Midterms Betting Latest: Who Will Control House And Senate In 2022?

Midterms Betting Latest: Who Will Control House And Senate In 2022?
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The US midterms are less than a year away and for many political analysts the battle for control of the House and Senate is already hotting up.

Pollsters and political betting sites have been keeping track of voter intentions ever since Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to the US presidency in 2020.

Since then Biden has struggled to push through his most ambitious policies due to a 50/50 split in the Senate, which has resulted in him often needing to appease fellow Democrats in order to sign bills into law.

Biden has endured a tumultuous first year in office, during which time economic, international, and social issues have dogged his administration’s progress.

Reports that there is a growing split between Biden’s team and that of VP Kamala Harris has done nothing to soothe concerns that the Democrats are careering towards a major defeat in the 2022 midterms.

What’s more, the Republicans are ramping up their rhetoric, and even the select committee process into the January 6 attack on the Capitol may not be enough to prevent Biden’s opposition from sweeping to power.

Betting sites are already drawing up the political odds on who will win control of the House and Senate after the November 8, 2022 election date.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest odds…

Who Will Control The House?

The House of Representatives is the lower chamber in Congress and sends legislative bills up to the Senate for consideration. Controlling the house is hugely important for a sitting president.

The Democrats currently boast a slender three-seat majority in the House, which means Biden can often struggle to get his laws past the first level of scrutiny.

To put this into context, UK prime minister Boris Johnson has an 81-seat majority in the House of Commons. Johnson can afford members of his own party to vote against legislation and still see it pass. Biden cannot.

The best betting sites give the Republicans an 82.6% chance of winning control of the House in the 2022 US midterms. That shows just how dominant the GOP is likely to be at these elections.

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Who Will Control The Senate?

The Senate is America’s upper chamber that consists of 100 Senators plus the speaker, who has the deciding vote on any split decisions. VP Harris currently has this power, which is vital as the Senate is split 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans.

The split has caused a headache for Biden, who had to slash spending commitments in his infrastructure bill just to get all Democrats on board. He naturally cannot rely on Republicans for help.

And so winning a majority in the Senate is crucial if a president is to push ahead with their agenda.

Betting sites aren’t expecting Biden to be successful in 2022, however. The Republicans have a 62% chance of winning a Senate majority, according to the odds, and this is reflected in the polls.

Next US Speaker Of The House Betting

There are reports that 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi could retire as Speaker of the House after the 2022 midterms. Pelosi has been a valuable ally for Biden and Harris, as well as a firm opponent of Trump.

Speakers are voted in usually on party lines, so whichever party wins House control in 2022 will likely have their candidate in a position to lead it. Were the Republicans to win control then Kevin McCarthy is almost certain to get the post – online betting sites have him as narrow as 4/9 to succeed Pelosi.

New York Democrat Hakeem Jeffries is pitched at 10/1 to be the next speaker, which would be a notable feat for the 51-year-old. Not only would Pelosi have to step aside but the Democrats would have to claim control of the lower chamber – and right now the bookies aren’t expecting that to happen.