Love Island Australia Odds 2023: Two New Bombshells Shake Up Villa Life

Date IconLast Updated: 5 Dec 2023
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Love Island Australia Odds 2023: Two New Bombshells Shake Up Villa Life

Love Island Australia host Sophie Monk announced this week the series is now in its official 'Make or Break Era' - and two new bombshells have wasted no time breaking a few Islander hearts.

It's all change on betting sites this week after newcomers Clint and Harmony well and truly mixed things up in the villa.

There has already been another dumping this week after Trent went home on Tuesday's episode, when it was between him and Nakia to depart.

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Couple Odds

Lucinda and Zac3.033.33%
Georgia and Nate6.016.7%
Tyra and Kale9.011.1%
Chloe and Reid10.010%

Nakia Holds On After Andy's Antics

Lucinda and Zac remain the 3.0 favourites to win Love Island Australia Season Five, and the pair have been boosted after their nearest rivals broke up.

Nakia and Andy were 6.0 second favourites to win the series last week, but Andy's head has since been turned following new bombshell Harmony's entrance.

On Tuesday's episode, the first stages of the latest recoupling aired, which saw the two new bombshells pick first.

Harmony chose to couple up with Andy, leaving Nakia single, and Clint took Savanah from Trent.

With the pair both single, it was up to the remaining Islanders to vote one of the two out, and Trent was the one sent home. But the vote wasn't free of drama.

In a move that sent shockwaves throughout the villa, Andy voted to send his ex Nakia packing, leaving most of the villa stunned.

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Male Odds

Zac Nunns3.033.33%
Nate Page7.014.3%
Reid Polak8.012.5%
Kale Roberts9.011.1%
Andy Cosgrove11.09.1%


Following Trent's exit, Andy tried to justify his actions of voting for Nakia to the rest of the lads - but his comments fell on deaf ears.

He pleaded with them: "I couldn't ask Harmony to save Nakia that's an impossible situation.

"She [Harmony] discussed that she'd rather send Nakia home so that she has my full attention.

"I can't ask to get to know a new girl and to also please save the girl that I've been talking to.

"That's going to be a real fun conversation to have with Nakia."

Georgia And Nate Into Second Favourites

As a result of Nakia and Andy being broken up, Georgia and Nate are the new 6.0 favourites, followed by Tyra and Kale (9.0), and Chloe and Reid (10.0).

After Clint picked to couple up with Savanah, the pair are propping up the market alongside Harmony and the villa's "most hated" Andy, with both couples at 12.0.

It wasn't a huge surprise to viewers that Andy was picked by Harmony after she made several moves to get to know him before the recoupling, and she even predicted what might be to come just hours beforehand.

She asked Andy: "If there was a recoupling tonight and I picked you how would you feel?"

He replied: "I'd love it if you'd pick me. That way we would have more time to see if there's something here."

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Female Odds

Lucinda Stafford3.033.33%
Georgia Murray7.014.3%
Tyra Johannes9.011.1%
Chloe Christine12.08.3%
Savanah Badger12.08.3%
Harmony Johnson14.07.1%


However, coupling up with Harmony hasn't done him any favours on betting apps.

Andy has gone from 5.0 second favourite to 11.0 in the Top Man market, of which he is now propping up.

Zac, who was left devastated at his pal Trent's exit, remains 3.0 favourite to be the last man standing in the series, while his partner Lucinda leads the ladies at 3.0, too, with Harmony (14.0) at the bottom of the Top Female pile for now.

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.