Darts Betting: How To Bet On Darts

Date IconLast Updated: 28 Nov 2023
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Darts Betting: How To Bet On Darts
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to bet on darts. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the game, understanding the nuances of darts betting can be both exciting and rewarding. 

With the rising popularity of darts as a competitive sport, there is a growing interest on betting sites with regards to predicting the outcome of matches and tournaments.

In this guide, we will provide you with valuable insights into darts betting, including strategies, types of bets, and essential tips for making informed decisions. 

Understanding Darts Betting Odds

In darts betting, understanding the range of odds is crucial for strategic wagering.

The most common format on darts betting sites are decimal odds, although fractional odds are available with almost all bookmakers should that be your preference.

Decimal odds represent the total return that includes the stake, while fractional odds express the profit relative to the stake.

Recognising favourites and underdogs becomes pivotal when crafting an effective strategy.

By interpreting odds adeptly, darts enthusiasts can navigate through a plethora of offerings, while enhancing their chances of making insightful and profitable choices.

Popular Darts Betting Markets

There’s a vast range of markets available when betting on darts that includes popular markets such as Match Winner, Correct Score, Total Legs and Most 180s.

In darts there is no possibility of a draw occurring in most competitions so Match Winner is a popular pick for the majory of bettors, with there being just two possible outcomes.

Correct score is another market of interest, as similar to snooker, there is a target score to reach. For example, the World Darts Championship final is a race to seven sets, which makes it easier for a punter to predict a score as one side of the scoreline is a guarantee.

Betting on Total Legs in darts involves predicting the combined number of legs that will be played. For example, if bookmakers set the total legs line at 9.5, you can bet on whether the match will have 10 or more legs (over) or 9 or fewer legs (under).

Another market which is popular among darts enthusiasts is "Most 180s", which involves selecting which player will score the highest number of maximum 180-point throws during a match and this can be a profitable market.

Mastering In-Play Darts Betting

Live betting adds an exhilarating dimension to wagering, allowing enthusiasts to capitalise on shifting odds and player performances in real-time. 

As a match unfolds, odds fluctuate based on momentum swings and strategic adjustments. 

Observant bettors keen on analysing the ebb and flow of a game can exploit these changes to gain an advantage. 

In-play betting demands quick thinking and adaptability, enabling bettors to leverage the evolving dynamics of a match and make informed, timely decisions, potentially turning the tide in their favour.

Player Analysis For Darts Betting Success

When making selections on exchange betting sites it is key to look at a lot of factors to give you the best chance of winning.

Player’s head-to-head records are worth noting, alongside how their recent performances and results look heading into a contest.

A less considered factor is the playing styles of certain players. Some players that like to play at a quick pace can often be disrupted by the slower players and bookmakers can sometimes ignore this when constructing the odds.

A player who tends to have a slower rhythm and is the outsider for a clash can sometimes be worth taking a punt on as their style can affect their opponents play.

Exploring Darts Tournament Betting

Several darts tournaments offer exciting betting opportunities due to their prestige, competitiveness, and popularity. Here's a list of some of the best darts tournaments to consider:

PDC World Darts Championship: The most prestigious tournament with the highest-profile players, providing numerous betting markets and attracting global attention.

Premier League Darts: A round-robin format featuring the elite players, offering consistent betting action throughout the season.

World Matchplay: Known for its unique double-start format, it provides a range of betting options and high-level competition.

Grand Slam of Darts: Brings together players from different organisations, creating intriguing matchups and varied betting possibilities.

UK Open: A tournament with an open draw, leading to unexpected matchups and potential value bets.

When betting on darts, consider the tournament format, player form, and historical performances to make informed decisions. Each tournament has its unique characteristics, making them appealing for different reasons.

Advanced Darts Betting Strategies

Elevating your darts betting to the next level requires a mindful approach. Immerse yourself in statistical analysis to give yourself an advantage when making selections.

Embrace a disciplined bankroll management strategy to mitigate risks. Refine your odds comparison skills, seeking the best value across various bookmakers. 

Explore niche markets and alternative bets beyond outright winners for diversified opportunities. 

Stay on top of the latest news and developments in the darts world. Continuously learn from both successes and failures, and consider engaging with betting communities for valuable insights and perspectives.