Skill Machine Net Promo Code & App Review in May 2024

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Do the owners of know something about casino gaming we don't? Despite luck being an ever-present reality in gambling, this online casino brands itself as the place to play "games of skill and dexterity."

That's a bold claim and one we had to investigate. Is it true? What's the latest Skillmachine .net promo code, and can you win cash prizes? The answers to those questions, and many more, might surprise you. So, if you're eager to find out what makes different from other online casinos, come with us now as we reveal all.

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Skill Machine App Overview in May 2024

Skill Machine is an instant-play sweepstakes casino in the truest sense because there's no need to create an account. Although there are supposed advantages to registering, something we'll explain in a moment, you can simply visit the Skill Machine website and play games without an account.


🎰 Game
🎁 Sign-up Bonus:N/A
💎 Game Selection:Skill Games, Fish Table Games, Slots, Scratch Cards
📱 Mobile App:No apps available
🏛️ License:N/A
✅ Last Verified:May 2024


The Skill Machine platform is, as we've said, open to the public. This means it's not a licensed online game provider. Regular readers will know we don't endorse unlicensed operators. Licenses are necessary not only from a legal standpoint but also as confirmation that an online gaming platform is safe and its casino games are fair.

We're not saying the Skill app is unsafe or unfair; it's simply that we don't have any proof it isn't. That being said, this online casino doesn't offer real money games. What's more, you don't need to create an account to play. Therefore, you're not tied into anything if you simply want to spin a few slots.

In terms of usability, the website is simple but functional. You play for fun points rather than cash prizes, and the game library has over 1,000 titles, including slots and skill games with progressive jackpots. You can also claim a refill bonus if you decide to deposit money and purchase extra coins (although we had some problems with this).



Available Games at

SkillMachine Net offers the same games as its sister sites. That's not a bad thing; it's just good to know you can access the same game titles elsewhere if you're not a fan of SkillMachine Net's website's aesthetic.

In terms of playing games, everything is free and accessible via a desktop computer or mobile device. Slot games dominate, but unlike a lot of social casinos, SkillMachine Net has different games you can try. What we mean here is that social casinos typically offer slots and nothing else. goes beyond the norm in this regard.

Finally, it's important to reiterate that these aren't cash games, so you can't win real cash prizes. SkillMachine Net is a social casino that offers free games. It does have a feature that gives you a chance to win real money prizes, but this doesn't involve making cash bets. We'll explain this distinction in more detail later on in this guide.

SkillMachine Net Slots

This social casino has over 1,000 slot games. They're not classic online slot titles like Gonzo's Quest, but they are similar. This lack of recognizable brands is because the slots aren't made by mainstream game studios such as NetEnt and IGT.

Although it's not stated explicitly, we assume that the slot games have been developed by a company with exclusive links to SkillMachine and its sister sites. A lot of reputable sweepstakes sites have a similar set-up, so SkillMachine isn't unique in this regard. What's interesting, however, is that many of the online slots, such as Majesty Fruits, have old-school features, such as nudges.

Skillmachine net Fish Games

Fish games is a term used for any product that includes fish. SkillMachine Net has seven games that fall into this category, including Fish Battle 5. You can also play fish table games, such as a shooter called Fishing Dragnet.

Other Games at Skill Machine net App

In addition to online scratch cards, this social casino has skill games. Although the name suggests you can win using skill alone, that's not the case. Games such as Cash Dash, still involve a degree of luck. Therefore, it's better to call them skill-based games because there are aspects that aren't completely controlled by luck. We can also call them skill-pick games because bonus features allow you to choose specific items. These items contain mystery prizes, so, in this regard, you're choosing your own destiny.



Skill Promo Code - Do You Need One to Claim the Bonus?

We didn't find any promo codes during our review, so we're confident you won't need any to claim bonuses. If you do need a promo code for, it will be listed on the website's "bonuses" page.



Skillmachine net Free Money & Bonuses

There was only one bonus offer available during our review, and, as we've said, you didn't need a SkillMachine promo code to unlock it. We can't call it a deposit bonus because you don't get extra credits by adding funds to your account. However, the deal does require you to make a deposit.

Put simply, you get a 25% "refill" once your balance goes under $0.50. The refill is worth 25% of your initial deposit up to a maximum of $500. How you complete these steps, however, is unclear. We'll tell you why making deposits and playing games for real money is problematic in the following sections. For now, just know there aren't any wagering requirements or any bonus code offers.

The following page features sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses if you're looking for them.



Can you win cash prizes at SkillMachine Net?

You can't play cash games at SkillMachine, and there's no information on how to make deposits or withdrawals. We know it's a social casino with free games, so our advice is to take it as that and nothing else.

What might confuse you, however, is the deposit bonus we mentioned earlier. Getting a refill when your account balance drops below $0.50 suggests you can make deposits. Additionally, the website contains information about jackpots.

There are four prize tiers ranging from silver to platinum jackpots. The payouts are progressive, which means their value increases each time people play skill games. The issue, however, is that there's no information about how to win these jackpots, playing games for real money prizes, or, as we'll explain in the next session, how to create a new account.



How to Play Skill Machine net Games

The instant-play nature of this casino means you don't need a Skill Machine Net account to access its games. However, when you load up a game, there is an option to register a new account. Doing this, supposedly, gives you access to deposit bonus offers, including free SC coins and the progressive jackpots we just mentioned. We tried to register but couldn't.

The "registration" button takes you to a login page with two options: enter login and enter password. There aren't any options for registering your details. We don't know why. Whatever the reason, we weren't able to join.

Play SkillMachine Net Games for Desktop

The SkillMachine website looks great, and the fact you can play without creating an account makes it easy to use. We also liked the game filters, such as the skill pick symbol, as it made it easy to sort through 1,000 slots, scratch cards, and skill-based games. The main issue we have with this online gaming platform is that a lot of important features, such as its registration options and banking methods, are missing.

Download the Skill Machine Mobile App

SkillMachine Net doesn't have a dedicated sweepstakes casino app. iOS and Android users need to use the website to access games via their mobile devices. Almost all licensed online casinos have an iOS and Android app.

Is Skill Machine Net legit?

SkillMachine Net is an unlicensed online casino, so we can't verify its legitimacy. The website doesn't tell us anything about the company operating, it's not approved by any reputable regulators, and we don't know if the games are certified as fair. Because of these issues, we can't endorse this online gaming platform.



SkillMachine Net Payment Methods

We don't know which, if any, payment methods accepts. There's no information on the website regarding how to make deposits, what the minimum deposit is, or how to withdraw money. It's a social casino, so we can assume that deposits aren't required. However, our previous point about bonus offers and jackpots implies that there is a mechanism for paying money into an account; we just couldn't find it.



Skill Machine Net Customer Service

Other than a bit of information on the home page, customer support is nonexistent. We expect to see contact details for support agents or the parent company listed somewhere on a gaming website, but doesn't list anything.



Our Verdict on Skill Machine App is an interesting online casino. It has plenty of sweepstakes casino games, and the fact you can play without creating an account makes it easy to enjoy them via desktop or mobile browsers. However, we can't escape the fact that doesn't have a gambling license.

One could argue that this isn't necessary because it's not a real money online casino. That's not our style. Customer safety is our priority, and we're not comfortable endorsing companies that don't have valid credentials. So, while this online casino has some potential, none of it can be properly realized until it has a gaming license.


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