Kamala Harris VP Odds Fluctuate As Biden Delays Announcement

Kamala Harris VP Odds Fluctuate As Biden Delays Announcement
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Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, speaks during a television interview in Washington D.C. earlier this year

Kamala Harris has seen her chances of becoming Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 US Elections suffer a blow after the Democrat delayed announcing his choice for Vice President.

Harris is the frontrunner among the US politics betting odds to join Biden’s ticket in his push for the White House.

The United States Senator formally endorsed Biden back in March, having initially pitched herself to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency this autumn.

But she is not the shoo-in that top bookmakers thought she would be. Biden, 77, is currently leading Trump in the majority of polls heading into the November 3 vote.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for the election was due to disclose his Vice President pick in the first week of August. But Barack Obama’s former VP has instead decided to delay the announcement for a further fortnight.

Harris Odds Rumbled

The news of the delay has already sent shockwaves through the betting odds.

Harris has seen her chances of becoming VP widen from 4/6 to 4/5 within a day.

Meanwhile, her main rival for the nomination, Susan Rice, has seen her odds plummet from 4/1 to 2/1 overnight.

Harris may still be the frontrunner but Rice is making her pitch to join the Biden ticket heard.

Rice For VP

In an interview with CBS, Rice insisted she is ready to provide a better relief effort to the coronavirus outbreak in America compared to that of Trump.

"I understand what disease can do. I understand deeply the economic repercussions for Americans who are suffering enormously and how that suffering has disproportionately affected communities of colour in this country, particularly African Americans and Latinos," she said.

"So we have an enormous amount of work to do to come together, to tackle these challenges far more effectively and with a collective sense of purpose than what we have seen under Donald Trump's leadership.”

Other supposed candidates for Vice President include Tammy Duckworth, Elizabeth Warren and even Michelle Obama.

However, it appears a shoot-out between Harris and Rice is the main focus.

Biden vs Trump Odds

Luckily for Biden, his odds on winning the 2020 US Election appear to have been unaffected by the delay in choosing his VP.

He remains ahead in the polls, with estimates that he could win at least 308 votes in the electoral college. Candidates require 270 to win.

Biden’s record-low odds of 1/2 to beat Trump in the election have not shifted, while the sitting president is as far out as 7/4 to secure a second term with some bookmakers.

Trump recently called to delay the US election over concerns about mail-in votes, but this has already been dismissed by a number of senior Republicans.