Daily Fantasy Golf

Date IconLast Updated: Jan 10th, 2024

Whether it's playing for a dollar a hole against a buddy, firing up a PGA Tour video game or placing a wager on a big tournament like the US Open, something about golf makes us feel ultra-competitive, especially Americans. And that's exactly why top sites offering fantasy golf games are exploding in popularity on the internet across all the states daily fantasy is legal – because they're an awesome way to prove your skill against the crowd by using statistics, logic and instinct to create a winning golf team.

There are certainly some aspects of Daily Fantasy Golf that you don't necessarily find with the other team-centric sports featured in Daily Fantasy games like NBA, MLB or NFL. For example, the NFL has a wealth of players eligible for drafting, same goes for MLB and still plenty for NBA but Golf only has a few realistic choices when it comes to chances of earning the needed points to compete. With that said, when playing daily fantasy golf, be sure to consider all the expert advice we've supplied below!

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Choosing a Daily Fantasy Golf Site

The world of Fantasy Daily Golf is booming, and favorable changes in US gambling laws are expected to see a surge in sites offering the games, along with a boost in player numbers as we head into 2018. There are already some top sites offering fantasy golf games, so finding your favorites is a case of trying out some tournaments to size-up the competition. There are currently some lucrative Daily Fantasy Golf bonus offers available, rewarding you with free credits and cash back.

The chance of winning fantasy golf prizes comes down to your skill, experience, luck and the gamers you're playing against. Small tournaments give newbies the opportunity to get competitive, while larger, higher value fantasy golf games can see you playing against hardcore golf experts. Ultimately, by studying the form, analysing useful stats and using your golf knowledge to create a high-value team with a tight budget, you'll develop the skill to win big.

Choosing Your Team

The basic goal in Daily Fantasy Golf is to select a line-up of golfers from pools of designated players without exceeding the total budget within the rules of the game. Typically, the budget is based on a salary cap – for example, $100,000. Games usually require you to select one player from a number of pools, which often means 5-6 golfers in your squad.

Example of Player Pool

When it comes to scoring, fantasy golf games can feature a range of different ways to gain points and shoot up the leaderboard. Most games reward you with points based on the score per hole, finishing position and bonus feats such as a hole in one. The challenge is to select a team that maximizes point scoring in all the different ways. Since golf tournaments invariably last several days, Daily Fantasy Golf offers excellent value for money, providing nail-biting entertainment as you watch the leaderboard and keep tabs on your players.

Daily Fantasy Golf Scoring

To hit winning scores playing Daily Fantasy Golf, the key is to check the game's scoring rules and then build a team from your available budget with the characteristics needed to maximize point accumulation. While scoring rules can vary from game to game (and always need checking), some classic scoring rules can be seen below:

Per Hole Scoring

Tournament Finish Scoring

Streaks and Bonuses

As covered above, the finishing position on the leaderboard is a key way to score points – for example, you might pick up 30 points for selecting a player who finishes first. However, golf tournaments are frequently decided by a playoff over several holes, to split those tied at the top of the leaderboard. While some Daily Fantasy Golf contests may include playoff shot scoring (e,g, 10 points for a hole in one in a playoff), many don't award points during this scenario.

PGA Tour & International Tournaments

Daily Fantasy Golf gives players the option of testing their skills in tournaments all around the world – whether it's the PGA Tour, European Tour or contests such as the Ryder Cup. Different DFG games may therefore have different rules depending on which contest you're betting on. In addition, the style of golf can differ between the PGA Tour and European Tour.

Most US golf courses have relatively standard layouts and characteristics, meaning a player's ability consistently transfers into the next tournament. In contrast, the European Tour covers a diverse range of courses across the UK, Europe and exotic locations such as Asia, Africa and Australia.

As an example, golf courses in the UK are notoriously individual and include devilishly challenging Lynx courses – the oldest style of golf course, built on coastal sand dunes. The European Tour therefore gives fantasy gamers a particularly challenging opportunity to delve into the world of golf and select players who are suited to specific types of courses, while eliminating those who can't handle the terrain.

If you fancy yourself as a golf expert and think you can predict which players have the ability to crush a particular course, then Daily Fantasy Golf is an awesome challenge that delivers great value entertainment, boosts the excitement of watching golf. It can pay out some big cash prizes, too. With more fantasy sports sites being developed and more players taking part, the prize pools continue to grow, with jackpot games increasingly paying out impressive sums to skilled fantasy golfers.