What Does Match Treble Mean in Darts Betting?

Date IconLast Updated: 30 Nov 2023
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What Does Match Treble Mean in Darts Betting?
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This guide delves into the concept of Match Treble in darts betting, offering a detailed explanation of what it entails. 

Whether you're a novice or experienced bettor, this article aims to provide a clear understanding of what a Match Treble contains, helping you make more informed and strategic decisions when visiting betting sites.

Introduction to Match Treble in Darts Betting

When betting on Match Treble in darts, you are betting on which player will win the match, hit the most 180s and hit the highest checkout.

Should any of the selections lose, the entire Match Treble will be settled as a losing bet.

Additionally, If most 180s and/or highest checkout is tied, the bet will also be settled as a loser.

Components of a Match Treble Bet

The first component of Match Treble in darts betting refers to match result. This involves selecting which player you think will win a match.

The second part relates to most 180s. It involves choosing which player you think will hit the most maximum scores of 180 throughout the match.

Finally, the third selection is the highest checkout. The maximum checkout is a 170 (Treble 20, Treble 20, Bullseye) and you are opting for which player will take out the highest outshot.

Should you correctly predict a player and they go on to record all three of these components in a match, exchange betting sites will settle your Match Treble as a winning bet.

Understanding Match Treble Odds

For a Match Treble bet in Darts, odds are derived by multiplying the individual odds of each selection.

For instance, if Player A has odds of 2.0 to win the match, odds of 1.75 to hit the most 180s, and odds of 2.5 to hit the highest checkout, the treble odds would be 2.0 x 1.75 x 2.5, which equates to odds of 8.75/1.

This signifies the potential returns, where a $10 stake on the best darts betting sites} at odds of 8.75/1 could return $87.50 if successful.

Higher odds imply greater risk but offer increased potential profits, emphasising the balance between risk and reward in darts betting.

When to Use a Match Treble Bet

A match treble can be used in a variety of scenarios within darts. For example, opting for a heavy favourite on the Match Treble will boost their odds significantly, making it much more attractive for those confident in one player's ability.

Conversely, for bettors who prefer lower stakes, choosing an underdog across to win the Match Treble can lead to substantial odds escalation if they secure an unexpected win.

The interconnected nature of elements in the Match Treble is noteworthy; winning requires superior scoring - potentially leading to more 180s - and effective checkout precision enhances the likelihood of achieving the highest checkout.

Examples of Match Treble in Darts Betting

A couple of examples of successful and unsuccessful Match Treble bets were evident at the recent Players Championship Finals.

In the final, Luke Humphries beat Michael van Gerwen securing the match result selection, while hitting nine 180s compared to the six of Van Gerwen’s, and he also landed the highest checkout of 142 which was one higher than MVG’s 141 he hit.

As a result, selecting Luke Humphries for the Match Treble would've been settled as a winner!

On the other hand, an example of an unsuccessful Match Treble bet came in the quarter-final in a game between Damon Heta and Ryan Joyce.

Damon Heta hit the most 180s (6-5) and hit the highest checkout (127-100) however, the Australian lost the match 10-6 and this would therefore be a losing Match treble bet as one leg of the treble lost.

Comparing Match Treble to Other Betting Options

Match Treble differs from other selections such as accumulators as all the action is unfolding within one match.

Even compared to singles bets, there is so much more to watch out for despite all the ongoings being in one match. 

Tracking a trio of different outcomes throughout a match can potentially make a game more gripping during potential lull moments of a game.

Tips for Successful Match Treble Betting

In order to optimise your success in Match Treble betting, it is paramount that you look at the recent form of the two players going head-to-head.

Ensure you utilise the statistics and data available to find out the top 180 hitters in world darts and also those who tend to take out a number of three-dart finishes.

Combining those with a player who is in form could provide you with all the ingredients necessary to conjure up a winning Match Treble.

Prominent Darts Tournaments and Match Treble Opportunities

The most obvious tournament to bet on when it comes to darts is the World Championships. The biggest tournament in darts typically takes place from mid-December through to early January.

This competition is where the longest format occurs – with the final being a best of 13 sets – and this tends to favour the ‘better’ players as they have more time to get in their groove.

As a result, it could be wise to be supporting the favourites for the Match Treble in the World Championships as players have more time to get things right, opposed to a tournament like the UK Open, which could be where an underdog is worthy of selection.

This long-winded and quick turnaround competition is first to six legs in the early rounds and if the outsider gets out the traps quickly, it can be over in a flash.

In a short format some players may only pick up a leg or two, therefore minimising their chances of achieving the highest checkout dramatically. Thus making the most 180s market a prime focus as the power scoring could be where a player is excelling.

Other tournaments worth noting for Match Treble betting include:

  • Premier League Darts: A premier ongoing league that brings together top players in a round-robin format, creating a thrilling season of competition.
  • Grand Slam of Darts: A unique tournament where players from different organisations, including PDC and WDF, compete for supremacy in a diverse field.
  • World Matchplay: One of the oldest and most esteemed PDC tournaments, known for its iconic venue and exciting knockout format.
  • Players Championship Finals: A culmination of the Players Championship events, bringing together the top performers for a season-ending showdown.
  • World Cup of Darts: A team-based tournament where nations compete, adding a dynamic and patriotic element to the world of darts.
  • World Series of Darts: Global events that bring top-level darts to various countries, showcasing the sport's international appeal.