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Michael Butlin

Michael Butlin - EN Director – Sports Betting Expert

Michael boasts over two decades of experience in the gambling industry. During this time he has held various product development, commercial and marketing positions at innovative online bookmakers, including Blue Square and Unibet.

Additionally, he successfully managed several sports betting and information websites, operated an online poker site and provided consultancy services to a diverse range of gambling operators, including sportsbook and lottery product providers.

Role at Gambling.com

At Gambling.com Michael is responsible for key English-speaking GEOs, plus our Brazilian content, having lived in Brazil for four years.

He is passionate about his teams producing outstanding, insightful and concise content that is as relevant to new gamblers as it is to seasoned bettors, whatever their game.

Away from the desk...

Michael has held a season ticket at Anfield for 30 long years and is also an avid horse racing fan and bettor, attending almost every Cheltenham Festival since 1990. Some years are most successful than others, but he proudly found 25/1 and 66/1 winners in 2023, to give him plenty to brag about for another year. 

He is also a keen golf bettor and player, although his talents on the course remain impressively well-hidden.

Michael speaks basic Portuguese, which improves with a glass of red wine or Caipirinha. He is a devoted owner of a former Brazilian street-dog, Cookie, who now enjoys life in the UK.

"I bet on anything and everything sports-related. I love finding unique angles and taking on the online sportsbooks, especially given my experience working for a few of them.

“At Gambling.com I have the opportunity to share my thoughts and insights on sports betting opportunities, offers and more.” Michael Butlin.


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