Can Donald Trump Win The 2024 US Election?

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Can Donald Trump Win The 2024 US Election?
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Donald Trump is the sole Republican figure with any chance of recouping the White House from the Democrats at the 2024 US election betting data suggests.

Trump has given plenty of indication that he will run again for the presidency at the next American election following his controversial exit last winter.

The businessman lost to Joe Biden in a high-profile election by the same margin he beat Hilary Clinton by in 2016. Yet Trump has baselessly claimed ever since that the election was somehow rigged.

His refusal to step away from the limelight since his first term ended has led plenty of political betting experts to speculate that the 75-year-old will run again.

And the latest data from leading bookmakers suggests the Republican candidacy is his if he wants to take it.

Trump Election Odds

According to the latest odds, Trump is as narrow as 4/1 with the top betting sites to win the 2024 US election. That puts him on par with both Biden and Democratic vice president Kamala Harris in having a 20% probability of receiving the backing from voters.

And the next Republican in the market is Ron DeSantis, the Floridian governor who is making a big impact on the GOP over recent months.

Trump being based in Florida has certainly given DeSantis a repetitional boost amongst Republicans and he is 12/1 to win the next election. Meanwhile, Mike Pence has seen his chances worsen to 19/1.

All this means is that the number and quality of potential opponents to Trump’s Republican candidacy is fading. Again, if Trump wants to run for 2024 then it looks like no-one can stop him.

US Election 2024 Odds

In fact, the current trends in the US election odds suggest it could be a Harris vs Trump showdown come 2024. Joe Biden’s odds on completing a full term as president are in flux, while Harris is gaining plenty of allies in Congress right now.

Here are the latest odds on each of the top candidates for the 2024 election…

Joe Biden 4/1

As the incumbent it’s likely that Biden’s political chances of winning the next election will increase the closer we get to November 2024. However, question marks already hover over the 78-year-old’s sharpness in the most important office in America, and there is strong reason to believe he won’t run again. It’s no wonder, then, that bettors are generally staying away from backing Biden right now.

Kamala Harris 4/1

A much more likely name for the Democratic candidacy is Kamala Harris, who appears the natural successor to Biden. The Democrats won’t want to risk putting Harris up against an opponent in 2028 after eight years of Biden rule, so she could be bumped forward to the next election. Harris’ approval rating of 43% isn’t great, but it’s still better than Trump or Biden.

Donald Trump 4/1

As we’ve already stated, if Donald Trump wants to run for 2024 he will do. And it appears as though he is preparing for a return to frontline politics. The businessman has maintained his rhetoric over the previous election and the disastrous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan this summer plays straight into his hands. Trump supporters will be more vocal in the coming years and his odds could well fall further.

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