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Online Betting

Online betting is more than just having your local bookies at your fingertips, it's about finding creative ways to maximise enjoyment and profit from some of the greatest, most exciting and even the most obscure events from around the world.


Online betting sites are generally divided into sections by sport, with additional areas for entertainment, political and special betting. Within these you'll find individual events happening in the near future. Once you've picked your event you get to the heart of online betting: the betting markets.

Betting markets are a list of every outcome you can bet on in an event, and will generally include a minimum of the event winner, winning margin and handicap markets, plus accumulator (multiple outcome) options. Although each online betting site will have its own range of specialist markets, for example goals scored or time of goal, some sites may specialise in specific events, and offer particularly diverse markets for it.

Odds - Formats

Odds represent the prices online betting sites will pay if your bet is successful, expressed as a proportion of your original stake. They're generally displayed in one of three formats:

Odds - Prices

Online betting sites have a large staff of odds compilers, or oddsmakers, whose job is to price up markets. You might think that this involves a lot of work predicting likely outcomes, but the key job for oddsmakers is to make sure that there's a roughly even number of bets for and against a certain outcome – the idea being that they don't lose too much money if punters successfully pick a winner. This means that the odds on show at any online betting site aren't actually a reflection of the likelihood of something happening, but rather a reflection of where people are betting.

Online betting sites also run frequent loyalty and bonus offers to encourage a consistent flow of cash from customers. This helps keep the numbers steady, but can also give savvy punters free bets, cashback and money back offers that help with strategies such as hedging and arbitrage. These offers also represent an opportunity to try out new markets or tactics without risking their own funds.

Exchange Betting

Exchange betting sites like Betfair operate a little differently. Instead of holding the cash to bet against customers themselves, they act like a financial market in which punters bet both for and against an event outcome. Betting for the outcome in the conventional way is called backing, and betting against it is called laying.

When laying a bet at an exchange site, the sum you lay is the amount you want to win – not your total risk. Your total risk is calculated from the odds you lay the bet at. For example, if you were to lay £10 on Arsenal against Manchester United at 2.0 (1/1), you stand to win £10 if Arsenal lose, and you'd have to pay out £20 if Arsenal win. Essentially the odds represent the bet you're offering other customers of the betting exchange.

As exchange sites aren't profiting from the actual betting, they usually charge commission on winnings.


Sometimes called live betting or in-running betting, this is the practice of betting on an event while it's underway.

The best online betting sites will accompany events with statistics and live streams to enhance the experience, and empower players to make bets on a wide range of markets. Meanwhile, odds are updated moment-by-moment as the event progresses.

Many sites also offer a cash out option. This allows players to withdraw (or cash out) their bet for a fixed sum, if they believe that the bet is likely to fail later in the event, or if they've given up on it and want to claw back losses.


Most top betting websites allow customers to bet on events on their mobile and tablet, as well as on desktop computers. These can take the form of both apps and in-browser mobile betting sites. They generally have reduced graphics and/or functionality, so it's wise to see which mobile-responsive betting site best matches your approach to online betting.

Users may also want to consider how much data a mobile gambling site uses, particularly with limited data plans.

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