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Panda Master Casino is an online gaming app on desktop and mobile devices. From the outside, it's a quirky platform with a user-friendly interface, but we discovered some hidden issues you might want to consider before you start playing. We've revealed these issues and more in our Panda Master Casino review.

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Panda Master Casino Overview

Is Panda Master Casino safe? It's not a licensed online casino, so we can't say for sure. What we do know is that Panda Master Casino, aka Panda Master Fish Games, is a social gaming platform that offers a selection of slot machines.

On the surface, it looks great. However, as we've said, it's not licensed by a recognized gambling regulator. That's an issue for us, but social casinos aren't always licensed because they don't offer real cash prizes. So, based on this, we took a closer look at what the Panda Master Casino app has to offer.


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The first issue we ran into with Panda Master Online Casino is the website. Specifically, there are different websites claiming to be Panda Master Online Casino, and each one has a slightly different name. Specifically, there's Panda Master Casino, Panda Master Casino USA., and Panda Master Fish Games. This latter appears to promote Panda Fish Games as a product that different companies can distribute or incorporate into their gaming platforms.

It's not uncommon for sweepstakes casinos to have multiple search engine listings, but all links usually lead to the same platform. That's not the case with Panda Master Casino, but we're happy to report that we eventually got into the right site after a few tries.

Another issue we ran into was the iOS app. There's meant to be one in the Apple App Store, but we couldn't find it. Android users are advised to download Panda Master Casino via an APK file, which isn't uncommon, but it's far from ideal. The silver lining to all of these issues is that you can access a selection of games via a mobile site. So, if you decide to create an account, this might be your best option.



Is there a Panda Master Promo Code Available?

The top social casino bonuses are typically unlocked via a promo code, but you don't need one at Panda Master Casino. There's some confusion about the exact amount you get as a new customer. Some reviews claim there's a $50 no deposit bonus; another review we read quoted $10.

We couldn't find any welcome bonuses. What we did find, however, was a selection of promotions linked to purchases. For example, if you go to the company's Facebook page, there's a list of promotions that give you up to $35 worth of free credits when you buy coin packages.



Is there a Panda Master Casino No Deposit Bonus?

No, there aren't any sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses at Panda Master Casino. This is a social casino, which means you play games using free credits. You can get extra credits when you purchase coins. However, there's no need to purchase coins to play online games at Panda Master Casino.



Available Panda Master Games

The Panda Master online game lobby has just over 30 options. None of your favorite sweepstakes casino games are listed because everything is made in-house. However, if you're willing to try something new, there are a few interesting options.

Panda Master Slots

The Panda Master online casino game lobby is dominated by slots. This weighting towards slot games is something we see at all online casino sites, so that's not an issue. Various popular themes are covered, including fruits, Rome, and fishing, so that's a positive. Perhaps the most intriguing Panda Master slot game we saw was Dancing Skeleton 3D. For clarity, these don't appear to be sweepstakes games. This means you can't use them to win coins that are redeemable for real money prizes.

Panda Master Fish Game Selection

We said earlier in this Panda Master Casino review that the site appears in Google searches as Panda Master Fish Games. We're not sure whether any fish table games are available and we didn't find anything that could be described as one. There are fishing-based games, such as Crab King 3, so maybe that's what the developers mean by "fish games."

Other Games at Panda Master App

Panda Master is, essentially, a slots casino that provides a free-play social gaming experience. However, there are a few alternatives to slots within the Panda Master Casino game lobby. The game that caught our attention was Fortune Keno.



Panda Master Free Play & Bonuses

As we've already said, the way to get extra free credits when you play games at Panda Master Casino is to purchase coins. We're not advising you to purchase coins at an unlicensed online casino. However, if you choose to, there are bonuses you can use to get extra credits and free SC coins.



How to Play Panda Master Online

Creating an account at Panda Master was problematic. We hit a stumbling block halfway through the sign-up process because the website kept taking us to dead pages. If you manage to sign up and create a new account, there are two ways to play: website or app.

We tried the Panda Master Casino download link, and it wasn't working, so maybe that's an issue with our device. If you can't download Panda Master, we can confirm the website is a viable option, but don't expect a platform filled with a lot of fancy features.

Panda Master for Desktop - Play Panda Master on the Web

We had issues with the Panda Master online game download button, so we don't know what the app is like. We tested the website, though, and it was easy to navigate. There aren't many additional features, but the one advantage Panda Master has over other social casinos is its avatars. Although avatars aren't integral to the online casino gaming experience, they're fun. The best part about the avatars is that you can personalize them. So, if you like this, it might be a reason to register.

Panda Master Download for Android

You can use the Panda Master 777 APK download link to install the sweepstakes casino app on an Android device. This is the ideal option for users who want to access a selection of free-play casino games whenever they're away from home.

Panda Master Download for iOS

We couldn't find a Panda Master download iOS link on the website or the App Store. This could be a temporary issue, but we're not sure. Based on this, the best bet for iOS users is the mobile site. Using a mobile browser should give you access to a full selection of games and features.



Panda Master Customer Service

The customer support team is available via an onsite contact form, live chat, and social media. The live chat service wasn't active during our Panda Master Casino review, so we can't comment on that. We did find that the company is pretty active on Facebook. So, if you need assistance with promotions, house rules, or making a deposit, we suggest using the Panda Master Casino Facebook page.



Our Panda Master Verdict

We can't endorse Panda Master Casino because it doesn't have a license. This means it's not a secure environment for new players or experienced players. We're not saying there are security issues. It's more the case that we can't verify the company's security policies or game integrity because it's not been approved by a known licensing agency.

The fact you can play using free credits means your money isn't necessarily at risk when you use the platform. On this basis, you could use it as a place to hone your gaming skills before you start playing at a licensed casino. However, beyond this, there aren't many reasons to use Panda Master Casino.

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