Browns Betting, Odds and Stats

Browns Betting, Odds and Stats

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Welcome to the Cleveland Browns betting, odds and stats page. This is where you will find all the information you need in order to be sensibly on the Cleveland Browns. We’ve even found the latest and best betting deals, betting promo codes and free bet sign up offers, which can all be used to be on the Cleveland Browns.

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Head Coach / Manager
Kevin Stefanski
FirstEnergy Stadium
Offensive Coordinator
Alex Van Pelt
Defensive Coordinator
Jim Schwartz

History of the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns were founded in 1944 by Arthur McBride and Paul Brown, who was the team’s first coach and the man after whom they are named. 

Despite having never appeared in a Super Bowl, the Browns have enjoyed some playoff success, particularly in their earlier years, reaching the playoffs a handful of times in the early 1970s. 

Worse times lay ahead for the Browns though, with then-owner Art Modell aiming to move the team to Baltimore in the mid 90s. Eventually, the Baltimore Ravens, as we know them now, were set up, and the Cleveland Browns franchise would live on. Since the turn of the century, the team has struggled, reaching the playoffs just twice in over 20 years. 

Much of this can be attributed to the fact that they play in a perennially difficult AFC North division alongside the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, but there have been some signs of hope in recent years. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was at the helm and steered the team towards better times. He has since been traded, with the Browns acquiring Deshaun Watson, who is a controversial signing to some fans.  

Cleveland Browns Betting Promo Codes & Offers

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Cleveland Browns Betting Odds

Bookmakers provides you with the latest and greatest betting odds for Browns games. Our team of experts always reviews all the sportsbooks constantly and we even provide free NFL picks. Before you place your next Browns bet, make sure you check out the latest betting odds. These odds are updated in real time, so you will always see where the value is.

Quarterback Stats

Here are the latest stats for Cleveland Browns quarterbacks this season:

Cleveland Browns Betting Stats

This page, dedicated to statistics based on the Cleveland Browns, is where you will find and can study the most relevant and essential information that you need to know when placing bets on Browns games. These stats, along with our NFL odds page can provide you with everything you need to know before placing an NFL player prop bet.

Cleveland Browns Player Stats

While the Browns have experienced some highs and lows throughout their history, they have struggled to qualify for the playoffs consistently.. Moreover, the Browns have been known for their lack of patience, hiring and firing more than ten coaches since 1999. However, we suggest that you go on and study the individual statistics of the players and then make a good decision based on your findings. That will make your betting experience better.

Cleveland Browns Game Stats

Before you place a player prop or any other NFL bet involving the Cleveland Browns, it might be best to check out their stats for the season first. We’ve got Browns stats for each position listed below. 

Running Back Stats

Browns rushing stats, broken down by player, can be found here:

Cleveland Browns News

In order to make the most informed betting decisions, you need to keep up to date with any and all breaking news regarding the Browns. So bookmark this page.  It will help you figure out who will be making the starting NFL odds with the latest inactive list and who's returning from injury or suspension. 

Wide Receiver Stats

Cleveland Browns wide receiver stats can be found below:

Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl

The Browns have never reached a Super Bowl, but they have reached the playoffs on a few occasions. The recent signing of Deshaun Watson should have ushered in a new era for the team, but they could be facing another year without the Lombardi trophy. Here are the latest odds for the Browns to win the Super Bowl:

Check Out the Cleveland Browns Super Bowl betting for 2023/4:


Cleveland Browns Odds to win the AFC

The AFC and NFC have a near tied record in terms of Super Bowl wins. Winning the conference doesn’t guarantee Super Bowl glory, but it does get you to the big game. The Browns haven’t reached a Super Bowl in their history. Here are the odds for them to win the AFC this season:

Cleveland Browns Odds to win the AFC North

Cleveland find themselves in a really tough AFC North division alongside the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers. It’s a division which repeatedly throws up Super Bowl contenders. Winning the division is a huge step towards going all the way. 

Receiving Stats, Team Roster and Special Teams

View the comprehensive receiver metrics, the latest team members list, and squad updates.



47 Charley HughlettC 6'4'' 248 lbs 1990/05/16 (33)UCF
55 Ethan PocicC 6'6'' 320 lbs 1995/08/05 (28)LSU
56 Luke WyplerC 6'3'' 303 lbs 2001/05/03 (22)Ohio State
53 Nick HarrisC 6'1'' 293 lbs 1998/11/13 (24)Washington
4 Deshaun WatsonQB 6'3'' 223 lbs 1995/09/14 (28)Clemson
17 Dorian Thompson-RobinsonQB 6'2'' 203 lbs 1999/11/14 (23)UCLA
7 Kellen MondQB 6'3'' 217 lbs 1999/06/22 (24)Texas A&M
9 Joshua DobbsQB 6'3'' 216 lbs 1995/01/26 (28)Tennessee
34 Demetric FeltonRB 5'9'' 190 lbs 1998/07/16 (25)UCLA
41 John KellyRB 5'10'' 208 lbs 1996/10/04 (26)Tennessee
34 Jerome FordRB 5'10'' 210 lbs 1999/09/12 (24)Cincinnati
20 Jordan WilkinsRB 6'0'' 204 lbs 1994/07/18 (29)Ole Miss
46 Nate McCraryRB 6'0'' 213 lbs 1999/04/09 (24)Saginaw Valley State
24 Nick ChubbRB 5'11'' 227 lbs 1995/12/27 (27)Georgia
30 Hassan HallRB 5'10'' 196 lbs 2000/08/28 (23)Georgia Tech
81 Thomas GreaneyTE 6'6'' 250 lbs 1998/11/16 (24)Albany
82 Miller ForristallTE 6'5'' 245 lbs 1998/03/11 (25)Alabama
88 Harrison BryantTE 6'5'' 230 lbs 1998/04/23 (25)Florida Atlantic
84 Jordan AkinsTE 6'4'' 245 lbs 1992/04/19 (31)UCF
83 Zaire Mitchell-PadenTE 6'5'' 257 lbs 1999/08/20 (24)Florida Atlantic
85 David NjokuTE 6'4'' 246 lbs 1996/07/10 (27)Miami (Fla.)
31 Jalen WayneWR 6'1'' 212 lbs 1999/05/13 (24)South Alabama
19 Cedric TillmanWR 6'3'' 215 lbs 2000/04/19 (23)Tennessee
87 Daylen BaldwinWR 6'2'' 212 lbs 1999/11/24 (23)Michigan
11 Donovan Peoples-JonesWR 6'2'' 204 lbs 1999/02/19 (24)Michigan
2 Amari CooperWR 6'1'' 211 lbs 1994/06/17 (29)Alabama
3 Marquise GoodwinWR 5'9'' 185 lbs 1990/11/19 (32)Texas
18 David BellWR 6'1'' 212 lbs 2000/12/14 (22)Purdue
18 Ra'Shaun HenryWR 6'3'' 190 lbs 1998/02/04 (25)Virginia
10 Anthony SchwartzWR 6'0'' 186 lbs 2000/09/05 (23)Auburn
82 Mike HarleyWR 5'10'' 180 lbs 1997/12/13 (25)Miami (Fla.)
8 Elijah MooreWR 5'10'' 180 lbs 2000/03/27 (23)Ole Miss
12 Michael WoodsWR 6'1'' 204 lbs 2000/03/19 (23)Oklahoma
16 Jaelon DardenWR 5'8'' 175 lbs 1999/01/14 (24)North Texas
9 Jakeem GrantWR 5'6'' 170 lbs 1992/10/30 (30)Texas Tech


39 Caleb BiggersCB 5'10'' 202 lbs 1999/11/02 (23)Boise State
21 Denzel WardCB 5'11'' 190 lbs 1997/04/28 (26)Ohio State
38 A.J. GreenCB 6'2'' 198 lbs 1998/06/09 (25)Oklahoma State
27 Lorenzo BurnsCB 5'10'' 185 lbs 1997/10/10 (25)Arizona
0 Greg Newsome IICB 6'0'' 192 lbs 2000/05/18 (23)Northwestern
30 BoPete KeyesCB 6'1'' 202 lbs 1997/11/09 (25)Tulane
28 Mike FordCB 6'0'' 195 lbs 1995/08/04 (28)Southeast Missouri State
29 Cameron MitchellCB 5'11'' 191 lbs 2001/09/08 (22)Northwestern
23 Martin EmersonCB 6'2'' 201 lbs 2000/09/27 (23)Mississippi State
31 Thomas GrahamCB 5'11'' 197 lbs 1999/06/26 (24)Oregon
20 Chris WestryCB 6'4'' 200 lbs 1997/07/10 (26)Kentucky
5 Anthony Walker Jr.LB 6'1'' 235 lbs 1995/08/08 (28)Northwestern
50 Jacob PhillipsLB 6'3'' 228 lbs 1999/04/01 (24)LSU
43 Mohamoud DiabateLB 6'4'' 225 lbs 2001/05/18 (22)Utah
40 Matthew AdamsLB 6'0'' 230 lbs 1995/12/12 (27)Houston
35 Charlie ThomasLB 6'3'' 216 lbs 2000/01/31 (23)Georgia Tech
49 Cam BrightLB 6'0'' 221 lbs 1999/02/23 (24)Washington
51 Jordan KunaszykLB 6'3'' 235 lbs 1996/10/15 (26)California
44 Sione TakitakiLB 6'1'' 238 lbs 1995/06/08 (28)BYU
92 Sam KamaraLB 6'0'' 272 lbs 1997/12/21 (25)Stony Brook
42 Tony FieldsLB 6'0'' 222 lbs 1999/06/18 (24)West Virginia
6 Jeremiah Owusu-KoramoahLB 6'2'' 221 lbs 1999/11/04 (23)Notre Dame
63 Lonnie PhelpsLB 6'2'' 247 lbs 2000/08/24 (23)Kansas
37 D'Anthony BellS 6'1'' 211 lbs 1996/10/17 (26)West Florida
49 Nate MeadorsS 5'9'' 191 lbs 1997/02/13 (26)UCLA
33 Ronnie HickmanS 6'1'' 209 lbs 2001/10/11 (21)Ohio State
41 Gavin HeslopS 6'0'' 195 lbs 1997/11/13 (25)Stony Brook
36 Bubba BoldenS 6'2'' 200 lbs 1999/05/28 (24)Miami (Fla.)
48 Tanner McCalisterS 5'11'' 191 lbs 2000/01/27 (23)Ohio State
26 Rodney McLeodS 5'10'' 185 lbs 1990/06/23 (33)Virginia
22 Grant DelpitS 6'3'' 208 lbs 1998/09/20 (25)LSU

special teams

13 Cade YorkK 6'1'' 206 lbs 2001/01/27 (22)LSU
16 Joseph CharltonP 6'5'' 190 lbs 1997/04/07 (26)South Carolina
13 Corey BojorquezP 6'0'' 217 lbs 1996/09/13 (27)New Mexico