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Should you spend time searching for the latest Fire Kirin promo code? This social casino appears to have everything avid bonus hunters could wish for. However, we're not sure if it's worth gambling with your safety just to get a few free Sweeps Coins. We'll explain why we've come to that conclusion in the remainder of this Fire Kirin Casino review.

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Fire Kirin XYZ Overview

We did a quick Google search for Fire Kirin Online Casino and were surprised to see multiple listings for what we assumed was the same gaming platform. As it transpires, Fire Kirin is a software supplier, as well as the name of a sweepstakes casino game. We did our best to sort through listings to work out what Fire Kirin does and the type of experience you get as a player.

🎰 Game Platform:Fire Kirin
🎁 Sign up Bonus:N/A
💎 Game Selection:Skill Games, Fish Table Games, Slots, Scratch Cards
📱 Mobile App:Android
🏛️ License:N/A
✅ Last Verified:May 2024


In trying to learn more about Fire Kirin as a company, we discovered that it's not a licensed casino operator. We're committed to giving you the best information possible when it comes to online gambling, which is why we only recommend licensed casinos. Because of this, we can't endorse Fire Kirin Casino.

Something else that concerns us is how the Fire Kirin XYZ app is being promoted. Below is an excerpt taken directly from

"Download the Fire Kirin app to play games for all ages. Whether you’re a student at school or an employee at work, you can download and play on the Fire Kirin App to destress and rejuvenate. The app hosts a wide range of games that are fun for all ages! The app rewards you for winning by giving you special cash prizes and promotions!"

That excerpt is concerning for a few reasons. Firstly, an online casino product shouldn't be aimed at players of "all ages," regardless of whether you're playing for free or making real-money bets. Secondly, the games you play shouldn't award cash prizes. Winning Sweeps Coins that you can exchange for cash prizes is fine, but you shouldn't be able to win money directly from a game.

We wanted to see if our concerns were legitimate or whether Fire Kirin's marketing team had been overly enthusiastic. It may even be a poor translation into English from another language. We just didn't know, so we need to investigate. With this in mind, let's continue our Fire Kirin Casino review.



Fire Kirin Free Play & Bonuses

There isn't any information on the Fire Kirin website about bonus offers and promotions. However, there seem to be a lot of deals if you scroll through the company's Facebook feed. These deals promise everything from free credits to sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses. The problem, however, is that they don't seem to be endorsed by the operator.

All of the posts we saw were from independent affiliates. Additionally, there aren't any clear terms and conditions cited in the Facebook posts. Therefore, we don't know if the deals are authentic or not. For this reason, we'd advise you not to claim unapproved offers.

Do you need a promo code to claim Fire Kirin free credits?

You don't need a promo code to claim Fire Kirin Casino free credits. As we've said, there are Facebook posts advertising free-play credits, but we're not sure if they are legitimate promotions.

Is there a Fire Kirin sign-up bonus?

We couldn't find a sign-up bonus during our Fire Kirin Casino review. If you do want to experience Fire Kirin online play for yourself, we suggest contacting customer support to find out if there's a welcome offer offering free SC coins.



Available Games at Fire Kirin Casino

The only game we played during our Fire Kirin review was King Crab. That's not because it only offers one game. It's because a lot of the sweepstakes casino games weren't working properly. We also noted that this casino only offers fish games.


Fire Kirin Online Casino Slots

The Fire Kirin appears to offer slots. However, when we tried to play a few, it turned out they were just images on a page. Not having any slots is unusual because sweepstakes casinos typically offer a dozen or more slot games.

What's worth pointing out here is that Fire Kirin sister sites, such as Milky Ways and Orion Stars Players, do offer slot games. These sites share the same software, so there may be ways to play Fire Kirin online free slots. However, we weren't able to find any during our review.


Fire Kirin Casino Fishing Games

The Fire Kirin web-based platform is dominated by fish games. In fact, this takes us back to our previous point about Fire Kirin being an online casino game as well as a casino. We've actually played the Fire Kirin fish game at other sweepstakes sites, including Milky Way Casino.

It's one of the most popular shooter-style casino games, which is probably why Fire Kirin Casino only offers fish games. In addition to its self-titled shooter, Fire Kirin Casino has 15 other fish games, including Deep Sea Volcano, Metro Shower, and King Crab.


Other Games at FireKirin Online

Search for Fire Kirin on the web and you'll find a link for keno games. However, we clicked the link a few times, and nothing happened, so it's likely these games haven't been added to the social casino yet.



How to Play Fire Kirin Online Games

You need to create an account and log in to enjoy free-play social casino games at Fire Kirin Casino. The way you do it, though, is, at best, unconventional and, at worst, sketchy. Specifically, the registration process is similar to the one Orion Stars Casino uses.

It seems as though you need to register with Fire Kirin and then use an affiliate site to play games. It's a confusing system, but there is a sign-up form on the Fire Kirin website which allows you to enter the following details:

What happens after you input these details and send a request is unclear. We did it, and nothing happened.

Play Fire Kirin Games on Desktop Devices

Fire Kirin web play is available for PC and Mac users. This means you can access its games via your browser. What's somewhat strange, though, is that you're directed to Golden Dragon ( when you tap the link to play any of the games. In addition to the instant-play software, you've got the option to download an app. However, after clicking the Fire Kirin app download link, we discovered that it only works if you're using an Android or iOS device.

Fire Kirin Download for Android

Is there a native Fire Kirin login for Android users? Yes, there are two ways to access Fire Kirin on web-enabled Android devices. The first way is via a Fire Kirin app APK download link on the operator's website. Alternatively, you can use the "download Fire Kirin APK for Android" link on Google Play.

If you decide to use this casino, we suggest using the Fire Kirin download APK link on Google Play because it might be safer. Having said that, the description does contain some strange phrases, such as "firekirin XYZ" and "fish table games XYZ." In fact, we found multiple sources online that mention a "Fire Kirin XYZ login for Android" and a "Fire Kirin XYZ download" link.

Alternatively, "Play Fire Kirin XYZ" and "Fire Kirin XYZ Online Casino" might mean something. We tried to find out if it and all we could find was domain name ending with xyz. That's why some online sources are adding xyz next to the platform's name.

Download the Fire Kirin App for iOS

Is there a Fire Kirin download for iPhone devices? There's a link on the website that takes you to a page called "Fire Kirin 777 download." Nothing happened when we tapped the link, so there might not be an iOS sweepstakes casino app. It's also worth pointing out that the app hasn't been approved by Apple. We only recommend iOS apps that are available in the App Store.



Fire Kirin Online Banking Methods

Every Fire review we read states that it accepts crypto payments via third-party apps such as BitPlay. A review on Big Fish Games, a company that appears to have links with Fire Kirin, says that you can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We couldn't verify these claims.

Additionally, we're not comfortable entering our financial details into a website that doesn't explain how transactions are processed or the security protocols it uses. So, even if there are ways to make deposits and withdrawals, we're not sure it's worth using them.




Fire Kirin Web Version Customer Service

The customer support team isn't as committed as we are when it comes to providing a high-quality service. There is a contact number listed on the website, as well as a button that starts a WhatsApp conversation. We tried both methods, but unfortunately, our questions weren't answered. Posting questions on Facebook might be more effective, but we can't say for sure.



Our Verdict on Fire Kirin Game

We can't recommend Fire Kirin in its current state. It's an unlicensed casino, and we can't be sure if it meets our safety standards. We also struggled to access a lot of its features, and there's a distinct lack of information when it comes to privacy and how the casino operates. The fish games look fun, but this isn't enough of a reason for us to endorse Fire Kirin. If you want to play casino-style games on a safe and reliable platform, try Wow Vegas, Fortune Coins Casino, or


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