Masked Singer Odds: Fawn New Favourite To Win The Final After Jellyfish Exit

Date IconLast Updated: 17 Feb 2023
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Masked Singer Odds: Fawn New Favourite To Win The Final After Jellyfish Exit
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The Masked Singer fans were left in shock last weekend when Jellyfish was dumped from the competition. 

Jellyfish had been Evens favourite with betting sites to win the show, and was unmasked as Glee star Amber Riley, who was odds-on to be the character. 

But now Fawn has taken over as the 2/1 favourite to win this year's series, ahead of remaining characters Rhino (3/1) and 5/1 shot Phoenix. 

The Masked Singer Betting Odds


Rhino also narrowly avoided stampeding out of the competition after landing in the bottom two. 

However, Jacket Potato was sent home instead and unmasked as Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, who had gone from 10/1 to 2/1 favourite in the space of a week. 

Thanks to these hypothetical odds provided by industry experts, we have looked into the remaining three characters ahead of the final of the ITV show on Saturday, to see which celebrities are likely to be under the elaborate masks. 

Who Is The Masked Singer's Fawn Odds

Natalie Appleton2/1
Shania Twain5/2
Kym Marsh3/1
Melanie Blatt4/1
Myleene Klass5/1
Suzanne Shaw6/1
Billie Piper10/1


Fawn was 5/2 second favourite on Masked Singer betting sites ahead of last weekend's show, but after outdoing Jellyfish and Jacket Potato she is into 2/1 and heads the market. 

All Saints singer Natalie Appleton remains the 2/1 favourite to be the star under the mask. 

Several clues point to Fawn being Natalie, including "remember, remember the first of November", which is All Saints Day, while there was also a beach reference last weekend.

The girl group's song Pure Shores was the lead single on the soundtrack for the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach.

Fawn has also spoken about "black coffee", which happens to be the name of an All Saints tune.

But if such clues turn out to be a ruse, then Shania Twain could well be the one waiting to whip her mask off. 

The singer is just 5/2 second favourite to be Fawn, while former Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh is 3/1, and Natalie's fellow All Saints singer Melanie Blatt is 4/1

Myleene Klass (5/1) and Suzanne Shaw (6/1) have also been mentioned, and it would be a huge surprise if 10/1 shot Billie Piper was unmasked as Fawn. 

Who Is The Masked Singer's Rhino Odds

Charlie Simpson1/10
James Arthur3/1
Robbie Williams8/1
Max George10/1
Jay McGuinness12/1


After landing in the bottom two last weekend, punters have been hesitant about piling into Rhino on specials betting sites, despite Jellyfish's exit. 

The masked mammal is 3/1 favourite to win the show, and Busted singer Charlie Simpson is massively odds-on to be Rhino. 

Punters and viewers are convinced that the star is Rhino, so much so he is available at just 1/10 to be the character. 

Fans were even more sure about their predictions last weekend when Rhino even uttered the word "busted", and one of his clues was three arrows, which could signify the three members of the boy band. 

Rhino was also painting a target in one clue, and Paint Your Target is the name of a tune by Charlie's band Fightstar. 

Should a shock be on the cards, then former X Factor star James Arthur could well be waiting to take his Rhino mask off. 

He is 3/1 to be the character, while Robbie Williams (8/1), Max George (10/1) and Jay McGuinness (12/1) are very much longshots in this market. 

Who Is The Masked Singer's Phoenix Odds

Ricky Wilson5/2
David Tennant3/1
Jason Donovan7/2
Seth MacFarlane8/1
Michael Sheen9/1
Johnny Borrell10/1
Gary Barlow16/1


There have been plenty of predictions for Ricky Wilson as Phoenix over the past few weeks, and he is just 5/2 on betting apps to be unmasked. 

Some eagle-eyed viewers had their thoughts all but confirmed last week when one of Phoenix's clues featured the wheels of an office chair, which could be a reference to Ricky's coach's chair on The Voice. 

But former Doctor Who star David Tennant is just behind in the odds at 3/1 to be Phoenix. 

It's thought a goblet clue could point towards him being the character, as he portrayed Barty Crouch Jr in 2005 film Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire. 

Some even believe Michael Sheen - who is 9/1 to be the character - is doing an impression of David under the mask to convince viewers and the judges that it is the Broadchurch star rather than him.   

Jason Donovan (7/2) and Seth MacFarlane (8/1) are also in the fame, but it would be a big surprise if one of Ricky or David weren't under the mask. 

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.