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The X Factor is a British music competition television series that showcases the best singers from Britain and Ireland. The series begins with public auditions throughout the main cities of the UK, filming entertaining performances from talented singers to the not so talented. Each performance is judged by four judges, led by the head judge and X Factor producer Simon Cowell. The contestants are divided into four categories; The Boys, The Girls, The Groups, and The Over 25s.

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Can You Bet on the X Factor 2019?

Yes, you can bet on The X Factor in 2019 with many of the top bookmakers. Since the launch of the reality show featuring the UK and Ireland's top singers, the betting market for The X Factor has grown to be one of the most anticipated specials betting markets year in and year out, on par with the likes of the Great British Bake Off and Love Island .

How to Bet on the X Factor

Understanding X Factor Betting

As the anticipation builds each week to see which contestant is voted out, many viewers partake in some X Factor betting to create an extra layer of excitement. Similar to betting on Love Island, the aim is to predict the winner early on in the series to get the best odds.

To place a bet on the X Factor you should choose a contestant you think is most likely to win for betting success. However, to get the best value from X Factor betting, you need to choose who you think could win that is not necessarily the performer who stands out at the beginning.

The voice of the X Factor participants is not the only factor that top specials bookmakers take into account when listing X Factor betting odds. The public’s perception plays a huge part in who will be most likely to win and as a result have longer odds at the bookmakers.

This is a major point to consider when betting on the X Factor as the public are going to be the ones who vote to keep the contestants in the competition.

The participant most likely to have the public’s support are usually the singers with a great voice, look and personality. They have the ‘whole package!’, as Louis Walsh would say. The stand out performers usually have the higher odds as they are most likely to have the audiences support.

X Factor Betting Tips & Strategy

Betting on the X Factor is quite simple as is most betting in any specials market. All you need to do is try and predict who is most likely to win. There are a couple of strategies that you can use to help you choose who you think has the X Factor. The most obvious approach is to choose who you think is the best singer in the competition.

There are usually a couple of standout performers that improve each week and these participants are usually favouriting with the bookmakers. The singer that has had the audience's support throughout the series and has consistently sang well, especially if they have an attractive appearance.

The public’s favourite is usually the best means of betting success. For betting value, try to sniff out the underdog in the early stages of the competition.

When it comes to X Factor betting odds the person least likely to win are the performers that have not had much media attention or support from the public in the early stages of the competition. These contestants will have longer odds, providing you with an opportunity to identify value.

X Factor Betting History

X Factor has been splayed across our screens since 2004 and interest in betting on the music competition has grown exponentially over the last few years. As top specials bookies continue to offer the X Factor winner market, interest in X Factor betting continues to grow. Past winners have certainly proved profitable for punters and this market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Previous X Factor UK Winners

2018Dalton HarrisBoys
2016Matt TerryBoys
2015Louisa JohnsonGirls
2014Ben HaenowOver 25s
2013Sam BaileyOver 25s
2012James ArthurBoys

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