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SugarHouse Sportsbook Review | $250 Match Deposit "GAMBLING250"

Date IconLast Updated: Aug 1st, 2023


SugarHouse has officially rebranded to BetRivers in New Jersey. Therefore, head over to our detailed BetRivers sportsbook review to see and claim the latest exclusive offers from this brand.


SugarHouse, which recently rebranded all but two of its sportsbooks as BetRivers, is operated by Rush Street and is active in nine different states. The sports betting site is still branded as SugarHouse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is among the longest tenured sportsbooks in the United States sports betting industry.

With strong land-based casinos to back them, a mobile app available for all users and a strong variety of betting markets, the SugarHouse sportsbook is an excellent choice for new users looking for a strong sports betting experience.


Large variety of betting markets Odds are not as competitive as other sportsbooks
Customer support is responsive Mobile app lags
Stats hub Desktop is very busy

Why We Recommend SugarHouse Sportsbook

Sports betting is all about making the most of your bets. While that sounds easy, it's something that bettors often overlook. It's why we recommend shopping for the best odds available, taking full advantage of sign-up bonuses when they're offered, and always maximizing odds, profit, and parlay boosts. If sportsbooks are going to give you better odds and higher potential payouts, it's critical to take advantage of them.

That's where SugarHouse comes in. A $250 deposit match, daily odds boosts and competitive odds on a wide variety of betting markets mean there's something for every kind of bettor. Their live betting experience is great, and the only real qualms we have with the mobile app are things that bettors will get used to as they get more comfortable with the product. It's not a perfect sportsbook, but it's one certainly worth your time.

Sign Up For a SugarHouse Sportsbook Account

Major sportsbooks, including Caesars Sportsbook, continue to make signing up for an account a breeze, and SugarHouse is no different. Before going through the steps of signing up for a SugarHouse account, you should note that if bettors have a SugarHouse casino account, they should use that to log in with the sportsbook. If they try to create a separate account for the sportsbook, they could be flagged for double account creation and that could cause both accounts to be locked.

  1. Steps for new users to sign up include providing an email, a password, and any promotional code they wish to use. Players then must provide their name, address, date of birth, and gender.
  2. Players are asked to create a screen name, provide their telephone number and create two security questions to keep their accounts secure.
  3. Bettors will provide the last four digits of their Social Security number to verify that they are of legal age in the state in which they're betting.
  4. Once verified, bettors will also need to turn on a geolocator to prove that they are currently located in a state that allows SugarHouse gambling.
  5. Finally, bettors will make their first deposit before starting their sports betting experience at SugarHouse. Use "GAMBLING250" to claim a $250 deposit match.
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Deposit Methods

Bettors have multiple gambling payment options when deciding how to deposit funds into their SugarHouse sportsbook account. They can use online banking transfers, cash at the casino cage, PayNearMe, credit or debit cards, and the SugarHouse Play+ card.

The minimum deposit is $10, and funds usually can be played immediately. A nice touch on the responsible gaming front is that bettors can specify and limit the amount of money they deposit each month.

Withdraw Your Winnings

SugarHouse makes withdrawing your winnings a simple process. SugarHouse provides bettors with a handful of different options to withdraw their money. They include online banking transfers, SugarHouse Play+ Card, VIP Preferred ACH, PayPal, cash by mail, or cash at the physical casino cage. Withdrawals can take as long as five days, but the process is typically faster than that.

SugarHouse Sports Betting Offers & Promotions

SugarHouse offers a sign-up bonus for all new users in the form of a $250 deposit match. New users will receive a 100% deposit match up to $250 when they use "GAMBLING250". This is then given to customers in the form of free bets. Though that number isn't among the highest at other sportsbooks we've reviewed, the 1x playthrough requirement is as good as it gets. Bettors will have their deposit match within 48 hours of signing up and depositing.

In addition to a solid sign-up bonus, the SugarHouse sportsbook also provides bettors with excellent profit boosts, odds boosts, and parlay boosts each day. Though the offers changed based on the sports betting calendar, the consistency of boosts and bonuses provided is among the best of any major sportsbooks. Bettors can feel confident knowing that whenever they log onto the SugarHouse sportsbook, they'll have some kind of bonus waiting for them in a major sports betting market.

SugarHouse will likely offer similar promos to new states in launches in. For example, OH bettors will find more value from SugarHouse once the Ohio online sportsbooks launch in 2023.


Bet on the SugarHouse App

The SugarHouse sportsbook app is good, but it isn't great.

We'll begin with what we like about the mobile app: All available betting markets are listed on the top of the home page. Bettors who click into a specific market will see three tabs appear in the middle of the screen: Live now, upcoming, and futures. It's easy to navigate between matchups currently happening, the next games on the schedule, and season-long futures bets. It's great having those three options all in one spot; not every sports betting app is as well organized.

Current promotions and bonuses scroll along the top of the home page, and it takes up about a quarter of the screen. That's bigger than it needs to be, but users will get used to it as they use the SugarHouse Sportsbook app.

But that banner is also a prime example of what we don't love about the betting app: There's a lot going on. In addition to the betting markets and bonuses listed on the top half of the home page, there's also a navigation toolbar along the bottom of the mobile app so users can move from the sportsbook to the casino to the promotions to the rewards to the support chat.

Again, bettors will likely get used to it the more they use the app, but it feels overly confusing for players who simply want to make straight bets on major markets and events.

That's also another downside regarding the betting app in our opinion: Live betting doesn't always populate effectively. The mobile app can lag at times and that's an issue when odds are constantly changing. Combined with the app being rather busy, making bets can feel overwhelming when it really shouldn't be. We give the mobile app a good grade because it provides everything needed for a positive sports betting experience, but we wish the interface was a bit cleaner and that the user experience was a bit smoother.

SugarHouse VIP & Loyalty Program

SugarHouse provides bettors with a loyalty program called iRush Rewards that give points to players for all real money wagers. There are 11 different levels of iRush Rewards (1-10, and Elite) that require different amounts of points to join. Bettors can learn more about the iRush Rewards program by clicking on the Rewards link atop the home page's banner. The program is also linked to SugarHouse Casino; which means you can accumulate more points by betting at the sportsbook and online casino.

Sports to Wager on at SugarHouse

Bettors won't be lacking for sports to wager on at SugarHouse. The sports betting markets available include the traditional ones like baseball, soccer, football, golf, basketball, hockey, tennis and UFC. But SugarHouse also provides betting markets for other sports such as boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, lacrosse, motorsports, rugby, snooker, table tennis and much more.

The sports betting options at SugarHouse are as diverse as it gets. The sportsbook wisely brings the top betting markets to the top of the left rail on the home page of the desktop and mobile app so bettors looking for popular sports don't need to sift through dozens of different markets. And for bettors seeking something different, SugarHouse provides plenty of options.

Quality of the Odds at SugarHouse

A quick comparison of odds across different sportsbooks shows that the SugarHouse sportsbook has competitive odds. But, in a small sample size, we noticed that SugarHouse rarely had the best odds for certain markets that we analyzed.

For example, SugarHouse listed an MLB favorite for one game at -175, and those same odds were -165 (DraftKings), -168 (FanDuel), and -171 (PointsBet) at other sportsbooks. An NFL futures Super Bowl bet for one team to win the Super Bowl was +475 at SugarHouse compared with +500 (DraftKings), +500 (FanDuel Sportsbook), and +500 (PointsBet Sportsbook) at other books.

For less popular markets, SugarHouse listed a UFC favorite at -141. Other sportsbooks listed that same favorite at -125 (DraftKings Sportsbook) and -136 (FanDuel). SugarHouse had competitive odds but rarely had the top odds of the matchups we analyzed.

Contests at SugarHouse

Though there are contests and tournaments on the casino pages for SugarHouse, the sportsbook does not feature any. Where the sportsbook lacks in contests, it more than makes up for it in odds boosts and other bonuses.

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Features at SugarHouse

In addition to the traditional straight bets that SugarHouse sportsbook provides, there are features that all bettors can use. We'll also note here that all the below features are listed both at the desktop website and the mobile app. Here are our favorites:

Live Betting

The betting at SugarHouse doesn't end when the games begin. Bettors can take advantage of live betting, with updated moneylines, totals, spreads, and individual props throughout many particular games. These odds update in real time so bettors will need to be quick placing their betslips, but it's a great feature that they'll want to take advantage of at SugarHouse.

Cash Out Option

The SugarHouse sportsbook provides flexibility to its bettors because they can cash out their bets before the completion of the contest. Whether bettors are worried about a backdoor cover or simply want to take their pending funds and place them on different games, SugarHouse lets bettors cash out some wagers before a game ends.

Odds Boost

The SugarHouse sportsbook offers boosted odds referred to as House Specials. It's a nice feature to have all boosted odds in one spot, but we will note that SugarHouse does not show bettors what the previous odds were. It would be nice for a bettor to have that information when he or she analyzes whether the boosted odds are worth playing.

Same-Game Parlays

Same-game parlays are becoming more common at major sportsbooks. SugarHouse sportsbook does offer a limited number of same-game parlays, though users cannot create their own. We're confident that SugarHouse will continue to expand on what bettors can include in same-game parlays, but it's limited for now.


Though it might not have a real benefit for bettors, SugarHouse sportsbook has a live newsfeed on the right rail of its homepage. It shows bettors who have won big at the casino or have put together a win streak at the SugarHouse sportsbook. It doesn't do anything for other bettors, but it's nice motivation to see that the next big win could be just one bet away.

Live Stream and Gamecasts

One section of SugarHouse's website shows matchups and events that include a live stream. It's a nice touch for bettors who want to watch games that otherwise wouldn't be available on television or other streaming services.

What's more, many markets also include live play-by-play of an event so bettors never need to leave the sportsbook after placing their bets. This is a truly strong feature to the SugarHouse sportsbook and one of our favorites that they offer.

SugarHouse Casino

Though we're doing a review of SugarHouse sportsbook, it's worth noting that both New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer an online casino experience. The casino provides jackpot games and contest as well as unique games for players. Like their sportsbook, the betting app for the casino could use some work but it's a nice perk for SugarHouse sportsbook bettors to have a casino option.

Get to Know SugarHouse Casino

What You Will Experience at SugarHouse Sports Betting Online

Bettors will get the full sports betting experience when they bet online with the SugarHouse sportsbook. As one of the well-established online sportsbooks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, bettors will have access to all the major betting markets, a lucrative sign-up deposit match, daily bonuses, contests and tournaments, and (in some states) casino gaming.

Though the SugarHouse sportsbook mobile app leaves something to be desired, it's still good enough for bettors to place bets when they're on the go just like they can do on the company's desktop website.

Betslips populate quickly, resources are readily available for bettors who need it, and the stats hub gives players all the information they could need before ultimately placing a bet. The desktop is somewhat busy, but we'll take that user experience over a website or mobile app that doesn't provide enough options for bettors.

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SugarHouse States of Operation

The SugarHouse sportsbook currently operates in two states: New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Many of the states that formerly operated as SugarHouse have been rebranded as BetRivers sportsbooks. Those states include Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania (which also has SugarHouse), Virginia, West Virginia and Colorado. They are all under the same umbrella as the SugarHouse sportsbook in New Jersey.

New Jersey Sportsbook

  • Availability: online sportsbook, online gambling, retail sportsbook, retail casino, online casino
  • Land-Based Partner: Golden Nugget Atlantic City
  • License: Rush Street Interactive
  • The SugarHouse sportsbook in New Jersey debuted in August 2018, nearly two years after the online casino operating under the same SugarHouse name had launched.

Explore New Jersey Sportsbooks

Pennsylvania Sportsbook

  • Availability: online sportsbook, online gambling, retail sportsbook, retail casino, online casino
  • Land-Based Partner: SugarHouse casino
  • License: Rush Street Interactive
  • The SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia launched the SugarHouse sportsbook online in May 2019, the first online sportsbook in the state.

Explore Pennsylvania Sportsbooks

It might be possible for the SugarHouse sportsbook to launch in Arizona in the fall of 2021 after the state passed a law to legalize online sports betting. It's likely that many of the promotions, bonuses, and perks listed in this SugarHouse sportsbook review also will apply to Arizona.

Explore Arizona Sportsbooks

California Sportsbook

CA is currently working on putting betting legalization. If that goes through, sports betting apps in California may go live in 2023/24.

SugarHouse Customer Service

Our favorite online sportsbooks have excellent customer service. It's as simple as that. The SugarHouse sportsbook passed that test thanks to a combination of a live chat and email support that is among the best we've reviewed. Though the live chat is only available between 9:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. ET, representatives are helpful, attentive and quick to respond to any issues.

Email support usually receives a response within 24 hours, but in our experience, the live chat function (though inactive for 7.5 hours each morning) provides bettors with any answers they may need. We wish the live chat was 24 hours a day, but we can't argue with too much involving the customer service at the SugarHouse sportsbook.

Bet Responsibly at SugarHouse

The SugarHouse sportsbook takes its responsible gaming seriously, giving bettors ample resources to make sure they're having a safe and healthy betting experience. Players can access those resources by clicking on the "Help center" link atop the home page's banner.

Though users have to scroll down for a bit to locate it, the SugarHouse sportsbook offers a section "Responsible Gaming" that provides links to Q&A’s on setting limits, self-exclusion, and cooldowns as well as steps on how to activate each to bet more responsibly. Customer support is also available if bettors can't find a resource they need. There's also a search bar function within the Help Center page that bettors can use.

Our Expert Opinion on SugarHouse Sports Betting Site

For the everyday sports bettor who simply wants the most popular markets, solid odds, nice boosts and an easy-to-use betting experience, SugarHouse is a solid play. We haven't come across any part of the website or betting app that leads us to believe they've missed anything in creating their sportsbook. It's all-encompassing, perhaps to a fault (though more credit to you if you're interested in betting on snooker and squash).

We can't say we love the betting app and we wish there were more tournaments and contests available for bettors looking for something different. But it's a sportsbook that gets better the more you use it, and things like a solid customer service function, daily odds boosts, and an exhaustive FAQ section go a long way.

We also expect those offers and promotions to only get better as SugarHouse expands its reach. Same-game parlays should have fewer restrictions, the betting app's lag time will improve, and contests and tournaments should pop up. Overall, you're not missing out on anything by signing up for SugarHouse and will find comfort the more you bet, which is the sign of a sportsbook that has staying power.

Available Hours:9.30 AM - 2 AM
Phone:+1 855 752 9101

SugarHouse Information

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9.30 AM - 2 AM
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1001 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

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