FanDuel Sports Betting App Goes Live in Time for NFL Season

FanDuel Sports Betting App Goes Live in Time for NFL Season

Sports betting action in New Jersey is picking up considerably with the start of the NFL season, and this past weekend one provider launched itself ahead of the competition.

FanDuel, a daily fantasy giant and newer face in the sports bookie scene, kicked off its mobile app connected to its New Jersey sportsbook.

Now citizens of the Garden State can place wagers on NCAA football, NFL, golf, tennis and eventually NBA and NCAA basketball events all from the palms of their hands.

Crossover Continues

FanDuel has completed the crossover into sports betting that began back in May when the brand was purchased by UK bookmaking giant Paddy Power Betfair.

That initiative was followed by several key partnerships including the announcement that the new sportsbook located at the Meadowlands Racetrack would bear the FanDuel name.

That sportsbook, which was hopping this weekend with activity, is the only current location of its kind in the United States to share a parking lot with a professional sports team. Giants and Jets fans can literally place their bet across the street before walking into the game.

Getting the sportsbook mobile in time for the NFL season was a tough task for the provider, according to FanDuel head of product Nik Bonaddio, but it hopes was well worth the hard work.

“We had to ramp up very quickly. It was about putting egos aside and creating the best product we could develop with both of our skill sets. If regulators say, ‘Jump,’ we say, ‘How high? We could’ve taken the approach of doing first and asking for forgiveness later, but it’s just not worth it for us to do that. There are two stages of anxiety. The first is, ‘Oh my God, how will we build this,’ and the second is ‘Oh my God, did we build the right thing? We’re now entering the second stage.”

Matt King, CEO of the newly formed FanDuel Group, said the company has always taken a “conservative approach” when dealing with endeavors such as mobile betting due to federal and state regulations.

But after the SCOTUS decision in May that struck PASPA, a federal act which banned sports betting across the nation since 1992, the regulations were up giving FanDuel the opportunity to innovate.

“FanDuel is creating a new genre of entertainment, and sports betting is another way we can bring fans closer and more engaged to the games and teams they follow. We’re leveraging our experiences building the Sportsbook at the Meadowlands and the global footprint of Paddy Power Betfair to build an online sports betting experience that fans want, love, and can rely on.”

App Features Set FanDuel Apart

FanDuel’s mobile betting app by early impressions is poised to be a leader amongst competitors due to some top quality features.

The app accepts a wide variety of payment options including debit or credit cards, PayPal, ACH (a form of eCheck) and online bank transfers.

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Bettors are able to place a good selection of bets including money-line, totals and spreads but also have the ability with FanDuel to place live bets. That is, they can place bets on games in progress as odds continuously shift.

Added to that is the same factor that initially made Paddy Power Betfair so attracted to FanDuel: its trusted name and proficiency in the United States market.

The app is available to New Jersians on iOS, Android and on desktops, and for a limited time new users will have their first deposit matched up to $100.