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Every baseball fan likes to think they have what it takes to create a Major League Baseball team that has the skill and guts to win game after game and go on a run that takes them all the way to MLB glory. Daily Fantasy MLB is a gambling game that lets you put your talk to the test against other baseball fans, with the goal of accruing points to finish high enough on the leaderboard to win a prize.

While we all have our favorite players and many of us know the names of the MLB's hottest pitching and hitting stars, winning at Daily Fantasy MLB isn't so simple. This fascinating game requires player knowledge, instinct and money management to draft in players to create a unit that is talented, but not so excessively expensive as to drain your wallet. To win at Daily Fantasy MLB you need to be a bit like Billy Beane (immortalised in the film Moneyball), the manager of the Oakland A's in their incredible 2002 season.

Beane outsmarted the rich teams in baseball by creating a bargain-bin side based on players who were viewed as relative no-hopers – but who Beane identified as match winners thanks to his statistical analysis. The basics of playing Daily Fantasy MLB is to select a team of hitters and pitchers, without exceeding the set budget (usually based on player salary).

So, imagine a game that stipulates you have $100 million to fund your team with and you really want ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw! The problem is his salary is $25 million – is he worth the money, or can you do a 'Moneyball' and find a gold nugget at a bargain? Depending on the specific type of fantasy baseball game selected, you may need to strategize your way through a structured draft against other players, making it more realistic and challenging.

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Choosing a Daily MLB Fantasy Site

There are an increasing number of daily fantasy gaming sites, with imminent changes to US gambling laws likely to see the options explode. In some ways, finding the best games to play is a matter of testing out the sites to find those you enjoy most. Many games are now available on mobile devices, meaning MLB research, team selection and gaming can all be done on the go. A key tactic is to also find the games that best suit your own knowledge and gaming budget.

New sites can often see you playing against rookies who you can easily beat if you're a skilled baseball fan, while the big games can be very rewarding, but also see you playing against professional gamblers with access to in-depth statistics. It's always worth looking out for the rules of each game, which may include different time-frames for the contests, rule variations and unique elements of scoring.

The increasing number of sites offering Daily Fantasy MLB games is awesome news for players, with many offering bonuses for opening an account and playing real money contests. Playing fantasy MLB at new sites will frequently reward players with cash back and free credits to enter more tournaments. The prizes on offer in Daily Fantasy MLB contests vary, but can be worth thousands of dollars as you climb up the ranks to play the biggest games. As the popularity and scope of the Daily Fantasy MLB increases, you can expect to see huge jackpot payouts for lucky and skilled players.

Daily Fantasy MLB Scoring

Scoring in Daily Fantasy MLB may vary on different websites and gaming formats – so always get familiar with the game you're about to select. However, classic MLB fantasy games tend to have relatively similar scoring systems, based on well known batting and pitching skills and outcomes. Batters can rack up points quickly when they're on fire, while consistent pitchers can keep the points rolling in and create impressive totals:

Batters Scoring

Pitchers Scoring

Should You Draft Pitchers or Hitters First?

Developing a winning strategy for Daily Fantasy MLB, like most daily fantasy games, comes down to personal preference, experience, skill, logic and the scoring system of a specific game. However, the question of whether to draft your Pitchers or Hitters first is a question that's frequently debated by serious Daily Fantasy MLB gamers. On a hot day, a hitter can really crank up your score – but if he has a downer, you can be left hitting thin air.

The one problem with batters is consistency, with even the top drafts having poor games. For this reason, some astute players like to focus on building an ace pitching squad, to pull in consistent scores. That said, Daily Fantasy MLB is different to longer format games, so a big-scoring hitting draft combined with steady pitching returns can often see you rocket up the leaderboard. Taking a creative approach to fantasy baseball gaming and analysing long-term results will help you develop an edge against other players.

The beauty of Daily Fantasy MLB tournaments is that, because they're over quickly, you can choose to change up your strategy if you've had a bad performance. If you talk a good baseball game, fantasy baseball lets you put it to the test and claim some glory and cash prizes. Most baseball fans who start playing Daily Fantasy MLB competitions agree that it sends their interest and enjoyment of the sport to another level.

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