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Hard Rock Bet Promo Code and Get Up To $100 Back On Your First Bet

Author Image Reviewed By Daniel Smyth
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For enthusiasts of sports betting looking for the latest betting news and promotions, the Hard Rock Bet online sportsbook has an enticing offer for users in the US: Get up to $100 Back on Your First Bet, no promo code required! Simply follow the guidelines outlined in our review, satisfy the wagering criteria described further below, and you'll be on your way to claiming your bonus funds. Our comprehensive review covers various features of the Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook app and website to ensure you're fully informed before diving in. Remember, you can sign up by clicking through this page to activate your welcome offer.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Bonus Code and Welcome Offer

💰 Hard Rock Sports Bonus: Get Up To $100 Back On Your First Bet
🎁 Hard Rock Sportsbook Promo Code:NONE - ACTIVATE BONUS
💸 Minimum Deposit/Stake:$10
🏈 Min Odds to Use Bonus:-250
🔄 Wagering Requirements:NONE
US States where Available:AZ, FL, IN, NJ, OH, TN & VA
✅ Bonus Verified for:April 2024
⭐ Hard Rock BET Sportsbook Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐


{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

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Hard Rock BET Sportsbook Key Facts

Established Since:2018
Reputation:High Reputation and Trust
Availability:7 US States (with more coming)
Payment Methods:Both cards and Bank Transfer
Customer Support:24/7 Live Chat + Phone Support
Licensing:Licensed and regulated
Live Betting:Available for majority of sports
Loyalty Program:Hard Rock Rewards Redeemable in Cafes & Casinos
Sportsbook App Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐
Other BetMGM Apps:Hard Rock BET Casino


Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Review Summary


  • ⭐ Reputable brand live since 2008
  • ⭐ Available in USA, NJ & more
  • ⭐ Both cards and eWallets accepted
  • ⭐ 24/7 Live Chat
  • ⭐ Licensed and regulated
  • ⭐ Online and retail rewards program
  • ⭐ High-profile ambassadors like Lionel Messi 


Great promotions and rewards program
Bet on sports via our computer or mobile
Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook payout system is fast
Offline and Hard Rock Bet online betting markets
Software is basic
Odds could be better
1. Hard Rock Bet Welcome Bonus

Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Deposit Bonus -  Get Up To $100 Back On Your First Bet

Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook’s sign-up bonus is an Up To $100 Back On Your First Bet, which means you either win and cash in or get up to $100 back to bet again. You read that right, your first bet on Hard Rock Bet comes with no regret even if you lose because you’ll get up the same amount back up to $100 for any new bet you choose. This offer is available in all states Hard Rock Bet is available, including for NJ Online Sports Betting, so visit Hard Rock Bet now to get the welcome bonus.

How to Redeem Your Hard Rock Bet Bonus Code Offer

  1. Click here to create your account.
  2. Complete the registration form. *You don't need a Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook promo code.
  3. Verify your identity and location.
  4. Make a deposit.
  5. Place a qualifying bet to unlock your sportsbook promos reward.

Hard Rock Bet Promo Code Terms and Conditions

The wagering requirements for each Hard Rock Bet sports betting bonus will vary depending on the state you're in. You can read more about the specifics in the following sections. However, the main requirements you need to know are:

  • You must be 21+
  • You must be in a state where Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook is licensed
  • You must be a new customer (you can't have any other account with Hard Rock Bet)
Hard Rock Sportsbook


2. Other Promotions & Rewards

More Sports Hard Rock Bet Promotions

  1. Refer a Friend

    Refer a Friend

    Invite friends to join, make a deposit, and place bets to both receive bonuses. Elegible in certain states for 21 years or older. Cash bets qualify; promotion specifics apply.

  2. Hard Rock Rewards - Wild Card Loyalty Program

    Hard Rock Rewards - Wild Card Loyalty Program

    You automatically join this program when you sign up. If you’re already a Wild Card Rewards Member from using your player card at The Hard Rock Atlantic City, create your online account with your Wild Card. Loyalty points can then be used for perks online through the “Rewards/Shop” tab. You can use the Hard Rock Bet loyalty program if you play casino games via the New Jersey app.

Hard Rock Sportsbook is part of the famous casino empire and brings simplicity to the fore with regards to online betting. This isn't the prettiest app in the world, but it does offer solid odds, a rewards program, sports wagers for major events, and fast payments.

Add to this a network of land-based casinos, including Seminole, which was named best managed US casino in 2022, and you've got a brand you can rely on to deliver a quality betting experience. HardRock is always seeking opportunities to expand, for example it might join popular Ohio online sportsbook apps once the state launches online sports betting. To learn more about why you should bet here, as well as the areas it could improve, scroll down for our honest review.

Hard Rock BET Sportsbook States of Operation

StateAvailabilityLand-based PartnerLicense
Hard Rock Sportsbook NJYesHard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic CityNJDGE
Hard Rock Sportsbook ArizonaYesNavajo GamingArizona Department of Gaming
Hard Rock IowaYesHard Rock Sioux CityIowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Virginia Hard RockYesBristol CasinoVirginia Lottery
Hard Rock Ohio PromoNot YetN/AN/A
Hard Rock IndianaYesN/AIndiana Gaming Commission
Hard Rock NYNot YetN/AN/A
Hard Rock TennesseeYesN/ATennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council
Hard Rock ColoradoNot YetN/AN/A
Hard Rock IllinoisNot YetN/AN/A
Hard Rock LouisianaNot YetN/AN/A
Hard Rock MarylandNot YetN/AN/A
3. Sportsbook Features & Betting Options

Hard Rock Bet Sports to Bet On

There could be more betting options on offer. Although the main bases are, sports such as volleyball, WWE (wrestling), and entertainment aren't covered. Even though improvements need to be made, you can still bet on sports loved the world over:

College Football

College Football is unique in the heart of American sports culture, with intense rivalries and a passionate fan base. Betting on College Football offers different options, from picking national champions to betting on individual games. The unpredictability and sheer number of teams make it a thrilling choice for bettors, who can capitalize on deep knowledge of lesser-followed programs.

NFL and the Super Bowl

The NFL reigns supreme in the United States, and the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of sports betting. Offering a vast market of bets, from simple win-lose propositions to complex parlays and prop bets on game specifics, NFL betting provides players with unparalleled excitement. The Super Bowl, in particular, is the most bet-on event in American sports, with bets placed not just on the outcome but on nearly every aspect of the game.


The NBA is a global powerhouse in the basketball world, attracting fans and bettors alike with its high-scoring games and star-driven narratives. Betting on the NBA includes traditional game outcomes, point spreads, and totals, along with player prop bets that allow wagering on individual performances. The dynamic nature of the game and its players adds a thrilling layer to betting strategies.

NCAAB College Teams

NCAA Basketball offers a blend of young talent and storied college programs, culminating in the March Madness tournament. This unpredictability provides a fertile ground for bettors, who can find value in many games and the potential for upsets. Betting on College Basketball, particularly the bracket-style tournament of March Madness, is a favorite among bettors for its high stakes and thrilling finishes.

Baseball, including the MLB

MLB betting is distinguished by its reliance on pitching matchups and detailed statistical analysis. The MLB season's lengthy schedule offers bettors numerous opportunities to engage with the sport. Futures bets, game outcomes, and in-play betting on specifics like home runs or strikeouts provide a detailed and strategic betting landscape.

Hockey, including the NHL

NHL brings the fast-paced action of hockey to the betting world, offering money lines, puck lines, and over/unders. The sport's physicality and speed, combined with the significance of goaltending, make it a nuanced option for bettors. The Stanley Cup playoffs, in particular, offer high stakes and intense matchups that attract significant hockey betting interest.


Boxing betting revolves around match outcomes, method of victory, and round betting, offering a straightforward yet strategic betting experience. The sport's high-profile bouts, often with clear favorites and underdogs, allow bettors to engage in both pre-fight and live betting, capitalizing on the drama and unpredictability inherent in boxing.


Cricket holds a massive following worldwide, offering diverse formats like Test matches, One Day Internationals, and T20. Betting on cricket can involve match outcomes, player performances, and even over-by-over action in shorter formats. The global nature of the sport provides year-round betting opportunities, especially with major tournaments like the World Cup and The Ashes.


Darts betting may not have the mainstream appeal of other sports, but it offers a unique and engaging experience. With match winners, correct scores, and 180s markets, bettors can delve into the sport's nuances. Major tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship attract significant attention, providing a spike in betting activity.


Golf betting is unique in its focus on individual performance over several days of competition. Markets include tournament winners, head-to-head matchups, and performance props. The sport's slow pace and the importance of weather and course conditions add layers of strategy to betting, with major tournaments like the Masters and the Open Championship drawing significant interest.

MMA, including UFC Betting Options

MMA and UFC betting has surged in popularity, offering bettors a chance to wager on fight outcomes, methods of victory, and round betting. The sport's individual nature and the variety of fighting styles make for exciting and unpredictable matches. Major events, often headlined by big names, provide high-profile betting opportunities with a global audience.

Motorsports, including NASCAR and Formula 1

Motorsports betting encompasses a wide range of options, from NASCAR races across the United States to the global circuit of Formula 1. Bettors can wager on race winners, podium finishes, and constructor championships. The sport's technical aspects and the significance of team strategy and weather conditions offer a rich betting experience.


Rugby offers two main variants for betting: Union and League, each with its own rules and tournaments. Betting markets include match outcomes, point spreads, and tournament winners. International competitions like the Rugby World Cup and domestic leagues in countries such as England, Australia, and New Zealand provide a global platform for rugby betting.


Soccer is the world's most popular sport, with so many leagues and tournaments to bet on. From the English Premier League to the FIFA World Cup, soccer betting includes match outcomes, over/under goals, and player-specific bets. The sport's global reach ensures a continuous calendar of betting opportunities, appealing to a wide audience.


Tennis betting thrives on the individual nature of the sport, offering markets on match outcomes, set scores, and specific game events. The ATP and WTA tours provide year-round action, with Grand Slam tournaments attracting the most attention. The sport's direct head-to-head nature makes it a popular choice for live betting, adding an interactive element to the betting experience.


Hard Rock Sportsbook Markets


Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Odds and Lines

Hard Rock Bet odds are solid, but are they better than the rest? During our review, we compared Hard Rock's odds to those on offer at Bet365 NJ. We compared the moneyline for an MLB game between the Royals and the Astros:

Hard Rock Bet Online Sportsbook

  • Kansas City Royal = +265
  • Houston Astros = -375

Bet365 NJ

  • Kansas City Royal = +275
  • Houston Astros = -350

As you can see, the odds were better at Bet365. However, Hard Rock Bet isn't too far off the pace. In fact, when you add in Hard Rock bonus code offers, there's a decent amount of value at this online sportsbook.


Best Betting Options

  • Point Spreads
  • Moneyline
  • Futures bets
  • Prop bets
  • Totals bets
  • Over/under
  • First to score
  • Handicap bets
  • Live bets
  • Parlays, including teasers



Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Features and Betting Experience

Both the Hard Rock BetSportsbook website and mobile sports betting app are fairly basic. That doesn't mean the software is bad, it just means it doesn't have as many features, flashing images, or betting tools as other sportsbooks. Having said this, if you want a simple, direct betting experience, the Hard Rock app is ideal.

Hard Rock Bet Live Betting Options & Hard Rock Live Stream

Some sportsbook apps and even new betting sites offer live streams, some don't. Unfortunately, this is one of those sportsbooks that doesn't have live streams. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of live betting markets. To help you assess what's going on and make better decisions in the moment, there are live stats, results, and animated overviews of the action.

Trending Bets

The Hard Rock Betwebsite is not just a place to make bets, it's a source of information. It's a source of information because there's a trending tab. This tab provides an overview of the latest sporting events and the most popular bets of the day.

Pinned Bets

You'll never lose track of what you're doing or what you've bet on thanks to two features: pins and favorites. The former allows you to pin events you like and get quick access to them via the "My Pins" box. The latter is where your past and current sports bets are listed. Both of these features give you a clear overview of betting activity, your wins, losses, and events you enjoy the most.


Hard Rock Bet vs Sports Illustrated vs Bet365

Hard RockSports IllustratedBet365
Bonuses and Promos4/54/55/5
Sportsbook Features3/53/55/5
Odds Compared3/54/55/5
Mobile App3/54/54/5


  • Bet365 sportsbook is one of the leading online sports betting operators in Europe and, more recently, the US, and currently offers slightly better odds and features, but not by much.
  • Sports Illustrated is a more recent addition to the industry and, overall, it offers a similar level of service.



4. Website & App UX
{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook App Registration

  1. CLICK HERE  (or on our banner) to activate and claim your promo.
  2. You'll head to the Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook site registration page.
  3. Register your new Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook account by entering all required info, including the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. *You don't need a promo code to claim the welcome bonus.
  4. Confirm you're at least 21 years old.
  5. Allow the geolocation software to verify that you're in a state where Hard Rock Bet Online Sportsbook is licensed.
  6. Complete the registration process.
  7. Use your Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook login to open your account and start betting.



Hard Rock Bet Sports App on Mobile

  • Hard Rock Bet iOS App rating: 4.8/5
  • Hard Rock Bet Android App rating: 4.5/5


This online sportsbook is available for iOS and Android devices. All top sports betting apps provide instant access to a full range of promotions, payment options, and services. However, depending on where you live, the ratings differ. In general, the iOS app has been received well. Android users are also happy with their app.

When you look at a regional level, things are great. For example, the NJ app for iOS devices has a 4.8/5 rating. Overall, the reviews are great.


Hard Rock Sportsbook Mobile App

How to Download the iOS Hard Rock Bet Mobile App

  1. CLICK HERE  to join Hard Rock Bet Online Sportsbook.
  2. Claim the Hard Rock Bet welcome offer. (You don't need a bonus code)
  3. Go to the App Store and search for the Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook mobile app.
  4. Tap the Hard Rock Bet download link to install the iOS App.
  5. Enable the geolocation software.
  6. Open the Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook app and start betting.


Download the Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Android App

  1. CLICK HERE  to join and claim the Hard Rock Bet welcome bonus. (No promo code needed)
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and search for Hard Rock Bet.
  3. Tap to download the Hard Rock Bet Android app.
  4. Enable the geolocation software.
  5. Open the app, claim the latest Hard Rock Bet offers, and start betting.


How to Bet using the Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook App


5. Banking Methods
{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA

How to Deposit Funds into Your Account


The minimum deposit at Hard Rock Bet Online Sportsbook is $10. There could be a few more banking options. However, with PayPal, you can deposit up to $1 million, which is a real positive if you're a high roller. This makes PayPal one of the most popular payment options and the most used by wagerers.

  1. To make a deposit, open your account.
  2. Go to the cashier.
  3. Choose one of the available banking options, such as PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.
  4. Deposit $10 or more.
  5. Confirm the transaction, wait for it to complete, and scroll through the latest sports betting options.


Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Withdrawal Process

  1. Open your account.
  2. Go to the cashier page.
  3. Choose one of the available withdrawal options, such as PayPal.
  4. Input an amount of $1 or more (some withdrawal methods have a minimum of $10/$20).
  5. Confirm the transaction.


You can withdraw funds instantly when you use Play+. That's a huge positive. What's more, all the other withdrawal options also offer fast processing times of between 1 and 5 days. Another positive is the fact you can make withdrawals as low as $1 or a high as $100,000 per transaction with ACH and PayPal.

  • Withdrawal Methods: ACH/eCheck, Play+ Prepaid Card, PayPal, Cash at Cage
  • Min. Withdrawal: $1
  • Hard Rock Bet Withdrawal Time: < 1 day to 5 days


6. Responsible Gambling

Is Hard Rock Bet Online Sportsbook Safe?

This is a legit operator that runs a successful network of online sportsbooks, as well as retail sports betting venues and casinos. Add to this licenses in various US states, and you'll always get a high-quality, fair, and legal experience with Har Rock.


Responsible Betting

The Hard Rock Bet online sports betting app contains various responsible gambling tools, including:

  • Responsible online gambling FAQ
  • Trained customer service agents
  • Personalized deposit, betting, and loss limits
  • Time limits
  • Timeouts and self-exclusion
  • Contact details for problem gambling agencies



Our Tips for Betting at Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Online

Bet Responsibly

It doesn't matter if you're making pre-game wagers or sampling the latest live betting markets, it's never a good idea to stake a large percentage of your bankroll.

Hunt Down Bonuses

All sports bettors should be bonus hunters. This means claiming every Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook promo code offer you can find. Claiming as much bonus money and free bets as you can will help offset the losses you might incur when you're bet on the NFL and the like.

Gamble on the Go

Using the Hard Rock Bet mobile app is a great way to make bets on the move and take advantage of the latest and greatest odds.

Do Your Research

There is luck involved when you're on any type of online gambling site, but you can give yourself the best chance of making a correct pick by doing some pre-game research.

Find Your Niche

Everyone has their favorite sports and betting options. Your job is to find yours. You might be a fan of college football and enjoy making bets on in state college teams. You might be more interested in the NBA finals. Whatever your preferences, stick to them and you'll get maximum enjoyment from your time online.


7. Security & Customer Support
Available Hours:24/7
Phone:+1 877 825 7777

Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Customer Service

You can contact a member of the Hard Rock Bet customer service team every day between 6am and 2am. There's also an FAQ but, in our opinion, it doesn't offer enough information.

*There isn't a Hard Rock phone number at this time.



8. Final Verdict & FAQs

Final Verdict on Our Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Review

Hard Rock's online sportsbook is a little light on features and the interface can be described as basic. However, if you want a no-fuss sports betting experience where you can access solid odds, quick payments, and plenty of promotions, Hard Rock Digital has you covered.



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Is Hard Rock Sportsbook legit?

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