The Traitors Odds: Which Shows Will The Contestants Appear On Next?

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The Traitors Odds: Which Shows Will The Contestants Appear On Next?
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The Traitors ended in dramatic fashion recently when Traitor Harry Clark scooped the £95,000 prize after successfully deceiving the remaining Faithful during a nail-biting finale. 

Harry was without doubt the star of the series after becoming the first-ever Traitor to win the UK version of the show, but attention on betting sites has now turned to which programmes he and some of his co-stars might end up on next.

Runner-up Mollie Pearce lost out on a share of the £95k prize pot after trusting Harry in the final and wrongly assuming he was a Faithful. 

Mollie came within seconds of banishing Harry after initially writing his name on her tablet, only to cross it out and send home fellow Faithful Jaz Singh instead. 

While it cost her a few quid, her dramatic exit - which involved a fair bit of swearing upon finding out Harry had deceived her, before she stormed out - could tempt reality TV bosses to take a punt on her. 

Fellow finalist Jaz was such a successful Faithful he was nicknamed "Jazatha Christie" by social media super-fans, while earlier in the series Paul Gorton appeared to be in control of the whole game before Harry duped him and sent him packing. 

The quartet may well have already had their five minutes of fame, but it is likely we will see more of them on our screens this year. 

The Traitors - Harry's Next Reality TV Show Odds

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins1/266.7%
I'm A CelebrityEvens50%
Celebrity Big Brother3/125%
The Masked Singer8/111.1%
Strictly Come Dancing12/17.7%
Celebrity MasterChef16/15.9%
Dancing On Ice20/14.8%

Harry To Take On SAS Course? 

One show that appears made for British army engineer Harry is Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

He is 1/2 favourite on specials betting sites to take part in the Channel 4 programme, in which an elite team of ex-special forces from the UK and USA recreate the SAS's secret selection process and put celebrity recruits through their paces. 

One issue that might put bosses off is if military man Harry is potentially too good for the series, but that could leave the door open for I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! producers to pounce. 

Harry is Evens to take part in the Ant and Dec-hosted show, while it's 3/1 he takes on another reality show where voting for one another is at the heart of it - Celebrity Big Brother.

ITV's first-ever CBB will debut later this year, and they could do far worse than recruit someone like Harry, while it's 12/1 he swaps the Traitors turret for the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor. 

The Traitors - Mollie's Next Reality TV Show Odds

Strictly Come DancingEvens50%
I'm A Celebrity4/120%
Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins5/116.7%
Celebrity Big Brother8/111.1%
Celebrity MasterChef12/17.7%
Dancing On Ice14/16.7%
The Masked Singer20/14.8%

Does Mollie Have The Moves For Strictly?

While Harry appears to be an outsider to take part in Strictly, Mollie is Evens on betting apps to take part in the BBC show. 

If she moves on the dancefloor the way she moved out of the castle when she found out Harry was a Traitor, she could be the perfect candidate for Strictly. 

But if the disability model fancied having a go at something further afield, she could well rock up in the Australian-based I'm A Celebrity jungle. 

Mollie is 4/1 to take part in this year's I'm A Celebrity, while it's 5/1 she has a go at Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

During The Traitors she gave it her all in the missions, so Celebrity SAS would be a great fit for Mollie. 

The Traitors - Jaz's Next Reality TV Show Odds

Celebrity Big Brother2/133.3%
I'm A Celebrity3/125%
Strictly Come Dancing4/120%
Celebrity MasterChef6/114.3%
Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins8/111.1%
Dancing On Ice10/19.1%
The Masked Singer14/16.7%

Elsewhere, if he doesn't turn into the nation's next big crime writer or even a detective, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if Jaz rocked up on Celebrity Big Brother. 

He is 2/1 to appear on the ITV show, and it is 3/1 he takes part in I'm A Celebrity. 

But if he remains with the BBC, then Jaz could well have a go at Strictly (4/1), or he is 6/1 to try his hand in the Celebrity MasterChef kitchen. 

The Traitors - Paul's Next Reality TV Show Odds

Celebrity Big Brother4/555.6%
I'm A Celebrity5/228.6%
Dancing On Ice8/111.1%
The Masked Singer12/17.7%
Strictly Come Dancing20/14.8%
Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins25/13.8%
Celebrity MasterChef33/12.9%

Paul Odds-On For CBB

Paul was the talk of the first half of series two of The Traitors. 

After an impressive first couple of weeks, Paul moved into favourite on new betting sites to win the show, and he seemed untouchable at one stage. 

While the wheels fell off for him on The Traitors, he provided so many meme-making moments on the BBC show, and the charismatic star would be a perfect fit for Celebrity Big Brother. 

He is 4/5 to appear on ITV's first-ever version of the famous show later this year, but he would have to get used to not talking about voting for his fellow contestants. 

Such chat is banned on CBB, but Paul - who has drawn online comparison to infamous Big Brother master-manipulator 'Nasty' Nick Bateman - would no doubt find a way of influencing the vote. 

He is also just 5/2 to appear on I'm A Celebrity later this year, 8/1 to take part in the 2025 series of Dancing on Ice, and 33/1 to show what he is made of in the kitchen on Celebrity MasterChef. 

He should probably avoid using any poison chalices though! 

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.

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