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There are plenty of Facebook posts advertising Juwa free credits, but are these offers legit? We don't endorse unlicensed online gambling sites, but Juwa seemed like an intriguing proposition. Were we right to be intrigued, and is it worth tapping the Juwa 777 download link? Come with us now as we answer those questions and more in our honest review of Juwa Casino.

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Juwa Casino 777 Online Overview

Broken English and broken links. Those are the two things we came away thinking after using Juwa Casino. Otherwise known as Juwa 777, this social online casino contains a selection of free-play slots and fish arcade games. That means you've got a relatively risk-free way to play Juwa online casino games. Why have we used the term "relatively?" Scroll down to find out.

🎰 Game Platform:Juwa
🎁 Sign-up Bonus:Juwa free credits
💎 Game Selection:Fish Table Games and Slots
📱 Mobile App:Android
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✅ Last Verified:April 2024


There are two reasons we're skeptical of Juwa Online Casino. First and foremost, it's an unlicensed online casino. We only recommend licensed sweepstakes casinos because they're legal and required to comply with strict safety standards. Licensed online casinos also have to provide clear terms and conditions, as well as games certified by independent testing agencies. Juwa isn't required to meet any of these regulations as an unlicensed casino.

The other reason we are skeptical of Juwa 777 Casino is the lack of clarity regarding its products and services. For example, Juwa has two Google Play listings. Additionally, its main website doesn't appear to host any games. What it has instead are a lot of broken links that don't seem to go anywhere. Finally, almost all of the marketing material is written in poorly translated English.

Here's an example of what we mean: "The game components splendid Juwa casino games like spaces, blackjack, and roulette, as well as extra novel and drawing in games like baccarat and craps. The portrayals and audio effects of Juwa777 are top of the line."

Sentences like those make it difficult to understand what's actually available. Moreover, the marketing team at Juwa Casino uses a lot of non-compliant phrases. For example, customers are encouraged to play Juwa online casino games as a way to "de-stress" and "win prizes." Gaming shouldn't be described as a way to combat mental health issues such as stress.

We also don't like the implication you can win massive cash prizes. Sweepstakes casinos do have mechanisms through which you can use special tokens (Sweeps Coins) to redeem prizes. However, this isn't the same as winning prizes from real money casino games. In our opinion, these are reasons to be skeptical of Juwa Casino.



Juwa Free Play & Bonuses

There are plenty of Facebook posts advertising exclusive bonus codes that give you free SC coins, Juwa free credits and other sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses to play slots and fish games with. The problem is that all the bonuses advertised on Facebook are from third parties. Therefore, we have no way of knowing if they're endorsed by Juwa Casino. It's very easy for someone to say they offer fantastic bonuses. But without any endorsement from Juwa Casino or any terms and conditions, we can't verify if they're legitimate offers.


Do you need a Promo Code for Juwa Free Credits?

There are numerous bonuses advertised on Facebook that don't require a code. However, there are also deposit bonuses being offered by third-party vendors that require exclusive promo codes. We don't recommend any of these bonuses because they don't have clear terms and conditions. But if you do want to claim one, check social media to see if you need to enter any exclusive promo codes.



Available Juwa Games

Juwa is both an online casino platform and a software distributor. This means its sweepstakes casino games are available on the Juwa website, in its Android app, and at other social casinos online. You can play online slots and fish games using free credits, which means you get an immersive gaming experience without the financial risk.

There's also a chance to earn Sweeps Coins using the Juwa website and apps. Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes. So, in this regard, you can get close to a real-money gambling experience without making cash bets. What we will say, however, is that the sweepstakes element of Juwa Casino isn't clearly defined. We couldn't find any information on how you convert free credits into prizes.

Additionally, there's nothing to verify that playing games at Juwa Casino is safe. Licensed online casino operators must offer fair games. For example, independent testing agencies such as iTech Labs ensure fair games are only available at licensed casinos. Because Juwa isn't a licensed casino, its games haven't been certified as fair.

That means we don't know the winning odds of fish games such as Vegas 7's. Therefore, even though you're playing casino games with free credits, it might not be safe. We're not saying you shouldn't play casino games on Juwa or that it's unsafe. What we're saying is that it hasn't been tested or certified as safe by independent organizations.


Juwa 777 Slots

We didn't get the chance to play Juwa slots because it was impossible to create an account. Based on what we can see on Facebook, Google Play, and other reviews, there appears to be a small selection of slot games, including Dragon Slayer and Jungle Wild. However, the best games this casino platform seems to offer are fish games.

Having said that, slots are the preferred games for people trying to claim bonuses at social casinos. So, if you do decide to use this casino app and want to maximize your chances of getting free credits, it might be wise to play Juwa online slots. One thing to remember, though, is that no gaming strategies are guaranteed to be effective, so don't waste a lot of time playing games just to claim bonuses.


Juwa 777 Fish Games

Some of our favorite games in the social casino world are shooters. Otherwise known as fish table games, titles such as Crazy7 and Buffalo 777 are a break from the norm. Indeed, if you want a different type of gambling experience, these free-money games are great fun.


Other Games at Juwa 777 Online Casino

There aren't any other high-quality games to play at Juwa Casino. As we've said, shooters such as Crazy7 are the best games. Other than those games, the only other options are slots.



How to Open a Juwa Online Casino Account

We don't know how to create an account at Juwa Casino. There is a guide with instructions on how to do it, but none of the information is accurate. The guide says to visit Juwa777.online and click the "register or sign up button." We couldn't find either button. You may be able to create a Juwa login via a third-party vendor, but we don't recommend it.


Juwa Game Download for Desktop

You can play your favorite games via the desktop site or mobile casino app. As it is with the registration process, there's no clear route into the gaming lobby. There is a Juwa game download guide. However, like the registration guide, the instructions for how to complete the Juwa Casino download process aren't accurate. Therefore, if you want to see what Juwa Casino has to offer, you'll need to find your own way into the website.


Juwa Download Android App

You can download Juwa via Google Play. In fact, as we've already said, there are two Juwa Android apps in the Google Play Store. That's unconventional, unnecessary, and somewhat unnerving. Why would an online casino need two sweepstakes casino apps?

It's not clear to us. What we will say is that a Juwa game download Android link in Google Play is better than a Juwa APK download link published on a random website. However, even if two listings on Google Play are better than an unapproved Juwa APK file, we still have reservations about the app.


Download Juwa Online App for iOS

There are two guides containing instructions on how to download the casino app for iOS devices (aka the Juwa iPhone Download Guide). One guide has an image showing a Juwa download iOS link on the App Store. That's misleading. The Juwa app isn't available via the App Store.

Instead, you need to download Juwa using a QR code. As we said in the previous section, we don't recommend downloading apps via unapproved APK files. Because of this, we can't endorse the Juwa APK for iOS devices. If you do want to play games on your mobile device, it might be best to use the mobile site.



Juwa Casino 777 Banking Methods

We couldn't find any information about banking methods at Juwa Casino. Even the other reviews we read don't mention purchases or redemptions. We tried to contact the support team but came up short. It's worth pointing out that you can start playing demo version games without purchasing coins. So, even if there aren't any payment methods, you can still enjoy free-play gaming activities via desktop and mobile devices.



Juwa 777 Online Casino Customer Service

You can contact Juwa's customer support team via email ([email protected]). Would we say Juwa Casino offers excellent customer support? No. We typically prefer to contact customer support agents via live chat because you get quicker responses, so Juwa falls short in this regard. What's more, the emails we sent to customer support were ignored.



Our Verdict on Juwa Online Casino

Is Juwa Casino safe, and do we recommend using it? We're not sure if it's safe, and based on everything we've seen, we don't recommend it. It's an unlicensed casino, and it has too many flaws for us to endorse it.

If you want to try social online casino sites licensed by reputable gambling authorities, we have plenty of alternatives to Juwa. Our preferred platform is WOW Vegas. However, we also recommend High 5, McLuck, and Pulsz.


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