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Guide to New UK Slots Sites for November 2017

Fresh, new content is always welcomed within a digital industry like online gambling, especially when it comes to brand new slot sites. Thanks to the rise in popularity online slots have experienced over the last decade or so, the internet casino industry has warped into a world of mostly reels, paylines and jackpots with other table and card games scattered throughout the hundreds of slot titles typically on offer.

With so much online slot success, brands have almost completely turned their attention to launching new slot sites in order to entice those bettors looking for a spin-centric experience to sign on and deposit their hard-earned cash. These brand new slots casinos are designed just like traditional online casino sites but simply put a majority of their attention in terms of game offerings on topnotch slot games from the most heralded developers on the web.

The best of the latest slot sites to hit the web in 2017 secure a partnership with at least one of the top slot game developers so their suite of offerings is not only robust but cutting edge and features some of the hottest titles to launch. The most successful of these sites secure multiple big-name partnerships with slot game developers, a major draw for most online spinners familiar with major developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and IGT.

But with the market so flush with new slot sites launching what seem like every day, players can find themselves potentially signed up with an unreliable or unsafe new site. Fortunately, Gambling.com has put together a list of reliable and safe slot sites that launched in the past year, with most having launched in the last few weeks or months, so players have plenty of selection without all the risk.

Sticking to products we’ve reviewed and confirmed the validity of will ensure players are never spinning with a new site that’s unregulated, unsafe or unreliable. Along with our expert list of the best new slot sites, this guide will help players understand where it is best to find the newest slot casinos, choose which site to pick when presented with a bunch of different quality sites, and even help players gain a grasp on why slot sites have become so popular in 2017!

Discover the Most Recently Released Slot Casinos

There is probably a new slot site launching as you’re reading this considering it seems a new casino site dedicated to online slots hits the web every hour at the least. But seriously, brand new slots casinos are all the rage in 2017 with gambling operators realizing the potential of the growing emphasis on slot games. And it's not just new slot-centered sites, brand new casino sites are also launching to the web each day offering slots along side traditional casino games.

Although slots have always been the leading casino game in terms of overall quantity, both in physical casinos and internet-based ones, the games based on spinning reels and fixed paylines have gained even more importance with the advent of online gambling and thus have warranted their own dedicated sites. The newest of these sites featuring mostly slots are some of the most sought after by players looking to join a casino.

But finding the newest slot sites isn’t always the easiest task since search engines won’t have the latest sites indexed yet and the promotion of these budding brands is limited. Traditional advertising can be costly so the newer sites lean on organic traffic and natural promotion when they first start. Luckily, players interested in picking a new slots site to join can look no further than this guide and Gambling.com’s list of the best new slot sites in 2017.

Our experienced experts have reviewed each new slots-based casino site listed in this guide to ensure they are all fully regulated, completely safe and secure, offer a quality selection of titles and feature a generous welcome bonus. Choosing a new slot site not listed here runs the risk of players signing up with a casino site they might regret down the road, a sentiment never felt when joining a Gambling.com-approved site.

Choosing from the Latest Slot Sites to Launch

If this new slot sites guide it the key to discovering all the latest slot casinos to launch in last year or so then Gambling.com slot site reviews are equally as vital to the site selection process. When players have a wealth of choice in terms of new slot sites, an expert analysis of the sites can go a long way. Gambling.com’s slot game experts have reviewed each and every new slot site listed among the best, producing in-depth reviews of each new product.

The reviews produced following the culmination of the analysis are what players need to stick to when trying to decide between quality products to enjoy. As the reviews indicate, there are a few essential topics worth investigating when trying to narrow down a choice of quality slot sites. These important factors include user experience, game providers, game selection, banking options, support services and overall safety of the site.

Some of the newest sites will receive good reports concerning some of these factors while failing to meet industry standards in other areas. For example, a new slot site might have a wealth of game providers featured on the site but only accept payment from PayPal, leaving players with VISA and MasterCard accounts out in the cold. Understanding the full scope of a new slot site prior to signing up and joining will help players avoid committing to a subpar product.

One of the most important of all the factors to consider once the game selection, safety and user experience have been approved is the generosity of the welcome bonus. Almost every new and existing casino offers new players some sort of compensation of choosing to play with them. Typically this involves what are known as 'Welcome Bonuses', which usually feature a deposit-match scheme, free cash, free spins, or all of the above.

With so many new slot casinos competing for notoriety, the welcome bonus scene is ripe for the picking. Most promotions are trying to be the most generous meaning the players ultimately win. Once you’ve confirmed a new slot site has what you’re looking for in terms of user experience, game selection, etc. then comparing the welcome bonus can help away the typically hard decision.

New Slots Sites are Trending in 2017

This past year has seen a massive boom in new casino sites, especially those dedicated to online slot games. Players are no longer just sticking to the most established gambling brands but instead are looking to completely fresh names to play with. And a demand like that is always met with plenty of supply from the industry, hence the litany of brand new slot sites hitting the web in 2017.

There are literally thousands and thousands of quality slot titles with plenty of new titles coming each day so there will never be a slot site covering them all which gives even more incentive for competition to rise. The current world of new slot sites definitely favors the players thanks to the extensive list of high-quality new sites on offer all around the internet. The competition has fueled these casinos to ensure their offering, despite its infancy, is ready to go on day one!

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