10 Reasons Why Fortnite Will be Huge for eSports Betting

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10 Reasons Why Fortnite Will be Huge for eSports Betting

The Battle Royale genre of games is here to stay and it’s a genre currently dominated by Fortnite. The genre has existed for many years prior but got popular via Day-Z and H1Z1 before Player Unknown Battlegrounds came along and made the genre explode. It didn’t take long for Fortnite to dethrone them though - it became the biggest game overnight and it continues to set new records.

With how huge it has become, an eSports scene is inevitably going to rise from it and currently it feels like there’s no limit to how big Fortnite can become. Here are 10 reasons as to why Fortnite betting is going to become huge.

  1. Playerbase Size

    The most crucial thing for any eSport is to have a large casual playerbase as they are the target audience for eSport events. Unlike traditional sports, many eSport games can be hard to follow unless you’ve played it yourself and understand the flow of the game and what's happening on the screen.

    It often takes some basic knowledge to really appreciate the difficulty of professional players' actions and to see how mechanically gifted they are at the game. Knowing that you wouldn’t be able to pull off what you just saw in a million years leaves you in awe of the highlight plays.

  2. Mainstream Presence

    There have been many games before Fortnite that has helped break the barrier to the mainstream but none has set records like Fortnite and now celebrities from other industries want in. Famous streamer Ninja played alongside rapper Drake with a concurrent 628.000 viewers, a new record on an individual’s channel in Twitch history.

    Other celebrities have joined in as well. Deadmau5, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ben Simmons, just to name a few, have all played and streamed Fortnite. Although of course they won’t be a part of the eSports scene, it helps the game grow and reach new audiences that might never have had any interest before.

  3. It’s Already the Most Watched Game Online

    Fortnite is almost always the game with most concurrent viewers on the streaming platform Twitch and when it comes to eSports that’s an important stat. There are very popular games that doesn’t necessarily provide a good viewer experience but Fortnite definitely does and that is a good stepping stone for even further growth.

  4. The Pace of the Game

    Compared to its predecessors Fortnite is a very fast paced game with a lot of constantly on- going action. There’s no camping all game like in PUBG, the firefights are chaotic yet still quite easy to follow as a spectator.

    A normal game lasts for about 20 minutes, whereas in most other big eSports titles like Counter-Strike, League of Legends or Dota 2 a game lasts around 45 minutes generally. I don’t know if it’s the shorter attention span of the new generation but it would seem that shorter games have played a key part in Fortnite’s monumental success.

  5. Simplicity

    There’s a reason as to why the new up-and-coming eSports titles like Overwatch and Fortnite are ‘first-person shooters’, it’s simple to follow and to understand and you don’t have to learn 100 different characters and the 400-500 different spells that are used in the game. While Fortnite is technically a third-person shooter, the same rules still apply. Gameplay is simple and easy to understand for first time viewers.

  6. Building

    The ability to build is what makes Fortnite feel so fresh and unique compared to other games within the genre. It adds an extra dimension to the gameplay and really makes the mechanical skill of the players shine, which makes it great to watch.

  7. Investors are Ready

    It’s a matter of time before the eSports-side of things take off. Several big eSports organizations have shown interest and the willingness to invest in the game’s eSports scene. Titans like FaZe, TSM, Team Liquid and Alliance all have players under contract, and there’s no better indicator of a how a game will fare as an eSport than seeing big organizations enter the game.

  8. The World Championship

    Much like League of Legend’s World Championship, Dota 2’s The International or CS:GO’s majors you need a big tournament to dwarf all the others to generate hype. Even though it perhaps wasn’t meant to be an eSports game to start off, the developers at Epic Games have realized the opportunity presented to them. The ‘Fortnite World Championships’, will surely be a part of any eSports success the title has.

  9. Betting Will Come Naturally

    Once the eSports scene is established, betting will naturally follow. As someone who has followed the rise of the betting scene within CS:GO, the biggest eSport when it comes to betting, I’ve noticed how more and more bets become available as the major betting companies realize that the eSport market is expanding. Fortnite will be no exception in this regard.

  10. Other Titles Have Laid the Groundwork

    From being a very niche sport, eSport has rapidly grown over the years in terms of playerbase, viewers and betting possibilities. All the way back from Starcraft, Quake and CS 1.6 there have been a lot of different games that have helped to push eSports into the limelight. Fortnite can ride the eSports-wave of success and won’t have to deal with the same problems as its predecessors. There’s a genuine possibility that Fortnite’s eSports scene might explode.

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