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Dig deeper into the contrasting fortunes of the 65 clubs that have competed in English football’s top flight since 1888. Explore their cumulative match records, managerial impacts, relegation struggles, transfer bills and the regions of the country which have been spoiled with the most success by England and Wales’ greatest sides.



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League of Leagues has calculated the cumulative match records of every English football team that has completed at least one season in either the top tier Football League, old Division One or Premier League. Match statistics include their performances during seasons in the top division only. To reflect changes made to the English football league point system, two points were awarded to teams for a win up until 1981, and three points thereafter.

Cumulative match data up until April 2013 was available via The Guardian and the remaining seasons up until the end of 2016/17 were added using the information directly from the Premier League.

Individual season tables have been used to calculate the number of times have been relegated and the total points per team in each season. These tables have been sourced from the Wikipedia page of each season.

Transfer activity for all 65 clubs in the all-time league has been sourced via Transfermrkt. Transfer activity included is from the first season of the Premier League up until the 2017 summer transfer window.

Managerial tenures were sourced via worldfootball’s database.

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