Casino Etiquette: How to Fit in at the Craps Table

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Casino Etiquette: How to Fit in at the Craps Table

The Craps table can be one of the most fast-paced and social areas on the casino floor, with dozens of players attempting to get in on the action. Despite the noise, there are still a number of important rules and subtle procedures that need to be followed before you can join in. If you’re new to the game, or have only played online Craps before, take a look at this quick guide and you'll soon be playing craps at a land casino like a pro.

Who’s at the Table?

A Craps table is usually managed by up to four key members of casino staff. These are:

  • Two Dealers - the dealers will change your money for chips and welcome you into the game
  • The Boxman - the boxman manages the chips, monitors the table and keeps an eye out for foul play
  • The Stickman - the stickman is a crucial member of Craps table staff, responsible for moving the dice and managing the bets, as well as making sure that any winnings are handed over to their rightful owners by the dealers

There can be any number of people crowded around a Craps table, and each person will take a turn to roll the dice. The person rolling is called the ‘shooter’.

Entering a Game

Similar to when playing at a live casino NZ site, when joining a Craps table, it's important not to try to hand your money directly to the dealers. Instead, place it on the table and ask them to ‘change’ it. They’ll give you chips that can then be used to make your bets - if you're struggling to reach your chosen betting option, hand your chips to the dealers and ask them to place it for you.

Bets are placed between each roll of the dice, after the dealers have collected wagers and paid out winnings from the previous roll. Try to avoid placing bets after the next shooter has already taken the dice, as it may frustrate your fellow players and slow down the pace of play.


When it’s your turn to roll, the stickman will offer you a selection of six dice to choose from. Take two, and remember only to touch them with one hand. Toss the dice to the far wall of the table, being careful not to slide them but also keeping them below eye level, otherwise a ‘no roll’ will be called.

Things to Avoid

Craps is a superstitious game, riddled with special lingo and traditions. As a general rule, you should try to stay positive around the Craps table – complaints and negativity will bring down the vibe of the whole table. It’s also considered bad luck to say the word ‘seven’ during the shooter's roll, to change dice in the middle of a roll, or to interrupt a successful shooter. Also, make sure to keep your hands off the table once the shooter is ready to roll.

If you happen to bet on ‘Don’t Pass’, keep in mind that you’re betting against the other players around the table, so don’t be too loud about it if you win.

If you want to get some Craps experience under your belt before venturing into a real casino, you can try out online craps at a number of online casinos, including Betfair Casino and Paddy Power Casino.

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