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Gambino Slots Review

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Gambino Slots is an emerging online social casino founded by Israeli-based Spiral Interactive in 2015. For those unfamiliar with social casinos, they're essentially simulated gambling platforms that only feature free play slots wherein no real money is wagered. Unlike an online casino, in which you can win real money by playing online slots, social casinos exist primarily for entertainment purposes. There's also an added emphasis on "social," meaning users can easily interact with one another on social media.

Since Gambino Slots is a free play slot, you can't find it in online casinos and the format of this review will deviate from that of our other casino reviews. You won't find sections on casino licensing, withdrawals or responsible gaming since they don't apply to this platform. You will, however, find information on everything from the operator's dynamic bonus features, trademark G-Coin account, slot themes, customer service and more. Let's take a closer look at Gambino Slots in this comprehensive social casino review.

User designMicrotransactions are pushed somewhat heavily
Proprietary software 
Easy signup 

How Does Gambino Slots Casino Work?

As mentioned, Gambino Slots is a social casino (not an online casino) that utilizes virtual currency to interact with online games. Gambino Slots can be played on multiple platforms, including Windows, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Amazon. Regardless of the platform, Gambino Slots must be downloaded. On desktop, you will need to download the application from the Microsoft Store. From there, you can start playing instantly!

Gambino Slot Games Bonuses

The main offer at Gambino Slots pops up the very first time you open the free slots site. You will receive a combination of rewards such as free virtual currency and free spins. These are the headlining Gambino Slots bonuses. While playing, you will also see a progress bar gradually fill and distribute rewards periodically. Lastly, players can also collect bonuses on virtual currency (such as XP blasts) and additional Loyalty Points for purchasing G-Coin (free coins).

New Player Bonus

Upon opening your newly installed Gambino Casino, you will receive a welcome bonus of 100,000 bonus coins (G-Coins) if you connect your account to Facebook. This is a common type of welcome bonus with social casinos as they want to encourage social interaction and adding their friends. Players will also receive 200 free spins. There are unfortunately no xp blasts with this welcome bonus offer.


Once every hour, at the bottom of the app, players will be able to redeem free G-Coins. The amount usually varies, and the longer you wait, the more coins you will receive. This is found in the dead-center at the bottom of the app. After you redeem your free G-Coins, a timer set for one hour will begin. After that hour is complete, you can return to Gambino Slots Casino and redeem even more coins!

Welcome Pack

At the start of your journey with Gambino Slots, players will be offered a "Welcome Pack." This pack includes 300% more G-Coins (75,600), a 30-minute XP blast, a wheel mega, two blue chips, and 94 Loyalty Points. This promotion is valued at $1.99 and is only available when you first start playing.

Epic Package Deal

We touched on this briefly, but players can earn additional virtual rewards that are directly correlated to how much they wish to spend at Gambino Slots. Again, though, you can always play Gambino Slots free of charge!

Let's take a look at the total offerings.

  • $49.99: 3,600,000 G-Coins, 1 diamond coin, 3 wheel epics, 2,931 loyalty points.
  • $24.99: 1,320,000 G-Coins, 1 black coin, 2 wheel epics, 1,317 loyalty points.
  • $9.99: 432,000 G-Coins, 2 green coins, 1 wheel epics, 491 loyalty points.
  • $4.99: 204,000 G-Coins, 1 green coin, 3 wheel megas, 239 loyalty points.
  • $2.99: 115,200 G-Coins, 3 blue coins, 2 wheel megas, 142 loyalty points.
  • $0.99: 36,000 G-Coins, 1 blue coin, 1 wheel megas, 47 loyalty points.

Gold G-Card

This promotion is an added bonus to purchasing other virtual currencies. After five purchases, you will unlock "a reward matching your average purchases", according to Gambino Slots Casino. For example, if you purchase three of the $9.99 option and two of the $0.99 option, that averages out to $6.39. This roughly translates to around 220,000 G-Coins!

Gambino VIP Club

There is a loyalty program/VIP Club at Gambino Slots! This is available to every player. Players will find there are nine levels to VIP status. They are Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Trillion Diamond, Royal Diamond, Black Diamond, and finally, the Gambino Slots Walk of Fame. You will climb higher the more loyalty points you accumulate. While climbing these nine VIP tiers, you will get additional account benefits and functions!

How to Register at Gambino Slots

There is no shortage of options for registering for a Gambino Slots account. Each and every step is incredibly straightforward on each of the platforms listed below. While conducting our Gambino Slots review, we were able to get a new account up and running in no time.


For desktop users, simply sign in with your Facebook account after linking it to the site.

Mobile users

After downloading the app, simply connect your Facebook account. You can download the app via your Google Play account or from the Apple App Store.

Desktop App

If you download the app for desktop, it will appear as a full-screen game. From here, you will be immediately prompted to connect your Facebook account to finalize your account creation.

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Banking Options

Unlike real-money online casinos in which there are multiple ways to deposit and withdraw with a range of options, Gambino Slots is obviously quite different. Since Gambino Slots is a social casino, there is actually no need to ever spend a dime the way you would with real-money gambling apps. However, as we mentioned with some of the promotional offerings above, microtransactions for virtual currency are available as in-app purchases. For iOS users, you can complete in-app purchases with your iTunes account. For Microsoft users, you will need to attach a payment method, which also acts as an in-app purchase. While credit and debit cards are an option, you can also use PayPal or Microsoft gift cards.

Gambino Slots App

After visiting the Gambino Slots Casino website, there is a link to download the Gambino Slots app. You can download them from the App Store or Google Play. For us, it downloaded within just a few minutes. After downloading, the game appears in full-screen format. The app is bursting with colorful aesthetics, exciting music, and free slots everywhere you look.

Software and Range of Games

At Gambino Slots Casino, everything you see and experience is totally proprietary, unlike many other online casinos. This means that Gambinos Slots developed its free play app technology and online slots itself. The Gambino Slots games are listed in a carousel-type fashion, starting to go to the right, and being able to scroll left and right as your progress down the line.

To keep the Gambino Slots games interesting, the company decided to make some games unplayable until you reach higher levels. This provides an added challenge for players looking to spin slots and quickly move up the ranks. This is why experience boosters are very important. They unlock games quicker and get you one step closer to the latest slot games Gambino has to offer.

In total, there are 99 different titles to choose from, including "Jackpot City" as well as plenty of wild west and animal-themed slots. However, on the final page, there are multiple "Coming Soon" tags. This indicates more games are on the way to the slots lobby for the more experienced players.

Currently, the highest level game is LoverMania, which you need to be level 387 to play.

Game Quality & User Experience

With all of these games being developed by Gambino Slots Casino, you can not help but be impressed and simply want to get in on the action! At the start of gameplay, there are just a few games available and they must be downloaded within the app. When you click on one of the available games, the music suddenly changes and to fit the tone of the game you're playing.

On the main game screen, you will find that the layout is similar to that of real money casino games. At the top, you will see your coin balance and experience.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see your bet amount, max bet, and spin options. You can hold down the spin button to auto-spin on games instead of clicking spin time and time again.

While playing the games, the software is incredibly responsive and doesn't lag behind at all. It's certainly nice to be able to play a casino — simulated or not — and not need to worry about hitting the spin button during lag moments and accidentally spending more than you wish.

Once you're done with the game, there is a "Home" button in the upper left-hand corner of the game. This brings you back to the home screen where you can continue to play slots.

In terms of design, the app itself boasts solid graphics but operates smoothly between menus. You'll see the exact same elements at the top of the screen, including your currency wallet, experience bar, and options to buy more virtual currency.

In the middle of the app, you'll find the game titles, which are represented in a vertical, rectangular format. These are impossible to miss and allow for players to easily identify the different game titles.

You can start by scrolling to the right to explore more titles as you level up.

After the initial batch, your next game, "Quest of the North Pole", will be available once you hit level 7.

The casino games offered at the start of your Gambino Slots journey are Luxury Living, License to Win, Gypsy Fortunes, Wild Pearls, and Ra's Riches.

Below the games, you will see links to your profile, privacy policy, contests, terms and conditions, your G-Reels bonus, high roller room, and G-Wheelz. G-Wheelz is a way in which players, each day, will earn additional bonus rounds via daily free spins.

All in all, the app itself, setup, and functionality are entirely unmatched among social casinos. In fact, we found Gambino Slots' game quality and user experience to be its most impressive attributes while conducting our casino review.

Gambino Slots Customer Service

At Gambino Slots Casino, the customer service is primarily focused on social media. You can contact Gambino Slots Casino directly via Facebook messages.

There is another way to seek support at Gambino Slots, however, and that's through a virtual ticket system. In the upper right-hand corner of the app, there is a small wheel-like icon. After clicking on this, you'll see "Support" at the bottom of this page. From here, you simply fill out the form, submit and wait to hear back.

Our Expert Opinion on Gambino Slots Casino

Here's where we landed for our Gambino Slots review: while there is a strong push to get you to purchase virtual currency, it makes sense given that this is the main source of income for Gambino Slots. Other than that minor annoyance, it's hard to find many flaws with Gambino Slots Casino. With proprietary software (though similar to some Vegas slots), plenty of ways to get additional coins, an excellent user design and a painless registration process, we strongly recommend giving the Gambino Slots social casino a try! It's every bit as fun as regular online casinos, minus the risk.

{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA
{{ crossSellText }} This operator is currently unavailable in {{ stateName }}, USA, here is the next best offer available to you This operator is currently available in {{ stateName }}, USA
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