Calgary Flames at Arizona Coyotes Betting Analysis and Prediction

Date IconLast Updated: Sep 18th, 2023
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Calgary Flames at Arizona Coyotes Betting Analysis and Prediction
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The Calgary Flames will look to make it three consecutive wins, and the Arizona Coyotes will look to win back-to-back games for the first time in more than two weeks when the two teams clash at 9:30 ET tonight at the Gila River Arena.

How Flames and Coyotes Enter This Game

For the Arizona sports betting players, you know the Coyotes are in last place in the Central Division of the Western Conference and have earned a league-worst 26 points on an 11-29-0 season record.

The Flames find themselves in fourth place in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, having earned 50 points on a 22-13-6 record for the season.

The Flames boast the best road record at 15-9-2 in the Western Conference and are tied for the NHL lead with 15 road wins with the Carolina Hurricanes (15-5-1) and the New York Rangers (15-9-2).

So, it is not surprising that the markets have priced the Flames at -290 on the moneyline and -105 on the 1.5-Puck Line for this matchup.

The moneyline has seen some interest in backing the Coyotes and the market has shifted lower to pricing the Flames as -280 moneyline favorites at BetMGM.

In-Game Betting Strategy for Backers of the Flames

The Flames will see money come in at -275 using the moneyline. So, if you are a backer of the Flames, betting them sooner is the preferred strategy. Another betting strategy is to bet 50% of your normal bet size on the Flames now and then look to add the remaining 50% after the puck drops.

If the Coyotes score first in this matchup, the in-game moneyline will likely be lower than -200 and offers a great price for those backing the Coyotes.

In-Game Betting Strategy for Backers of the Coyotes

For backers of the Coyotes the following strategy can work well. Bet 50% of your normal NHL betting money on the Coyotes pre-flop, or before the game starts. If the Flames score first, add the remaining 50% betting on the Coyotes using the Puck Line, which would be expected to be at a price of about +1.5 goals and +170 vig.

Analytical Betting Intelligence

As a professional bettor, I will never bet on a money favorite in any sport that is priced higher than -190. To make money and be profitable throughout a full season, winning dogs must be the target in the money sports of the NHL and MLB.

A bettor that wagers on a -200 money favorite is risking $200 to win $100. However, if that favorite fails to deliver in the win column, that bettor now must win two consecutive games at -100 just to get back to even.

The more likely scenario is that bettor will get on board with more big moneyline favorites and find that the result is a significant, if not large financial loss.

What Bet to Make in Flames at Coyotes Game

I do like betting on the Flames using the Puck Line at -105. This bet means that the Flames must win by two or more goals.

Given their high success on the road this season and taking on one of the worst teams in the NHL is an excellent bet that the Flames will win this match by at least two goals.