Andy Burnham Now Favourite In Race To Be Next Labour Leader

Andy Burnham Now Favourite In Race To Be Next Labour Leader
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The battle to one-day replace Keir Starmer as Labour leader is currently being contested by three frontrunners, with few other MPs across the rest of the party standing much chance of getting the top job.

That is according to the latest politics betting odds that, by using recent polling data and analysis of the party, has produced just three viable names as Starmer’s replacement.

Labour have been in opposition since 2010 and have gone through a number of leaders in that time, all of which offered a different stance on left-wing politics.

While centre-left leaders Ed Miliband and Starmer are more likely to appeal to floating voters, the Jeremy Corbyn years almost resulted in a far-left victory for the veteran politician during the 2017 election.

Corbyn was ousted after the miserable performance in the 2019 snap election where Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won an 80-seat majority. And while his replacement Starmer appears safe for now, the market on who will eventually replace the former lawyer is in continuous flux.

Who Will Replace Starmer?

According to the bookmakers, Andy Burnham is now the frontrunner to be the next Labour leader. It signifies a remarkable shift for the Manchester mayor, who was priced as wide as 12/1 a year ago.

However, Burnham’s political reputation has grown over the past 12 months largely thanks to his work across the north west – a traditional Labour stronghold which has been pockmarked by blue seats since 2019.

UK bookmakers now price Burnham as the 3/1 favourite to replace Keir Starmer – a position he has taken off Angela Rayner.

Indeed, Ms Rayner’s odds have widened from 5/1 to 6/1 since Starmer sacked and then reinstated her as shadow minister to Michael Gove’s office in May. Rayner’s price reflects not only the growing warmth towards Burnham but also the perceived hostility towards one of Labour’s most outspoken MPs.

Rayner controversially labelled PM Johnson “scum” at a recent Labour conference fringe event and then stood by her words, saying “I will apologise when Boris apologises for saying the comments he has made (regarding race, misogyny and homophobia), I will retract that he is scum.”

Her comments may have gone down well amongst Labour members but bookmakers have seen her odds on becoming the party’s next leader widen as a result – a shift that suggests the British public aren’t all in her corner.

Meanwhile, the third viable Labour leadership candidate is Lisa Nandy, the shadow foreign secretary who came third in the 2020 leadership contest that Starmer won. Nandy is a more palatable figure for Blairite Labour members than Rayner, and could well be another ‘centre-left’ choice should Starmer step down.

Like Burnham her political clout originates in the Labour heartlands – a long way from Starmer’s central-London constituency and somewhere that could resonate with disenfranchised voters seemingly sick of the liberal London elite.

But at 10/1 she is certainly third-favourite behind Rayner and Burnham.

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