36 Still Remain in Decade Long Bet Cup to Win Porsche 911

Date IconLast Updated: 28 Sep 2022
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36 Still Remain in Decade Long Bet Cup to Win Porsche 911

It all started on a Saturday night ten years ago when 20,914 punters from all over Europe set out to compete for a brand new Porsche 911 in Bet-a-Home's legendary Bet Cup. Within a year more that 95% had quit and now only dozens remain.

This Saturday the decade long competition got a new turn, when one of the German players was kicked out, leaving Poland as the country with most participants left in the race. But which of the 36 remaining players is the favourite to win?

About the Competition

The Porsche 911 Bet Cup rules are simple; participants have to place a bet every single day, or they will be automatically excluded from the competition. It does not matter if the bet placed is winning or not, because this race is all about endurance.

Whomever continues their daily bet streak for the longest will win this legendary sports car valued at €100,000. In the unlikely event that all of the remaining contestants fail to place a bet on the same day, there will be a draw to choose the winner.

Bet-at-Home's online betting site launched a concept never previously seen by the industry and the bookie’s persistent players have taken them by surprise. Claud Retschitzegger, Press Officer for bet-at-home.com, spoke positively of the promotion:

"The basic intention was to create a completely unique promotion for our customers. This is how the idea of ensuring that the loyalty and, above all, the perseverance of our customers is well rewarded arose. The fact that the prospect of owning a Porsche 911 has sparked such persistence in our customers and that this has continued throughout the years is a very positive surprise for us. We can’t yet say exactly when the promotion will come to an end, as there are still 36 participants in with a chance. It all comes down to how badly they want it"

With the current speed of dropoffs it is expected to be a few more years until a winner is crowned. 2018 started off with 39 players and a week later the number was down to 38. Then a couple silent months came until the next player threw in the towel in mid-March, followed by the most recent quitter.

Bet Cup Betting Markets

Punters at Bet-at-Home who missed the bus back in 2008 are not left completely empty handed. The bookmaker offers different betting markets on the competition, which can be found under the Society section on the Sports page. Currently players can bet on what gender and what nationality the winner of the Porsche 911 will be.

Of the thirty-six remaining participants only three are women, which are reflected in the odds. Bet-at-Home offers 1/20 in odds that the winner will be a man and 11/1 that the winner will be woman. It is unknown how the gender division was at the start of the cup, and therefore one cannot make any conclusions whether male or female punters have more grit. The most recent drop-out however was a male player from Germany.

CountryRemaining participantsCurrent odds

Currently Poland is the Bookmaker's favourite to win this ultimate test of endurance, with Germany not far behind in terms of odds. We agree with bet-at-home.com that a Pole is most likely to win, since the Porsche is worth more to him (the average salary in Germany and Austria is more than double the one in Poland). But you never know, the single Serbian may well surprise us all and be the last man standing.