Sports Betting Icon Tries Hand at WSOP Super Seniors Event

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Sports Betting Icon Tries Hand at WSOP Super Seniors Event

A true sports betting legend was spotted taking in a different game than he’s accustomed to over the weekend, and rather than try to predict an outcome, he took his odds into his own hands this time.

Alan “Dink” Denkenson tried his hand at a World Series of Poker Super Seniors event and the rock star gambler ended up going deeper than even he could’ve anticipated. Going in with low expectations, the jack-of-all-trades ended up surprising himself and most in attendance with what would become his best showing at a poker table.

Dink’s Dabble Pays Off

A few days into the tournament, Dink was rolling along and headed for the Top 10 against a tough field of more experienced players. While the ever-present allure of a WSOP bracelet is the ultimate goal for most poker players, Denkenson was just happy to be doing well and reaching for a coveted seat at a final table.

“It’s going amazingly well because I’m not really a poker player, I’m a sports bettor. I’m at that age where I can and I had some time so thought I’d play. I play a few tournaments a year. I’ll be very content to [save the money] until next year if I make the final table. I’ve never been to a final table and really looking forward to that hopefully.”

Denkenson got his wish, but unfortunately went out to Robert Beach, another player enjoying the best poker run of his life. The pair went heads-up before the flop with Dink holding a classic Ace-King and Beach an Ace-Eight.

Beach flopped a pair on the 9-8-6 draw meaning Denkenson needed a King to knock him out. The turn and river were a Queen and 2 unfortunately which ended Dink’s fun weekend with a satisfying 6th place finish. His winnings totaled $57,465 which is not a bad payday all things considered and certainly a great haul for any poker player.

The tournament is currently ongoing with Beach and Farhintaj Bonyadi duking it out for a bracelet. With that opportunity gone there’s plenty of solace to be taken by Denkenson with both the cash and knowledge that he went out to the eventual winner.

Poker Interest Nothing New

The longtime gambler’s exploits have been well-documented as he was even the subject of a documentary film called “The Best of It.” The film provided a look at the grueling into the life of a professional sports bettor which is full of highs and lows and brutal rivalries.

He lost the biggest bet of his life while hockey betting, throwing away a $25,000 wager on the Toronto Maple Leafs plus-1/2 goal versus the Quebec Nordiques. After Toronto gave up the lead and the game was forced to overtime, the Nordiques ended what had been a big hot streak for Denkenson.

“I looked up again and saw the three change to a four, which put the game into overtime. I had to sweat out overtime, staring at the ticker. I saw a four change to a five and I had lost the biggest bet of my life.”

Denkenson’s interest in poker is hardly new to him at a personal level, however, as it started at a young age and developed through friendships and acquaintances deep in the poker scene.

“I grew up with the Mayfair Club people. That’s how I know Steve Zolotow, Mickey Appleman and David Grey. I also know Jess Welman, lots of friends in the poker world. I’ve been around the poker folks from the Mayfair.”

Golden Knights a Royal Pain

A resident of Las Vegas, Dink has established hockey betting as his specialty and had some interesting thoughts on the recent improbable run of the Vegas Golden Knights to the Stanley Cup Final.

While he was caught up with the rest of the town in the mania of their unprecedented success, Denkerson’s lament was that he was often on the other side betting-wise of their many victories.

“The Golden Knights, I went to about 15 games. I don’t think in any of my 40 years betting hockey I’ve lost more money on one team than the Golden Knights. I was betting whatever they didn’t do. I was over on the unders, when they won I was against them, and the few games they lost I was on the other side. It was an amazing run for them.”
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