NHL Picks: Betting Advice, Analysis for the Final Week of the Regular Season

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NHL Picks: Betting Advice, Analysis for the Final Week of the Regular Season
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At gambling.com, we know hockey madness is setting in. The final week of the NHL regular season is here. Next week, the playoffs begin, starting eight weeks of late nights and incredible action. Yes, the NHL Playoffs remain the best postseason.

Here are some quick takeaways on what might happen this last week to get you ready for your NHL betting

Schedule Breakdown

Simply, here are the number of hockey games by night. 

  • Tuesday - 10
  • Wednesday – 3
  • Thursday – 15
  • Friday – 2

The good news is that the schedule is, again, simple. Also, the best part is we get the weekend off for a change. Back-to-backs take note of those who played on Monday night.

  • Buffalo (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Detroit (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Carolina (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Toronto (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Chicago (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Seattle (Monday, Tuesday)
  • St. Louis (Wednesday, Thursday)
  • San Jose (Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Dallas (Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Montreal (Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Columbus (Thursday, Friday)
  • Colorado (Thursday, Friday)
  • Buffalo (Thursday, Friday)
  • Nashville (Thursday, Friday)

Some teams are suitable for taking. Even an unrested team like Carolina should feast on Detroit tonight. It will be interesting to see how teams manage their players with so much seeding still up in the air. New Jersey entertains Buffalo on Tuesday as the Sabres are in must-win mode but unrested.   

The Playoff Race Update

The schedule torments the hockey bettors from time to time. Fans crave games that mean something, and there are more possibilities this week. There lies an outside chance Nashville and Colorado on Friday might mean something for both teams. Lots of outcomes would have to happen, but that would be something. 

Nashville is only still alive because the Calgary Flames are not. The Flames were eliminated last night via a shootout loss to the Predators. Juuse Saros made 43 saves, and Tommy Novak delivered the crucial blow. That ended Calgary’s flickering hopes of making the second season. 

Remember when the New York Islanders controlled their playoff destiny? That’s gone too. New York lost in Washington on Monday and now needs help to get into the postseason. The Islanders looked to be almost a sure thing early last week. Florida’s home overtime loss to Toronto kept the door open for Buffalo and helped Pittsburgh. All the Penguins have to do is keep winning.

The West is clear-cut. Winnipeg gains a point in any fashion, and Nashville is eliminated. If Nashville does not win, it is eliminated. 

Tuesday’s ESPN Doubleheader Has Playoff Implications Galore

Tuesday gives us Toronto and Tampa Bay, plus Edmonton and Colorado. Consider that the first game starts a little after 7 p.m. ET. On the other hand, these two games feature teams with a healthy dislike toward one another. While Toronto and Tampa Bay are locked in, Edmonton and Colorado are battling for division and even conference top-seeding.

Tampa Bay has been resting players and trying to manage things for about the last week to 10 days. It feels longer. Meanwhile, Toronto is doing the same. They are juggling the salary cap and resting their talent. It will be intriguing to see how much the top players for both teams play tonight. Now, this will be a nice teaser for next week. 

Anyway, expect a nightcap with many goals as Edmonton travels to Colorado in the late game. Edmonton features a power play that can strike from anywhere. The Oilers have three players with over 100 points and are riding Stuart Skinner, who makes timely saves. Colorado again has much to play for on the surface, but they are the defending champions and not scared of anyone. 

What About Thursday?

There are 15 games on Thursday which may settle a lot and make Friday meaningless. This night features another ESPN doubleheader starting at 8 p.m. with Dallas and St. Louis. Vegas and Seattle play at 10:30 p.m., capping off what should be quite an entertaining night. 

For bettors, be alert. Wagering is more straightforward on Tuesday and Wednesday compared to Thursday and Friday. Taking this hockey week one night at a time is more of a winning strategy. Again, watch out for load management. 

Some Quick Points To Consider

  • Carolina at -105 is worth a look on the Puckline against Detroit. That Over is only six, which is also in play.
  • The Devils and that Over of Seven tonight is EVEN and worth a look.
  • Seattle's Over 3.5 goals also could be an excellent wager. But, the Puckline is -115, which is a better number.
  • Edmonton plays Colorado and San Jose. Look more towards Thursday.
  • Follow social media heavily for shifts this week. As we learned over the weekend, lines bouncing around more often lately lead to better opportunities.
  • Nashville figures into Thursday and Friday this week, especially if Winnipeg stumbles in Minnesota in regulation.

Good luck, and once again, thanks for reading! We will carry some more plays on social media as conditions warrant.

Thanks to BetMGM for the great early-week lines and TSN for the convenient schedule. 

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