Pittsburgh Steelers Betting, Odds and Stats

Pittsburgh Steelers Betting, Odds and Stats

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Welcome to the betting stats, odds and information page on the Pittsburgh Steelers. You will be able to find virtually any stat you want to aid your wagering at the best NFL betting sites. From touchdown numbers and rushing attempts to historical records against certain opposition, we have everything you are likely to need. What’s more, we also have information on betting offers and betting promo codes that you could place on Steelers matches.

Head Coach / Manager
Mike Tomlin
Acrisure Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Matt Canada
Defensive Coordinator
Teryl Austin

History of the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers play in Pennsylvania and compete in the AFC North alongside the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. Founded in 1933, they are the seventh-oldest NFL franchise and the oldest AFC franchise.

The Steelers are among the most successful NFL teams of all time. At six Super Bowls, the team is tied with the New England Patriots for the most in league history, and the Steelers have hosted and played in more conference championships than any other NFL team.

“Steeler Nation” is the nickname given to the Steelers' large fanbase. Their home games are currently played at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh's North Side, North Shore neighborhood. The stadium also houses the University of Pittsburgh Panthers.

Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Promo Codes & Offers

If you’re planning making wagers on Steelers games, please ensure that any sports betting sites you use are licensed and regulated in your territory. Any of the operators listed on site have had the most rigorous vetting, so you can feel safe when taking advantage of any of the best sportsbook promos or new customer betting offers that you could use on Steelers matches.

Many sportsbooks offer promotions and betting bonus codes for Steelers games keep your eyes peeled for anything like that leading into a Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Odds

We provide the latest NFL odds and stats on Steelers games and all the latest information on related sportsbooks. These are updated constantly to provide you with the best odds and information possible to aid your online sports betting. 

Quarterback Stats

The 49ers starting QB is putting up the following numbers:

Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Stats

The Pittsburgh Steelers stats page has all the information you need about the team. Taking all data and stats is the best way to ensure you are betting wisely. There is no such thing as a sure thing, but you can mitigate risk by using all the information at your disposal. That will give you all the NFL picks before visiting NFL betting apps ahead of Steelers games. 

Pittsburgh Steelers Player Stats

The Pittsburgh Steelers repeatedly find success on the field and are known year after year for having a superior defense. They are such a consistent team that you expect their players to be among the league leaders in their respective categories every season. Here we’ll show you individual player stats that could help you win some bets this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers Game Stats

The historical game stats compiled by us will allow you to take full advantage of the most accurate moneyline and spreads available on this site. By knowing the Steelers’ record against certain opponents, it can help you when searching out your next bet.

Quarterback Stats

The Steelers' starting QB has been putting up these numbers:

Pittsburgh Steelers News

Before making a wager on a Pittsburgh Steelers matchup, you will need to know who is available to play and who is inactive. Keep up to date with all of this information throughout the week leading up to NFL lineups being announced on game days.

Wide Receiver Stats

Steelers' wide receivers have been producing some great numbers, which could influence your NFL player props:

Pittsburgh Steelers to Win the Super Bowl

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ last Super Bowl appearance was in 2008, but they have come close several times since then. They repeatedly qualify for the postseason from the difficult AFC North and will seemingly always be mentioned in dispatches when it comes to Super Bowl betting odds each season.

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Win the AFC

The Steelers are one of the most successful teams in NFL history and will be favorites among sports bettors every year to compete in the AFC. Here are their latest odds to win the AFC.

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Win the AFC North

With a strong history of making it to the NFL postseason, the Steelers are almost always viewed favorably to make another return. People would expect them to at least be competing for a spot in the postseason each season.

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Team Specials

Explore the receiver analysis, check out the most recent team lineup, and get to know the members of the special teams.



61 Mason ColeC 6'5'' 298 lbs 1996/03/28 (27)Michigan
62 Ryan McCollumC 6'5'' 300 lbs 1998/03/04 (25)Texas A&M
46 Christian KuntzC 6'1'' 228 lbs 1994/04/13 (29)Duquesne
76 Chukwuma OkoraforOL 6'6'' 320 lbs 1997/08/08 (26)Western Michigan
8 Kenny PickettQB 6'3'' 220 lbs 1998/06/06 (25)Pittsburgh
2 Mason RudolphQB 6'5'' 235 lbs 1995/07/17 (28)Oklahoma State
10 Mitch TrubiskyQB 6'2'' 220 lbs 1994/08/20 (29)North Carolina
26 Anthony McFarlandRB 5'8'' 193 lbs 1999/03/04 (24)Maryland
38 Greg BellRB 6'0'' 200 lbs 1998/06/16 (25)San Diego State
30 Jaylen WarrenRB 5'8'' 215 lbs 1998/11/01 (24)Oklahoma State
22 Najee HarrisRB 6'1'' 242 lbs 1998/03/09 (25)Alabama
41 Qadree OllisonRB 6'1'' 232 lbs 1996/09/08 (27)Pittsburgh
48 Godwin IgwebuikeRB 6'0'' 212 lbs 1994/09/10 (29)Northwestern
80 Darnell WashingtonTE 6'7'' 264 lbs 2001/08/17 (22)Georgia
88 Pat FreiermuthTE 6'5'' 258 lbs 1998/10/25 (24)Penn State
83 Connor HeywardTE 6'0'' 230 lbs 1999/01/22 (24)Michigan State
87 Rodney WilliamsTE 6'4'' 235 lbs 1998/04/08 (25)UT Martin
11 Allen RobinsonWR 6'2'' 220 lbs 1993/08/24 (30)Penn State
18 Diontae JohnsonWR 5'10'' 183 lbs 1996/07/05 (27)Toledo
19 Calvin AustinWR 5'9'' 162 lbs 1999/03/24 (24)Memphis
85 Duece WattsWR 6'1'' 196 lbs 1999/12/23 (23)Tulane
15 Jacob CopelandWR 6'0'' 203 lbs 1999/07/20 (24)Maryland
13 Miles BoykinWR 6'4'' 220 lbs 1996/10/12 (26)Notre Dame
89 Gunner OlszewskiWR 6'0'' 190 lbs 1996/11/26 (26)Bemidji State
82 Dez FitzpatrickWR 6'2'' 208 lbs 1997/12/17 (25)Louisville
14 George PickensWR 6'3'' 200 lbs 2001/03/04 (22)Georgia


22 Anthony BrownCB 5'11'' 196 lbs 1993/12/15 (29)Purdue
29 Levi WallaceCB 6'0'' 179 lbs 1995/06/12 (28)Alabama
33 Josiah ScottCB 5'9'' 185 lbs 1999/04/05 (24)Michigan State
42 James PierreCB 6'2'' 185 lbs 1996/09/16 (27)Florida Atlantic
27 Cory TriceCB 6'3'' 206 lbs 2000/05/30 (23)Purdue
24 Joey PorterCB 6'2'' 193 lbs 2000/07/26 (23)Penn State
34 Chandon SullivanCB 5'11'' 189 lbs 1996/08/07 (27)Georgia State
35 Luq BarcooCB 6'1'' 180 lbs 1998/07/27 (25)San Diego State
21 Kalon BarnesCB 6'0'' 186 lbs 1998/12/16 (24)Baylor
20 Patrick PetersonCB 6'1'' 203 lbs 1990/07/11 (33)LSU
25 Desmond KingCB 5'10'' 200 lbs 1994/12/14 (28)Iowa
54 Kwon AlexanderLB 6'1'' 227 lbs 1994/08/03 (29)LSU
40 David PeralesLB 6'3'' 255 lbs 1999/04/09 (24)Fresno State
49 Chapelle RussellLB 6'1'' 230 lbs 1997/01/20 (26)Temple
50 Elandon RobertsLB 6'1'' 238 lbs 1994/04/22 (29)Houston
44 Markus GoldenLB 6'2'' 260 lbs 1991/03/13 (32)Missouri
51 Nick HerbigLB 6'2'' 240 lbs 2001/11/21 (21)Wisconsin
93 Mark RobinsonLB 5'11'' 235 lbs 1999/08/14 (24)Ole Miss
55 Cole HolcombLB 6'1'' 240 lbs 1996/07/30 (27)North Carolina
56 Alex HighsmithLB 6'4'' 242 lbs 1997/08/07 (26)Charlotte
90 T.J. WattLB 6'4'' 252 lbs 1994/10/11 (28)Wisconsin
37 Elijah RileyS 6'0'' 205 lbs 1998/06/12 (25)Army
31 Keanu NealS 6'0'' 211 lbs 1995/07/26 (28)Florida
49 Tariq CarpenterS 6'3'' 230 lbs 1998/12/28 (24)Georgia Tech
17 Trenton ThompsonS 6'1'' 196 lbs 1997/12/18 (25)San Diego State

special teams

9 Chris BoswellK 6'2'' 185 lbs 1991/03/16 (32)Rice
6 Pressley HarvinP 6'0'' 255 lbs 1998/09/17 (25)Georgia Tech