Football Betting Strategy: Corners Markets

Date IconLast Updated: 28 Sep 2022
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Football Betting Strategy: Corners Markets

There are lots of different ways to approach Premier League betting odds, or any football betting for that matter, and we would recommend punters consider having a corners bet as part of their overall repertoire.

This is a fairly modern and exciting way to bet on football, with customers considering how many corners might be awarded during the first-half, the second-half, the remainder of the game or the entire ninety minutes.

The great and obvious benefit to betting on corners is that you don’t have to worry about which team wins that particular football match, nor do you have to consider the number of goals that may or may not be scored.

It’s a simple case of focusing on how many corners will be awarded by the referee and thus making the game that you’re watching that bit more exciting as a result. Most top online betting sites will offer corners markets for nearly every game of football.

What Are the Main Corners Betting Markets?

When it comes to pre-match betting on the corners market, there are lots of options from which to choose. We recommend you carefully consider the different betting markets and work out the one that represents the best value:

Corners (3-way)

This is usually a three-way betting market where you might have something like the following for the match between Leeds United and Leicester City:

  • Over 11 Corners @ 2.30
  • Exactly 11 Corners @ 8.00
  • Under 11 Corners @ 1.83

As you can see, you have the choice to bet Over / Under the corners line and take a shorter price or instead go for the exact option at bigger odds and hope to land on the money, although the majority of punters will take a view on there being a lower or higher number of corners with this sort of bet.

Total Corners (5-way)

If you’re looking for more corner betting options within a particular market, then you can bet on this five-way betting market where you can aim to be more precise with the number of corners throughout the ninety minutes. The options might be as follows:

  • Under 6 Corners @ 15.00
  • 6-8 Corners @ 4.00
  • 9-11 Corners @ 2.62
  • 12-14 Corners @ 3.40
  • Over 14 Corners @ 6.00

From the above, you’ll see that the biggest available price is 2.62 and you can get odds as big as 15.00 with this betting market. Essentially customers are able to cheer on the number of corners falling within a particular ball park, with the 9-11 corners bet giving you the possibility of winning if there are either nine, ten or eleven corners awarded during the ninety minutes.

Alternative Corners (3-way)

If the three-way corners betting market above doesn’t particularly excite you from a betting point-of-view or you would prefer to be braver or more cautious with your bet, then there’s the option to look at the Alternative Corners market. It’s a simple case of choosing your own corners line and you’ll find the biggest prices when you either bet “over” a large number of corners being awarded or “under” a small number of corners.

Corner 1

Corners (2-way)

Some punters don’t want to bet on a three-way or a five-way market as it essentially means there is less chance than winning compared to betting on a two-way betting market. Even though the latter offers up shorter odds, there’s the obvious advantage of a more likely return and the two-way corners market could be a simple case of either betting Over / Under 10.5 Corners or whatever the line has been set to.

First Half Corners

This is generally a three-way betting market where you can either bet Over / Under / Exactly for a number of corners which might be 5 for the average Premier League game. For games which go In-Play, you will also find Second Half Corners betting available with selected bookies.

Corner Match Bet

This is a great bet if you have a strong opinion when it comes to a certain team being awarded the most / least corners. So for example you might have the following odds:

  • Leeds 1.90
  • Draw 7.00
  • Leicester 2.25

So if you placed a bet on the favourites Leeds United, you would need them to be awarded more corners than Leicester City throughout the ninety minutes of the game. It doesn’t matter if Leeds only get one corner providing that their opponents don’t get any. There is also the draw option if you think that the team will get a similar number of corner kicks and that can be a great bet to cheer on in real time.

What Other Corner Bets Can I Have?

Depending on the bookmaker with whom you are betting, there is a virtually endless supply of betting markers available when it comes to corners. These might include the Corner Handicap or Asian Handicap Corners, while we actually enjoy a bet on the Corners Race market where you might back Leeds to reach three corners before Leicester, or alternatively the Foxes to get to five corners first.

You are even able to bet on the Time of First Corner where you adjudge whether the ref will award it before / after a certain time parameter, while you can also bet on the team that gets the First Match Corner and the Last Match Corner. You really are spoilt for choice and you’ll find the corners betting markets forming part of the Bet Builder or Same Game Multi that exists with several bookmaker websites.

How to Win Money Betting on Corners

It’s all very well having all these corners betting markets at your disposal, although how does one go about making the right choice when it comes to placing bets? Many recreational betting customers will simply go for the “Overs” option on a corners betting market in a bid to have something to cheer on during a match although shrewder punters should probably latch on to the fact that it could pay to go against the grain.

Psychologically, it might be harder betting on Under 9 Corners than going for the Overs option, especially as you’re effectively willing the ball to either go out for a throw-in or a goal kick rather than a corner during a match, although it’s fair to say that a swell of punters wanting to place an Overs bet could affect the overall line and odds, with customers needing to bear this in mind.

Corner 2

Research the Football Stats Before Your Corners Bet

Whatever bookmaker you choose to place your corners bet with, you can guarantee that they will only create these markets after checking the latest stats for each team. If Leeds United are averaging seven corners in a match and Leicester City are averaging five corners, that probably explains why they are setting the Total Corners line at twelve, while it also reveals why Leeds are favourites in a Corners Match Bet.

Many bookmaker sites now provide you with football stats and data which will include corner information and you should take advantage of this service to provide the most rounded picture in your own head. You should be able to get a feel for the likely number of corners each team might be awarded based on style of play and also the historic data that has gone before.

Bear in mind that the most recent corner statistics are going to be the most reliable as managers often change formations and styles of play at various stages of the season. You should also look at the contrast between home and away form of a particular team to see if there’s any particular difference, while it can often come down to whether we’re anticipating a one-sided match or a closer battle.

What Are the Recommend Betting Sites for Corners Betting?

We’ve put together a list of highly-recommended bookmakers which offer corners betting markets for all the top European football competitions such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Please note that you can often claim a free bet or a welcome bonus when you sign up with these operators but be sure to read the terms and conditions.

These betting sites are recommended due to the fact that the team at have put together an independent review of each bookmaker and found that they score highly for all relevant categories. This includes the fact that they hold a UK gambling license which means the betting sites are subject to strict regulation as we believe that security and fairness are the most important values when a customer opens a betting account.

How to Bet In-Play on Corners Betting Markets

When it comes to a Premier League football match, many bookies report that they take more bets In-Play from customers than before kick-off. It’s hardly a surprise considering that a game offers ninety minutes of betting opportunities, while there’s something to be said for watching the opening exchanges of a particular encounter before detecting how the match might pan out.

That is certainly the case when it comes to corners and you might decide to assess how many corners have been awarded after ten minutes before dipping your toe in the water. This isn’t like the Full-Time Result betting market where you might have a hunch that Spurs win and wait for the game to start only to see Tottenham score an early goal which ruins their odds.

The corners betting markets adjust In-Play depending on the number of corners that have been awarded and how much time in a football match has elapsed. This means that a corners bet can offer value and be exciting whether you are wagering in the 1st or the 89th minute of a match, while some punters will wait until half-time to assess the corner count and bet on what might happen in the second half.

Cash Out Your Corners Bet Before Full-Time

Anyone who has watched football matches know that corners can be like buses. That’s because you wait ages for one and then three come along at once. How many times have you seen a corner taken and an opposition defender head it out for another corner? When punters place an In-Play corners bet, they often hope for that to happen so that they can get into a profitable position with their bet.

Let’s say you bet on Over 10.5 Corners in the Leeds v Leicester game at even money and there are seven corners by half-time. You are then only four corners away from winning your bet and it might be that the bookies are offering you an attractive Cash Out value which means you can actually make a profit without waiting to see if your bet lands.

Betting customers therefore have the choice to either Cash Out their bet for a profit or a loss early or alternatively stay in the bet that they placed. Cash Out has obvious benefits and it’s a fantastic feeling if you cash out on a corners bet for a profit only to find that the original bet would have lost anyway. However, taking an early profit when you could have enjoyed a bigger return can sometimes be a sickening feeling.

Place a Corners Accumulator Bet for a Bigger Return

Should you find your niche by betting on corners in a football match, then there’s the chance to make further inroads by placing corners accumulator bets and this involves picking out betting selections from different football matches. You might fancy Over 10.5 Corners in the Leeds v Leicester match and want to combine it with Under 8.5 Corners in the Everton v Wolves game and Over 9.5 Corners in the Spurs v Palace match.

Betting customers particularly love a corners acca if they’re planning on watching the respective games and you’ll find that the bigger the number of selections, the juicier the overall potential return. Corner betting is also prevalent when it comes to making a Bet Builder selection and it can be a great way to bump up the odds on your same game multi by adding a corners selection to the overall mix.

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