Who Will Win The Fortune Hotel? Jae And Cherish In Pole Position To Land Jackpot

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Who Will Win The Fortune Hotel? Jae And Cherish In Pole Position To Land Jackpot

The eighth and final episode of the inaugural series of ITV's The Fortune Hotel concludes on Thursday night. 

There have been plenty of twists and turns ever since 10 pairings checked into The Fortune Hotel last week with the aim of leaving £250,000 richer.  

Dubbed 'The Traitors in the Caribbean', the show has seen each pairing given a briefcase, and while most contain nothing, one case has the £250,000 inside, and another has the Early Checkout card. 

End the episode with the Early Checkout card and you're flying home, but end the series with the money - as the so-called Fortune Holders - and you're far richer than when you started.  

Like The Traitors, there are plenty of challenges along the way before an evening meet-up, which is called the Nightcap and happens in the Lady Luck Bar.  

After seven episodes, just three pairings remain to battle it out on betting sites, and the £250,000 jackpot has turned to £200,000 after the Fortune Holders at the end of each of the past five episodes won £10,000.  

Jae And Cherish Hold The Treasure  

On Wednesday night's penultimate episode, it was quite clear that the then-four remaining pairings had become two teams.  

Jae and Cherish, and Scott and Tommy, were up against Jo-Anne and Will, who latched on to Samm and Aysha after their nearest pals Adam and Michael had been booted out of the hotel.  

The episode began with mother and son duo Jo-Anne and Will revealing to Samm and Aysha they had been given the Early Checkout card by Fortune Holders Jae and Cherish, and it ended with the best pals still being the Fortune Holders.  

Who Will Win The Fortune Hotel Odds

Jae & CherishEvens
Samm & Aysha6/4
Jo-Anne & Will3/1

As a result, Jae and Cherish are now in the driving seat to triumph on Thursday night, and the pals are Evens favourites on specials betting sites to win the inaugural Fortune Hotel series.  

However, have they made an error by creating an enemy in Samm and Aysha?  

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Samm And Aysha To Wreak Revenge? 

Samm And Aysha head into the final as 6/4 second favourites on betting apps to check out with the £200,000 in their briefcase.  

During Wednesday night's episode, Jae and Cherish won the Room Service Challenge, and they decided to swap their case with Samm and Aysha, making them the Fortune Holders. 

Jae and Cherish then told the couple they trusted them and would be happy for them to land the £10,000 prize for being the Fortune Holders at the end of the episode.  

However, Jae and Cherish also won the main challenge of the day, meaning they had the all-important task of being able to swap last at the Nightcap. 

It was bad news for Samm and Aysha, because Jae and Cherish went back on their agreement and swapped cases with them, meaning they ended the episode as the Fortune Holders again, and won another £10,000.  

But Samm and Aysha were furious that Jae and Cherish had broken their trust, which could backfire on the best mates come the final episode.  

Outsiders Jo-Anne and Will 

Jo-Anne and Will are propping up the market on new betting sites at 3/1, after a tough penultimate episode.  

After seeing their main allies Adam and Michael go home earlier in the week, they turned their attentions to getting Samm and Aysha on board.  

However, it backfired during the main challenge when, after Jo-Anne and Will had won the first round and picked Scott and Tommy to swap first at the Nightcap, Samm and Aysha won the second round.  

The couple picked Early Checkout card holders Jo-Anne and Will to swap second, leaving the mother-and-son duo in a tricky position. 

In the Nightcap, Jo-Anne and Will swapped their case with Scott and Tommy to save themselves, after Scott and Tommy were forced to pick first, which effectively sent the best mates home. 

After the pair had checked out, the episode ended with host Stephen Mangan ripping up the Early Checkout card, because all three pairs will be checking out of the Fortune Hotel on Thursday night.  

Only one pair can leave with £200,000 in their case - but who will it be?  

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.

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