Fortune. Now sitting alongside Mega Fortune at NetEnt casinos is the much anticipated South Park slot game.

The slot features all the familiar faces from the beloved, long-standing animated comedy as well as a wealth of bonus and free spin opportunities. This 25-line, 5-reel slot provides ample character involvement (even Kenny gets killed in the intro), a steady stream of bonuses, and a hell-of-a good time.

If you're itching to take your slot talent to the small - fictitious - town of South Park, Colorado, join Mr Green Casino today and embark on your next journey to this small suburb occupied by pure insanity.

3. Little Britain

Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ sketch show, the UK's famed Little Britain, gave birth to a host of classic characters like Lou and Andy, Sir Bernard Cholmondeley and Marjorie Dawes. Many of the show's premier characters appear as symbols in the companion online video slot. You’ll even get some humorous input from the narrator of the TV show as you spin.

The Little Britain slot provides an eye-catching 94% payout rate, a feat worth noting when choosing a slot to stock-up winnings. Additionally, this slot game features a topnotch bonus scheme with tons of bonuses and free spins offered throughout gameplay.

If you're interested in trying it out now, head straight to Betfred Casino today!

2. Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell, despite garnering celebrity status for his gnarly critiques of innocent contestants, found a way to captivate two of the largest viewing audiences in the world. Cowell first took the States by storm as he hosted American Idol before leaving the hit show and starting a new gig back across the pond. Britain's Got Talent, like American Idol, has taken the UK by storm and has Cowell right back in the fold of relevant celebrities.

The Britain's Got Talent online video slot is just as bright and lively as Simon Cowell’s hit show. While you won’t have to endure any auditions while playing this game, a Live Show Bonus will put your own talents to the test as you choose which classic act from the show best represents you. There’s also a Free Spins Bonus to give you even more shots at the big time.

To give this reality TV slot powerhouse a spin, Visit Paddy Power's premier online casino offering today!

1. Game of Thrones

If you still have a pulse at this point in time, you most likely have at the very least heard of the most popular TV show on the planet, HBO's original series Game of Thrones. The TV show is based off George R. R. Martin's best-selling novels from the 'Song of Ice and Fire' series. The show is well-known for it's deviation from the original text (to some fans' dismay), giving unique distinction to this TV series when compared to novels. The popularity of the novels pale in comparison to the TV series which sparked the desire for a companion video slot.

Microgaming has been pushing out elite slot games for years and their Game of Thrones slot is no exception. Featuring 15 paylines and 243 ways to win, it's no surprise this slot game is garnering the same attention the TV show does.

To what family do you pledge your allegiance? Enjoy the #1 TV slot on the market by heading over to NetBet Casino now and spinning with your family of choice today!

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