PointsBet Clarifies Teaser Bets, Reveals Upcoming Promotions

Date IconLast Updated: 28 Sep 2022
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PointsBet Clarifies Teaser Bets, Reveals Upcoming Promotions

In a recent email exchange, PointsBet wanted to address their supposed lack of teaser bets.

Specifically, PointsBet wanted to clarify the thought that does not offer teaser bets in a traditional sense. What they offer instead is what they consider their “Pick Your Own” bet.

Pick Your Own vs Teaser

The idea of a teaser bet might be one that American bettors aren’t familiar with due to the recent legalization of betting in the US.

So how does a teaser bet work? In exchange for lower odds, a bettor can adjust the spread of two or more games. A bettor needs all games to win, which in essence means that teaser bets are a parlay bet.

Teaser bets are often tied to a 6, 7, or 10 point shift, meaning that players can only move a spread so far in one direction or the other. Additionally, often, a teaser will require every leg to use the same odds shift, limiting the number of ways a bettor can customize the bet to their purposes.

For PointsBet’s “Pick Your Own Bet,” players are allowed to pick their own line, and players can select different lines for different games. As PointsBet’s Jonathan Sprung puts it:

“If you really want to have an 11 point tease for one team, a 6 point tease for another, and a 14 point tease for a third team, you can!”

As well as being advertised as fully customizable for players, one can play a traditional teaser. But the main point is that players will be able to play teaser bets, as well as any kind of customized teaser bet that a player wants. Odds will be calculated automatically.

Upcoming PointsBet Promotions

Beyond just Pick Your Own lines, PointsBet included several upcoming, game-specific promotions coming up.

In relation to a previous article regarding PointsBet paying out bets on James Harden as NBA MVP early, PointsBet is definitely making a move to pay more games out early in several very customer-friendly promotions. Noted in the article was how PointsBet paid out bets on NHL games if a team went up 2 goals at any point.

On a related vein, PointsBet is paying out all game result bets on Champions League games during the week of March 3 if your chosen bet is winning at halftime. Because of the three-way nature of soccer betting, bettors who had picked a draw in the Tottenham/Dortmund game were paid at halftime, and Tottenham bets paid at the final.

There are several so-called Lifeline bets as well coming up. In upcoming NBA games, if your bet loses but a certain star player reaches a certain threshold, your bet will be refunded. The upcoming games include:

  • 76ers vs Bulls, Multiplier/Time Of/Player Points bets refunded if Embiid scores 30+
  • Lakers vs Nuggets, Multiplier/Time Of/Player Points bets refunded if Lebron scores 30+
  • 76ers vs Rockets, Moneyline bets refunded if Harden scores 40+
  • Nuggets vs Warriors, Moneyline bets refunded if Curry hits 6+ 3-pointers

There are also NCAA basketball parlays on Thursday March 7. Duke/UNC moneyline bets will be refunded if your bet loses by 5 points or less.

One more fun offer for all English Premier League and MLS games on March 9 and 10: for a minimum $100 bet on a match result, players will get a $25 free bet every time your chosen team scores.