PDC World Darts Championship Betting Tips: Predictions & Odds For The Final

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PDC World Darts Championship Betting Tips: Predictions & Odds For The Final

Final Predictions:

We started this year's PDC World Darts Championship with a field of 96 players, and now, only two remain. Luke Littler is set to face off against Luke Humphries in a thrilling showdown to determine the 2024 world champion.

Cool Hand currently holds the advantage on betting sites, courtesy of his impressive 6-0 victory over Scott Williams last night. However, The Nuke cannot be counted out, especially after delivering another mesmerising performance against Rob Cross.

Humphries showcased his peak form in the semi-final, achieving a remarkable 108.74 average in a devastating victory. Meanwhile, Littler demonstrated resilience by overcoming an initial set deficit to secure a 6-2 win over Cross, boasting an impressive average of 106.05.

As we eagerly anticipate tonight's final, we predict a true clash of the titans between Humphries and Littler, promising more spellbinding moments and thrilling displays darting dexterity.

Is Humphries Poised For World Glory?

Amidst the praise showered upon Luke Littler for his remarkable semi-final performance, Luke Humphries remained undeterred, staging a demolition job over Scott Williams to secure his place in the World Championship final.

The 28-year-old darts sensation in his own right finds himself in uncharted territory, entering his first-ever World Championship final after ascending to the coveted position of World No.1 following his triumph in the last four.

While Cool Hand has encountered significant challenges throughout the tournament, teetering on the brink of elimination on two occasions, his unwavering resilience has propelled him to the final against his namesake.

However, Littler has been a standout performer, dominating the statistics with three of the top five averages in the competition. 

Although the challenge presented by The Nuke is a tough one, Humphries has consistently improved as the tournament progressed and his levels on the dartboard are limitless.

As we head into the climax of the tournament, both Luke Littler and Luke Humphries have notched an impressive 50 180s each, intensifying the competition for the coveted Ballon d'Art trophy. 

Despite this closely contested race, Cool Hand holds the edge as the 1.83 favourite with darts betting sites to clinch the title for maximums hit.

The stakes are equally high in the race for the world champion title, with bet365 placing the two-time major winner as the 1.72 favourite. Given the challenges Cool Hand has overcome in this tournament, these odds are well-deserved.

Anticipating a nail-biting finale that could extend to the very last dart, Humphries' resilience and comeback experience tips the scales in his favour. 

Having fought back from the brink of defeat against Ricardo Pietreczko and Joe Cullen, the 28-year-old emerges as a compelling choice to be crowned the world champion, adding an extra layer of excitement to what promises to be an unforgettable conclusion.

On The Luke-Out For A 170 Checkout

While we are still on the hunt for the elusive nine-darter in this year’s tournament, available at 6.0 to occur in tonight's final, we have witnessed six 170 checkouts, with the most recent coming from Humphries in his penultimate match.

Betting enthusiasts can now capitalise on the excitement, with odds of approximately 3.0 being offered by various exchange betting sites for either player to achieve the maximum checkout this evening.

Spreadex takes it a step further, offering an enticing 3.1 for the possibility of witnessing a seventh 170 checkout of the tournament in tonight's final showdown.

While Humphries has already successfully landed a perfect 170, Littler, too, is no stranger to leaving 'The Big Fish', having flirted with the bullseye on multiple occasions during his quest for the accomplishment.

The extended format of tonight's final, spanning the best of 13 sets, provides ample time for both players to showcase their ability in hunting down the biggest finish of them all.

In a stunning display of dexterity, both Luke Littler and Luke Humphries showcased ridiculous averages in their semi-final clashes, setting the stage for what promises to be a scintillating final with the anticipation of more ton-plus averages.

A 170 finish has been on the radar of The Nuke for some time now, with the debutant often thrilling the crowd by slamming in the first two treble 20s, heightening the suspense as they eagerly await the bullseye.

While it may take us back to the 2021 World Championship to recall the last time a 170 was achieved in a final, the exceptional form displayed by Littler and Humphries is unparalleled, creating an unprecedented level of excitement for tonight's climax.

Both players exhibit a rhythmic style, and if the first treble 20 lands, the second is almost a certainty. With a significant number of chances at the bullseye expected, the anticipation is bursting for at least one 'Big Fish' to be reeled in on the dartboard this evening.