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For many years Serie A was considered one of the most entertaining soccer competitions on the planet due to the number of superstars that player within it. However the competition slowly changed over the years as the likes of Ronaldo, Nedved, Del Piero and Kakà hung up their boots.

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Popular Serie A Betting Markets

Serie A has a dedicated following both in Italy and abroad. The markets offered on the league are similar to other top leagues around Europe. Popular Serie A betting markets include:

Anytime Goalscorer | The anytime goalscorer is a popular Serie A betting market and in recent years has surged in popularity at the bookmakers due to the increasing number of superstars within the league. The premise of this bet is simple - pick a player you think will score at any time in the game. The odds for an anytime goalscorer bet will always tend to be shorter than first or last goalscorer bets.

Value can often be spotted in defenders scoring for an anytime goalscorer bet. Check out the stats of corners conceded for an opposing team. If they concede a lot of corners, it is more likely that a defender will be up front and in with the chance of knocking in a goal.

Total Goals | The over/under goals market can be difficult to predict for Serie A, but it can certainly be profitable. Odds will steadily increase for the betting on over a certain amount of goals as the amount increase.

Eg. Over 0.5 goals on a game may be -10000 while over 8.5 goals is +6000. Similarly, odds will do the same thing in reverse order for betting on under a certain amount of goals. Eg. Under 0.5 goals may be +4000 while under 8.5 goals may be -6600. Try to strike a balance and take into account the recent form of both teams.

Draw No Bet | Serie A has a handful of teams that tend to dominate the league standings. The Draw No Bet option asserts that a team will win, but in the event of a draw will return the bettors stake. This is valuable for a bettor who isn’t entirely convinced that a team will win.

For example, Juventus have dominated in recent years so, if a bettor isn’t entirely sure that an underdog will beat them, but still want to bet on a win, a draw no bet option is perfect. You will find that a Draw No Bet often is shorter in odds to account for the draw insurance that an outright win bet does not provide.

Backing a Serie A Winner

One of the most difficult thing to do for any league - let alone Serie A - is predict the winner. Team form from season-to-season can vary easily, and so bettors should always be cautious with their pre-season outright league winner bets. Betting on an event long before it begins - often known as ‘ante post’ betting - can be incredibly profitable for soccer gambling fans but is a notoriously difficult thing to do.

If you do incorporate a league winner bet as a part of your Serie A betting strategy, make sure to do some research on individual performances in pre-season friendlies. This can be a good indication as to who will start off well when the league begins.

Serie A Betting Odds

Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan have virtually monopolized shorter odds in Serie A betting markets over the years due to their dominance in the league. Between the three of them, they have won 80% of Serie A league titles since 1930, with Juventus taking home the ‘scudetto’ (small shield) the most amount of times.

While placing a bet on Serie A at one of the top soccer betting sites, you will typically notice longer odds for teams playing against the above three (depending on their form). There is great potential to spot value in teams who are performing ‘above their weight’ in a specific season and have an upcoming game against Juventus, AC Milan or Inter Milan. Noticing a dip in one of the top three’s form is helpful for this too, so keep an eye on individual player performance.

Transfer Specials Serie A Betting

A transfer special is a market offered on the potential move of a player to a different club during a league’s transfer window. The pre-season Serie A transfer window opens around 1st of June and ends 31st August while the mid-season window opens around 1st January and ends around February 2nd. Serie A transfer specials always see plenty of interest at the bookmakers as big transfers can have a significant impact on a clubs positioning/style of play.

Recent seasons have seen big name players from top flight teams enter and leave Serie A during transfer windows and so the period of time where players can move is rarely unexciting. Most bookmakers will offer transfer specials markets for Serie A well in advance of the season closing, and some will even offer markets throughout the year.

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