US Presidential Odds: Bookies Sticking With Donald Trump

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US Presidential Odds: Bookies Sticking With Donald Trump
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Trump has the support of European bookmakers but not the polls in the US as things stand

Donald Trump remains the firm favourite in the US Presidential Election betting odds, despite negative international attention over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump this week sparked the indignation of other world leaders in politics after he publicly withdrew funding from the World Health Organisation.

The 73-year-old has become embroiled in a number of on-air arguments with reporters during his daily press conferences and has doubled-down on his criticism of China, the original source of the virus.

America is currently the epicentre of the outbreak, with national and state authorities battling to cope with the spread of the disease.

Yet while many on the left have derided the President over his handling of the situation, the US election betting odds suggest his vote base remains unaffected.

Trump Still Election Favourite

Political betting sites who have a finger on the polls are still pricing the President as favourite for re-election.

In fact, online bookies 888 have seen Trump’s 2020 US Election odds come in to a new price of 4/5 in recent days. Joe Biden, the most likely Democrat candidate to challenge the incumbent leader, has floated out to 5/4.

The odds shift indicates that despite Trump’s approval rating flatlining over the Covid-19 situation, he remains firmly in the running for re-election.

According to the Economist, Trump has not seen any significant shift in his approval ratings since the outbreak began. And while many leaders of European countries have received a polling boost, the lack of movement here doesn’t seem to have affected the Trump odds.

What’s more incredible is the fact Biden is polling better than Trump right now. The Hill report that Democrats are gearing up to recapture the White House this autumn, yet the Trump odds are not following suit.

Polls Side With Biden, Bookies With Trump

This might be down to Trump’s stunning election win in 2016, when he surprised pollsters and bookies by beating Hilary Clinton to the presidency.

Bookmakers may have learned their lesson from the previous election and are refusing to write Trump off – a mistake Paddy Power learned to their cost when they took a £5million hit on the Republican victory four years ago.

Meanwhile, the odds on the US election being postponed in 2020 have recently come in. Americans are set to go to the polls on November 3, 2020, but the coronavirus outbreak may cause an issue later in the year.

UK bookies Coral have seen their price on a postponed 2020 election narrow from 10/1 to 8/1 as a result.

A number of states delayed their primary elections in March due to the spread of Covid-19 but for now the New York Times report shifting the general election would prove a monumental task.

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