Thanks to online lottery, players can buy tickets for all the biggest lottery draws from anywhere the internet reaches. No longer are the mega draws in the US and Europe restricted to those within a country’s borders as online services offer players from outside the jurisdiction the opportunity to play!

What Should You Know About Playing Lotteries Online?

Lotteries have been popular throughout history, from Keno, a lottery-like game in Ancient China, to Renaissance Europe where the games were established to help boost state finances. In its most traditional form, a lottery involves purchasing a ticket before a series of numbered balls are picked at random from a draw.

Put simply, the more numbers you can match with your ticket, the more you win. Recent advances in technology have meant that, while some lotteries are only open to residents of the same country, others can now be played by a global audience. This makes playing the lottery today a more exciting and varied prospect than ever before.

How Do You Play the Lottery Online?

Instead of purchasing tickets in a local shop, you can now log in, choose your lucky numbers and purchase your online ticket within minutes. In order to do this however, players must first register, which is easier in some countries than others. The Irish Lotto for example, requires proof of identification and proof of address to be sent in before your account can be fully verified.

Once set up, playing the lottery online gives gamers much more flexibility, with options such as the ability to easily replay your favourite numbers. If a player is fortunate enough to win, playing online means they will most likely be notified by email, so they won’t forget to check before the claims deadline or worse, risk losing their ticket before they can claim.

Betting on the Lottery at Online Betting Sites

While winning the lottery is obviously an incredible attractive prospect, the odds of doing so are astronomical. With that in mind, some of the leading betting sites out there give you the chance to win huge sums of cash on the lottery by playing fewer numbers. The payouts are still very generous and your chances of winning real money here as opposed to guessing every number correctly will be increased ten-fold.

We’ve searched high and low for betting sites offering this attractive service and listen them in the table below at your convenience. Simple click on the odds that appeal to you the most and you will be brought to that bookmakers website where you can sign up and start betting on the Lottery. It should be noted that the odds displayed are without the bonus ball - lower odds will apply if you decide you would like that included.

Bookmakers1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.
William Hill6/1link_text_goes_here55/1link_text_goes_here610/1link_text_goes_here8000/1link_text_goes_here150000/1link_text_goes_here
Paddy Power6/160/1700/17200/1130000/1

Can You Play More Than One Lottery Draw?

Players are able to create an account online with each individual lottery, or should they wish to play multiple lotteries from the same account, join a concierge lottery service such as GiantLottos or TheLotter. These services not only allow players to pick multiple tickets for lottery draws around the world, but also to join in potentially lucrative syndicate draws.

Can You Increase Your Odds of Winning a Lottery?

If you prefer more favorable odds while enjoying the lottery, look no further than betting on the lottery. Lottery betting, the act of placing bets with a bookie on the results of a major lottery draw, can create much more favorable odds as players can enjoy winnings without having to hit all the numbers like any familiar lottery jackpot would require.

Players place bets at fixed odds on the number of correctly selected numbers then collect winnings on those odds. The payouts are much smaller but your odds are actually realistic compared to the potential 100,000,000/1 odds that come with a major lottery draws.

What are the Most Common Types of Lottery Games?

The most common lottery game is one where a player picks six balls, numbered 1-49, although in some cases this range can be 1-59, or 1-90. If players match three or more of the numbers, they take home a share in the winnings. There are a number of extra games associated with lottery tickets too. These include Bonus Balls and Raffles, where players are given a random code beside their numbers.

What are the Differences Between National Lotteries vs Regional Lotteries?

National draws are usually weekly, although some offer two or more draws in a week. In addition to national lotteries, there are also a number of regional lotteries which have lower jackpots but offer a higher chance of winning due to the lower number of participants. The United States for example does not have a national lottery, just state-run games.

Is Playing the Lottery Online Safe?

There's plenty of risk playing the massive odds most lotteries hold but no risk in terms of your financial or legal safety. Unlike most online gambling, online lottery is grounded in real-life lottery which is typically regulated and even hosted by the government of that jurisdiction. Aside from it's longevity and typical government involvement, online lottery uses the same protection found at all the top online gambling sites.

Is Online Lottery Legal and Regulated?

Most of the top lottery draws in the world, like those from the States and the National Lottery, are actually government run. The lottery has long been used to raise funds for government projects. In the States, most lottery draws directly contribute to that state's educational funds. Thanks to the close relationship with governing bodies, lottery is almost universally legal and regulated.

The one area of concern in terms of lottery regulation comes from online lottery play. Although many of the top lottery draws accept players from outside the region or country as long as a ticket is bought in that jurisdiction, some major draws require proof of citizenship. That doesn't mean you can't play online, it just means you can't play online if you're not from there.

Can You Share Online Lottery Tickets?

It's not uncommon for a group of individuals, like friends or co-workers, to pool their funds together to buy one or more lottery tickets. This is especially true when a record jackpot is on the line catching a bunch of media attention. Thankfully, this practice of sharing lottery tickets still holds with online lottery play thanks to the advent of syndicates.

Lottery syndicates are commonly a group of friends or associates who share the cost of the tickets so that they can buy more numbers. This of course means a higher chance of a win, but also increases the number of people who will have to share it. Fortunately, the increased chances often outweigh the limited jackpot winnings.

In What Country / Region Are the Most Popular Lotteries Played?

Lottery DrawCountries / RegionsBet With
PowerballUnited StatesWshful
Mega MillionsUnited StatesLottomart
EuroMillionsAustria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United KingdomBet365link_text_goes_here
The National LotteryUnited KingdomWilliam Hill

Does The US Have the Biggest Lotteries?

America is home to two of the biggest lotteries. The Mega Millions previously held the record for the two biggest lottery wins in history, with jackpots of $656 million and $648 million being collected in March 2012 and December 2013 respectively. The game has two parts, the main draw where players pick four numbers ranging from 1-75, and the secondary Mega Ball, where one additional number between 1-15 is selected.

There is also a more recent addition known as the Megaplier, which, when selected, increases all non-jackpot prizes by between two to five times. The Powerball is the new reigning champ in terms of record jackpot payouts after a few rule changes created an unbelievable $1.6 billion jackpot which was eventually split three ways.

The draw has also given five jackpot winners over $400 million each, with the highest of those jackpots a whopping $590.5 million in May 2013. Powerball works in a similar fashion to Mega Millions; players choose five main numbers with a smaller range between 1-69, and an additional Power Ball number, with an increased range of 1-16. It also offers a multiplier option known as the Power Play, which can increase any win by 10 if selected.

Can You Withdraw Your Lottery Winnings Online?

When it comes to winnings, lotteries are the cream of the crop in terms of size. Fortunately, getting paid those winnings is much eaiser than winning them. Smaller wins can usually be transferred straight out of the lottery account into a player’s bank account. Larger wins may require that the player present themselves at their local lottery office for identification and promotional purposes.

If a player is fortunate enough to win a large lottery jackpot, once they ensure they have won, they may find that the sum is paid out incrementally over a certain number of years. For example, players who win the US Mega Millions can choose the annuity option, which means they would receive annual payments spread out over 30 years, increasing by 5% per year. That particular draw also offers a lump-sum payment option, but other lotteries will insist on an annuity.

Lottery Features and Ticket Types

Lotteries have been played for generations across the globe. It has taken different forms (like Keno, a lottery-like game originating in Ancient China), shapes and titles, but the premise has generally stayed the same.

A lottery involves purchasing a ticket before a series of numbers (typically on a ball) are picked at random from a draw to decide the winner of the selected prize (nowadays these prizes usually amount to a fortune of cash). Present day lotteries, though, have found a new world to influence and be influenced by, the world wide web.

The lottery's embrace of the internet has not only expanded the game's popularity but has altered the way the game is played, won, and experienced. With great change comes new innovation and therefore new features and products, like playing at the highest paying online casinos.

Lottery features have grown from the days of adding additional balls to implementing bulk buying discounts for those looking to buy tickets in mass. Now players get to enjoy a wealth of features those playing Keno couldn't fathom.

Lottery Feature and Ticket Type List

Concierge Services

The expansion of the internet has afforded industries the opportunity to reach a global audience while simultaneously connecting people from all across the globe. Prior to its move online, lotteries were limited to players in that particular lottery's country of operation. So basically, if you wanted to play the largest lottery in the world - the US Powerball - you would need to live in the United States. Embracing online lottery play created the ability for lotteries to be played by players outside their respective countries through the invention of lottery concierge services.

Companies like GiantLottos and TheLotter are lottery concierges, with each uniquely approaching the concierge service industry. GiantLottos doesn't actually sell or resell lottery tickets, rather, they buy and hold lottery tickets on behalf of players, then distribute winnings to those whose proxy lines would have won had they purchased in person.

TheLotter has over 20 local offices worldwide, and uses these bases to purchase physical lottery tickets from official retailers on behalf of its users – these tickets are then scanned and uploaded to users' accounts (similiar to 'Buy and Scan' apps). TheLotter, and lottery concierge services like it, include a handling fee in listed ticket prices, meaning that unlike sites such as GiantLottos, TheLotter doesn’t take any commission from players’ prize money if they win big on a foreign draw.

Lottery Betting

Most consider playing the lottery a gamble in itself but punters and bookies have taken it a step further with the introduction of betting on the lottery. Traditional bookies, like Coral Sports and Paddy Power Sports, offer players the opportunity to place bets on the winning numbers of a lottery.

So players can place bets with set odds on what the winning numbers of the Mega Millions will be. Then, when the numbers are announced, the bookies, not the lottery, award the players who correctly predicted the winning combination.

Immediately, most would wonder why a punter would bet on the winning numbers when they can just play those numbers and actually win the massive prize. Well first off, you can do both. Players can play their favorite numbers on their lottery of choice then bet those same numbers to increase the potential winnings.

But aside from just increasing the potential total winnings, some bookies also offer the option to win by only predicting a particular amount of numbers as opposed to the entire combo.

Here's an example: A punter plays the German Lotto (Lotto 6 aus 49) with his favorite numbers while also betting those numbers with Coral Lotto on the same German Lotto drawing. The player then checks the results and realizes he missed the jackpot by ONE SINGLE NUMBER! - a feeling many have felt.

This player would normally spend the next week pondering the 'what ifs' of winning a life changing amount of money but instead gets the pleasure of enjoying a healthy prize of cash winnings because although he/she didn't correctly choose all the winning numbers, he/she did bet Coral Lotto he could guess all but one number at generous odds like 50,000/1.

Syndicates and Bundles

Potential players have avoided playing lotteries for as long as they have been around because of all the forms of gambling, lotteries have the longest odds of all, sometimes amounting to 200,000,000/1 or more. Well at those odds, lotteries aren't for everyone. But for those players weary of the long odds but still interested in playing, hope has emerged in the form of lottery syndicates.

A lottery syndicate is a group of people collectively buying tickets, with the agreement that any prizes won will be split evenly, greatly increasing the chances of winning. Clearly this means the prizes you can win personally are typically lower but at the cost of greatly decreased odds.

The syndicate groups are typically formed between families, friends or co-workers but can be pooled together between strangers using an online lottery service as well. You can either enter online syndicates on a one-off basis or with a monthly subscription. There are normally different bundles available, whereby the more you pay, the more entries you get.

Mobile Apps

Mobile betting has taken the gambling industry by storm and lottery is no different. Aside from mobile access for most lottery products, players can also enjoy a few new mobile lottery features, like 'Buy and Scan' apps.

With all the events and distractions of everyday life, many punters struggle to remember important things. When you've enjoyed a bet every few hours for a whole year, some of the specifics tend to blur together. Lottery players experience this from time to time as well, especially when the drawing is delayed for a few days. Punters pick their numbers on a wealth of lotteries then occasionally forget a few. Fortunately, there is a solution.

'Buy and Scan' apps are capable of scanning lottery tickets, storing the numbers and then notifying you when you're entitled to a win – saving you the effort of checking and ensuring you still have plenty of time to claim. Missing out on a potential prize is eliminated and the need to search the internet for lottery results is gone forever.

Lotteries and Jackpots

In the past, lottery players could only participate in lotteries drawn in their country of residence. However, the digital revolution and the advent of online lottery concierge services have meant that gamblers can now get involved with lottos hosted in locations around the world.

Now players from all around world can try their luck playing the largest lottery jackpots offered regardless of where they are. Whether you live in England and love the US's Powerball or live in Spain and love the Irish Lotto, online lottery play makes it all possible. To help you pick the most promising draws, here's a guide to some of the world's most popular lotteries.

Recommended Lotteries and Jackpots

United States

State US lotteries, like the New York Lotto, are extremely common throughout the US, with a total of 44 state lotteries currently in play. The rules and frequency of each draw vary from state to state, but generally players choose five to seven numbers, plus one or two bonus balls.

Many US states also participate in massive multi-state lotteries: the Powerball draw has 36 member states, while Mega Millions has 46 member localities. With a minimum $40 million jackpot, Powerball draws are hosted every Wednesday and Saturday night. To play, entrants select five numbers from 69 white balls, plus a single bonus number from 26 red balls. All five numbers and the bonus number must be matched to win the main jackpot.

Mega Millions rules make it slightly tougher to win the top prize than for Powerball. Although players choose five main numbers, those are from 75 lottery balls. However, the lottery is more generous for the bonus ball, as players only need to match the bonus from 15 balls. A match of all six numbers is needed to claim the top prize, which begins at $15 million and increases by at least $5 million with each rollover.


EuroMillions is a transnational lottery draw operated by nine member organisations from the UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Players select five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 to 11. To claim the jackpot, winners must match all seven numbers.

As there are so many participating countries and residents, it's no surprise that lottery jackpots can grow to huge sums. For the top tier prize (Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars), which has odds of 1 in 116,531,800, the average winning sum is a whopping £38,556,436.68.

There is also no limit on how many times the EuroMillions Jackpot can roll over, although once it reaches €190 million it is then capped for a maximum of two draws. If there's still no winner after the second draw, the funds roll down to the next prize tier.

United Kingdom

The National Lottery is the main operator in the UK, where residents can enter the Lotto, Thunderball and Lotto Hotpicks draws. The Lotto draw is the main event, taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Each Lotto draw is guaranteed to start at £1 million and will roll over until there is a winner. To hit the jackpot, players must match all six of the numbers drawn randomly from 1 to 59 – but an extra bonus ball draw can help players climb to higher prize tiers.

Thunderball entrants choose five numbers from 1 to 39, along with a single Thunderball from 1 to 14. The top £500,000 jackpot can only be won by players who match all six numbers on their ticket. Lotto Hotpicks tickets require players to choose five numbers from 1 to 59. A top prize of £350,000 is awarded to players who match all five.


Italy's SuperEnalotto has been in business since 1997. Players can enter three times a week in draws hosted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. Entrants pay €1 for two lines of numbers: each line consists of six numbers from 1 to 90 plus a bonus, and players can also enter a SuperStar number (taken from a different machine) that can help create wins or multiply winnings.

SuperEnalotto is particularly appealing because, although the odds of hitting the top tier jackpot are very slim (1 in 622,614,630), jackpots can also grow to enormous amounts, as there are no caps or roll-down measures in place. There is also no tax on winnings (for Italian residents) and jackpots have been known to climb as high as €177,800,000, following eight months of rollovers.


Spain’s main lottery is called La Primitiva. Currently, players can enter biweekly draws hosted on Thursdays and Saturdays. Under La Primitiva rules, players pick six numbers from 1 to 49, while their Reintegro number is chosen at random. Thanks to Spanish legislation, La Primitiva has to allocate 70% of all ticket revenue to the prize fund, which is considerably more than SuperEnalotto's 34.6% or the UK Lotto's 47.5%.

To win the biggest prize in La Primitiva, players have to match all six numbers plus the randomly assigned 'Reintegro' number. Hundreds of thousands of euros are awarded for matching six main numbers or five main numbers and a Reintegro. La Primitiva jackpots start at €3 million and grow quickly with rollovers – the largest La Primitiva jackpot stands at €66.6 million and was won by a single (lucky!) ticket holder.

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