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Vivid Picks Promo Code and November 2023 Review

Date IconLast Updated: Oct 25th, 2023

In the competitive world of online sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports Industry, Vivid Picks emerges as one of the best daily fantasy sites available today. With its user-friendly interface and a diverse range of contest offerings, it appeals not just to seasoned players but also to newcomers eager to dive into the realm of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Vivid Picks is committed to providing a comprehensive sports gaming experience, covering an impressive array of sports from the traditional leagues to more niche interests like collegiate games and eSports. In this guide, I will examine Vivid Picks, including the Vivid Picks promo code, other ongoing promotions, its app, payment method, and reviews from fellow players.

Key Takeaways - Vivid Picks Review

  • ⭐ Vivid Picks features an extensive selection of 11 leagues and different contests, catering to enthusiasts with varying preferences of sports betting or DFS.
  • ⭐ The platform provides an intuitive user experience but has areas for improvement, particularly in the Vivid Picks customer service and withdrawal options.
  • ⭐ Users benefit from promotional offers and the integration with Vivid Seats, although the rewards system could be more expansive.
  • ⭐ Despite some drawbacks, Vivid Picks remains a competitive option among online betting sites, especially for those seeking a straightforward and engaging DFS experience.

Vivid Picks Fantasy Promo Code and Welcome Offer

🎁 Vivid Picks Fantasy Bonus Code:No Vivid Picks promo code required
💰 Vivid Picks Deposit Bonus:100% Deposit Match up to $100
💸 Min Deposit to claim:$15
✅ Deposit Bonus Verified for:November 2023
Deposit Bonus Terms:1x wagering requirement, bonus funds released as Vivid Picks Bucks
Vivid Picks App Rating:4/5


Vivid Picks Promo Code

Top Highlights

From major leagues to eSports, Vivid Picks caters to diverse interests with contests for an extensive range of 11 leagues.

Play via Vivid Picks' excellent iOS and Android apps.

Available for real money contests in 25 states and jurisdictions around the US.

Users can follow other players, view shared bets on a timeline, and even earn rewards points for contest participation, which can be exchanged for various perks and prizes.


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How to Claim and Use Your Vivid Picks Bonus Offer

  • Step 1: Create a new account with Vivid Picks by following any of the links on this page and downloading the Vivid Picks Fantasy app from the phone's App Store. Just click on the links as no Vivid picks promo code is required.
  • Step 2: Add funds to your account. The platform will match any amount up to $250 with Vivid Bucks.
  • Step 3: Start participating in contests. As you do, you will receive Vivid Bucks into your account.
  • Step 4: Use your Vivid Bucks to explore more contests.


Vivid Picks Fantasy Bonus Terms and Requirements

The initial deposit match bonus at Vivid Picks is straightforward: new bettors are eligible for a one-to-one match in Vivid Bucks, up to $250, on their initial deposit. These Vivid Bucks are then released into the user's account dollar-for-dollar as they enter various contests. For instance, if you deposit $45 and play through the entire amount, you'll receive 45 Vivid Bucks. However, these bonus funds have a strict time limit. They're reclaimed if not used within 30 days.

How this Vivid Picks Promo Code Offer Compares

Compared to other bonuses in the DFS industry, Vivid Picks has a solid offer with its first deposit bonus. The 30-day usage policy is standard, and the offer's 1x wagering requirement, requiring you to convert your Vivid Bucks into cash through contests, means the Vivid Picks deposit match bonus offers good value compared to its competitor's welcome offers. Click here to get the Welcome Offer - No Vivid Picks Promo Code is required.

Why Use this Vivid Picks Deposit Bonus?

Utilizing the Vivid Picks promo as a deposit bonus is a no-brainer for newcomers. It maximizes your initial deposit, allowing more play with less risk. The straightforward matching system makes tracking easy, and the potential for increased bonuses during promotional periods (which change throughout the year) adds an element of pleasant surprise.


More Vivid Picks Fantasy Offers

To keep you interested once you've signed up, there is a varied selection of Vivid Picks promotions for existing players. The Redeposit Bonus, offered intermittently to existing players, gives a matched deposit with Vivid Bucks. Meanwhile, its weekly Free Money Mondays and Whammy Wednesdays promotions can provide bonus play and boosted returns. The platform encourages community building through its collaborative Payout Boosts.

Vivid Picks adeptly balances rewarding player loyalty with maintaining an exciting betting environment. Overall, Vivid Picks promotions are excellent and can really boost your bankroll.

Vivid Picks Referral Program

Vivid Picks offers a straightforward referral program: current players get 50 Vivid Bucks when a friend they refer makes a deposit and enters a paid contest. Sometimes, Vivid Picks might increase the points you receive, depending on special promotions, so keep an eye out. This a simple way for players to get extra chances while growing the Vivid Picks user base and potentially use the loyalty points accrued for tickets to top events.

Vivid Picks Fantasy Loyalty Program

Vivid Picks doesn't offer a loyalty program, but the DFS platform is integrated with its parent company's ticketing app, Vivid Seats Rewards. This means that your purchases with the DFS app will earn you points alongside your purchases for tickets to see your favorite bands, teams, and events. Such integration is an excellent addition and one of my favorite things about this new DFS app.

Vivid Picks Review


  • ✅ Integration with the Vivid Seats Rewards Program and its ticket-selling services
  • ✅ Vast array of 11 popular sports, esports, and leagues available for DFS contests
  • ✅ Slick apps for iOS and Android, enabling play on the go
  • ✅ Available for real money in 25 states


Strong sports league selection
Available in 25 states across the US
Integrated with Vivid Seats loyalty program
Slow customer service response
Limited withdrawal methods


Vivid Picks emerges as a noteworthy contender in the DFS space, offering users an engaging platform with distinctive features. However, like any service, it presents both advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these aspects is crucial for users considering this platform for their DFS activities. Below, we've broken down the pros and cons of Vivid Picks.

Which are the Vivid Picks Legal States?

You can sign up to Vivid Picks in 25 states and jurisdictions for real money play. Below is a comprehensive guide to where Vivid Picks operates and the respective legal gambling age. No promo code is required to get the welcome bonus.

Vivid Picks Fantasy States of Operation

StateDFS AvailabilityMin. Age


{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

Prize Picks Fantasy Experience and Features

Below, we've delved into the unique game modes provided by Vivid Picks; from the Over/Under selections to the Matchups, we'll explore how Vivid Picks is not just a DFS platform but an innovative experience for DFS enthusiasts.

How does Vivid Picks Work

  1. Play Over/Under or Positional Matchups DFS contests in 11 leagues
  2. Earn Vivid Seats Rewards points for contests, which can be exchanged for perks and prizes
  3. Play via its iOS or Android mobile apps.


Daily Fantasy Sports is a real money version of traditional fantasy sports, condensing the long grind of a season into single-day or week-long contests. This format requires participants to assemble fantasy teams of real-world athletes from a particular sports league. The real-life performances of these athletes during games or events are then converted into points, which accumulate for each fantasy Vivid Picks team. You must pay Vivid Bucks to enter tournaments through the Vivid Picks app.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, the Vivid Picks app is one of the easiest to use on the market. The platform boasts various contest types, from conventional head-to-head formats and larger tournaments to 50/50s and multiplier contests, catering to different user preferences and risk profiles.

Creating a team with Vivid Picks demands a sound knowledge of the sport, the players involved, and strategic planning. Participants must build their teams within a predefined virtual budget, making critical decisions about where to allocate funds, which players may outperform their value, and who might underperform.

Vivid Picks stands out in the DFS market for embracing less conventional options like college competitions, motorsports, and eSports. This inclusivity attracts a diverse range of users.


Vivid Picks App Screenshot


The excitement in DFS largely stems from being able to follow events live. Current Vivid Picks users can track their fantasy team's performances in real-time, with live updates as the athletes play. Its integration with the ticketing arm of the business, Vivid Seats, adds another fun dimension to downloading the Vivid Picks app.

The potential winnings from each Vivid Picks contest are clear from the outset, and the process for receiving any earnings is uncomplicated. The platform, like a sportsbook, adheres to a principle of fairness, providing all participants with the same access to player statistics and game analytics.

In summary, Vivid Picks delivers a well-rounded DFS experience, blending the thrill of the sports betting industry with the cerebral challenge of fantasy sports, all within a platform that prioritizes user engagement and ease of use.

Vivid Picks Game Modes

Vivid Picks offers an innovative approach and an alternative to sports betting through its app, focusing on player performance predictions across various sports. This platform diverges from traditional DFS formats, offering distinctive game modes that demand strategic foresight and sports knowledge.

Over/Under: In the Over/Under category, participants predict whether certain players will surpass or fall below their projected performance stats. For example, a user might predict that Player A will achieve over a set number of points while Player B will score under a different threshold. The minimum entry is two players, with a successful wager yielding 2.5 times the entry amount. As users increase their picks, the potential winnings grow:

  • 2 picks = 2.5x entry amount
  • 3 picks = 5x entry amount
  • 4 picks = 10x entry amount
  • 5 picks = 17x entry amount

What distinguishes Vivid Picks is the array of statistical categories available for each player, allowing for a more nuanced selection process compared to other DFS apps.


Vivid Picks App Screenshot 2


Matchups: The Matchups mode is another engaging feature where participants select which of two players will have a superior performance in a specific statistical category. Vivid Picks may adjust the stats to maintain fairness, providing an "advantage" to one player. For instance, if Player A's receiving yards are pitted against Player B's, Player B might start with an additional set number of yards. The winner is determined by who has the higher adjusted stat.

The payout structure for Matchups increases with the number of selections made in a single entry:

  • 2 picks = 2.5x entry amount
  • 3 picks = 5x entry amount
  • 4 picks = 10x entry amount
  • 5 picks = 16.5x entry amount


Vivid Picks App Screenshot 3


While the payouts are comparable to other platforms for certain entry sizes, they may be slightly lower for others. However, the broad selection of players and the straightforward nature of the game mode make up for this.

Vivid Picks Fantasy vs DraftKings DFS

Vivid Picks FantasyDraftKings DFS
Bet Types3/53/5
Mobile App3/54/5
Loyalty Rewards5/54/5
OVERALL RATING24.5/3528/35


Comparison Summary:

  • Vivid Picks: Best loyalty program
  • DraftKings DFS: Best for easy payments


While Vivid Picks is notable for its integration with its sister brand's loyalty program, the experience and prestige of the DraftKings DFS platform, having been around for much longer, shows in a couple of features. Most notably, DraftKings' expansive range of accepted banking options shines through. However, since Vivid Picks launched, it has improved the service considerably, so we don't imagine it will take long for this operator to catch up.


{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

Vivid Picks App

  • App Store Rating: 3.3/5 ⭐⭐⭐
  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐

What do User Reviews say about Vivid Picks Mobile App?

Players have mixed experiences with the Vivid Picks app. Some enjoy its user-friendly interface, low deposit threshold, and community features, highlighting successful betting experiences and quick payouts.

Others express frustration over technical issues, particularly with depositing funds, and a lack of response from customer support. Despite these issues, there's a consensus that Vivid Picks offers an engaging betting experience and has significant potential for future improvements, like more withdrawal options.

How to Download the Vivid Picks Fantasy iOS App

Vivid Picks mobile app is available to download on the Apple App Store, joining other DFS enthusiasts in accessing various contests anytime, anywhere. To get started with Vivid Picks, follow the guide below.

  • Step 1: Click any link on this page to be redirected to the official website, where you can choose to download the app. Just click on the links as no Vivid picks promo code is required.
  • Step 2: Register for a Vivid Picks account by entering your email address and mobile number. Additional information, such as your Social Security Number, will be required to set up a real money account. You do not need to fill a promo code box to sign up.
  • Step 3: To add funds to your Vivid Picks account, go to the cashier section, select your preferred payment method, and complete the process as directed.

How to Download the Vivid Picks Fantasy Android App

Android users can download the Vivid Picks app from their app store and access contests on the go. To download the Vivid Picks app, read our step-by-step guide below.

  • Step 1: Click any link on this page to be redirected to its homepage and select the option to download its Android app. You only need to click on the links as no Vivid Picks promo code is required.
  • Step 2: Sign up for Vivid Picks using your email and mobile number. You'll need to provide some additional information for a real money account sign up, like your Social Security Number.
  • Step 3: Fund your Vivid Picks account by heading to the cashier, choosing a payment method, and following the instructions provided.

Sports you can play with Vivid Picks

Eleven major sports are available for contests at Vivid Picks, including fantasy football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Alongside these are quite a few nice additions to its DFS menu for cash entries, including collegiate games, motorsports, and some eSports. With this number of sports available Vivid Picks competes with other DFS and sports betting apps.

  • DFS NFL 🏈: Sports fans can enter gridiron contests, selecting their teams and competing in various contest formats. With the Vivid Picks promo code, you can also enter your first contests using your sign up bonus funds, letting you try out the platform without risking your own cash.
  • DFS NBA 🏀: Vivid Picks covers the entire NBA season with daily contests and the opportunity to win big during the playoffs. Our Vivid Picks review found the platform ensures basketball enthusiasts are always part of the action.
  • NCAA College Football 🏈: Players can enter contests on the best Fantasy Football teams, with the platform allowing players to support their alma maters or favorite college teams while competing for winnings. It's also a good way to play underdog fantasy football.
  • NCAA Basketball 🏀: March Madness and beyond, NCAA Basketball is well-represented. Players can dive into brackets, single-game contests, and multi-game challenges, capitalizing on their knowledge of college basketball.
  • DFS MLB ⚾: America's pastime, baseball, is available throughout the MLB regular season and playoffs on Vivid Picks. From opening day through the World Series, players can participate in daily contests, leveraging player stats and game analysis to form competitive lineups.
  • NHL 🏒: Hockey fans aren't left out in the cold, with Vivid Picks offering comprehensive NHL coverage. The platform's offerings extend from the regular season to the Stanley Cup, with various contest formats available.
  • PGA ⛳: For those who prefer the calm intensity of the golf course, PGA events are available for contest entries. This inclusion attracts a demographic that appreciates the nuances of golf, providing detailed player statistics and tournament data.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) 🎮: Vivid Picks also offers some markets on popular eSport CS: GO. Based on live tournaments and events worldwide, choose your favorite eSports players and compete against your fellow bettors.
  • League of Legends (LoL) 🎮: The eSports selection is further enriched with League of Legends, one of the most popular games in the competitive scene. Players can form fantasy teams based on live tournaments and compete in contests mirroring major eSports events.
  • NASCAR 🏁: Motorsports enthusiasts participate in Vivid Picks' NASCAR offerings. Sports bettors can engage with races, accessing a range of contests that are as fast-paced as the sport itself.
  • Formula 1 🏎️: Formula 1 racing is also available in this DFS world. With global races and a diverse roster of drivers, F1 adds an international flavor to Vivid Picks' offerings.

Our Vivid Picks review team liked the addition of collegiate sports, eSports, and other sporting events like F1 and NASCAR races and golf. Overall, the selection of sports at Vivid Picks compares favorably to its competitors and is similar to DFS industry operators like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

How do I Deposit Funds into my Vivid Picks Account?

There are only three Vivid Picks deposit methods, which is a shame as the range is smaller than sports fans will be used to with other DFS operators. Vivid Picks only accepts credit cards, debit cards, and online banking for deposits. The site has a maximum deposit of $1,000 per day, $5,000 per week, and $10,000 per month, showing commitment to responsible gambling. High-rollers might want to look for another DFS platform.

Vivid Picks Withdrawals

Another disappointing aspect of this DFS app is its withdrawal methods. Currently, you can only withdraw via Check from the Vivid Picks app, which is quite weak when compared to other DFS and sports betting sites. The minimum withdrawal at Vivid Picks is $15. Vivid Picks' payment options are disappointing, as Check is quite an old-fashioned banking method and will be inaccessible for a few people. It also takes 3-5 business days to process and longer to be mailed to you, meaning those looking for speedy withdrawals should look for another sportsbook or DFS site.

Vivid Picks Customer Service

Regarding Vivid Picks customer support options, you'll find a couple of avenues to troubleshoot any issues you have while using its DFS app. Firstly, it has a Zendesk customer support center accessible through its landing page. This has a series of articles and guides to help you through various aspects of the platform, like deposits, gameplay, and navigating the app. You can access this through your Vivid Picks Account by selecting the help option.

Vivid Picks offers customer support through email, available at support@vividpicks.com. Our Vivid Picks review team found the response wasn't too quick, but the Vivid Picks representatives were knowledgeable and friendly. One improvement we would like to see would be the addition of live chat and phone support to cater to all player's tastes.

Is Vivid Picks Legit and Safe?

Vivid Seats is the country's third-largest ticket exchange and official ticket partner of the LA Clippers, Tennessee Volunteers, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Vivid Picks app is 'powered by' the Vivid Seats app, and as a reputable operator serving fans all over the country for their ticketing needs, you can rest assured that payments are handled securely. Vivid Picks is also only available in legal DFS states, so you can rest assured you're making picks at a legitimate operator in the DFS industry.

5 Tips when Playing at Vivid Picks

✅ Tip 1: Do your research before you enter contests. Use one of our links to get the Vivid Picks Welcome Offer. You do not need Vivid picks promo codes to benefit.

✅ Tip 2: Stay updated with player stats for informed Over/Under predictions.

✅ Tip 3: Monitor player matchups to exploit statistical advantages.

✅ Tip 4: Explore various sports leagues to diversify your contest entries.

✅ Tip 5: Redeem loyalty points for discounted tickets for Vivid Seats events through its loyalty program, Vivid Seats Rewards.

Our Final Verdict on Vivid Picks

Vivid Picks stands out in the crowded field of online betting sites, offering fun, easy-to-understand Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) with a twist. Players can enjoy everything from big-league games to college sports and even eSports. The app is user-friendly, and its tie-in with Vivid Seats offers cool perks, even without a promo code. However, it's not perfect — customer service could be better, and more ways to cash out would be appreciated. It's a solid choice for sports fans looking to try their luck and skills in DFS.


Vivid Picks Information

Support Hours:
📍 Address:
New York, New York 10014


Vivid Picks promo code is required to redeem the Vivid Picks welcome offer. Click on any link on this page to be redirected to its homepage. From there, click the link to download its app and follow the instructions to sign up, deposit, and claim your deposit match bonus.

Yes, you can deposit funds and enter real money contests at Vivid Picks. The Vivid Picks app allows you to make a series of statistical predictions on your favorite players and it is not a sportsbook but a DFS. When you make 2 picks, you can win up to 2.5x your entry amount if all your selections are successful. If you make 5 picks, you can win 17x your entry.

Vivid Picks is not a sportsbook and it is available in the following states and jurisdictions: AK, AR, CA, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, WI, WY.