DraftKings Rocket Game: Strategy and Review

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DraftKings Rocket Game: Strategy and Review

DraftKings Casino consistently ranks in our list of the best online casino sites thanks to its stellar reputation, multi-state licensing, and fantastic variety of exclusive online casino games. One title that truly stands out here and sets this casino apart from the rest is the DraftKings Rocket game. 

This custom game is available exclusively in their online casino and has become one of their most popular titles, offering some of the best gambling action online. Enjoy a different experience and the power to cash out your bets before the rocket stops, with top payouts reaching 1,000x in a thrilling intergalactic adventure.

What is DraftKings Rocket? A Detailed Overview

DraftKings Rocket is a unique online gambling game in their online casino. Place bets at the start of the round before the rocket blasts off. When the round begins, the rocket starts flying across the screen, with a multiplier value increasing as the rocket gains height. Successfully cash out your bet before the rocket explodes to lock in the multiplier value and win money.

DraftKings Rocket Gameplay

Rocket is a new game at DraftKings Sportsbook and Casino that offers rewarding gameplay, with a manual tab for beginners and automatic settings for more advanced users. The game is displayed in landscape and fits perfectly on desktop screens, with controls to the right, allowing you to quickly place wagers, cashout limits, and bail to collect winnings. Mobile players can play the game vertically, with buttons at the bottom and a thinner display.

Switching to landscape view offers the best user experience, with a larger game screen and controls. DraftKings developed the game with ExitBet technology, which explores entertainment-based gaming and involves exiting to win. Watch other DraftKings players jump on board the rocket and see when they bail, with usernames containing asterisks for privacy.

The green and white colored rocket blasts in from the left of the screen and starts to gain altitude and grow the multiplier. The multiplier value takes up the center of the screen, indicating the current payout. Setting an amount in the auto cashout box or pressing the Bail button lets you jump off the rocket before it explodes and collect profits. If the rocket crashes before this, you will lose the round. The sounds are fantastic and create a fun atmosphere with a countdown beeper, a loud whooshing noise as the rocket launches, futuristic sound effects as you cash out, and a loud boom when the rocket explodes.

What are the Draftkings Rocket Game Features?

The DraftKings Rocket gambling game has several features that set it apart from other titles. We've listed some main features that make Rocket so much fun to play at online casinos.

  • <h3/>1,000x Maximum Win</h3>

    1,000x Maximum Win

    Playing Rocket offers the chance to win up to 1,000x your bet. This large maximum win rivals many popular games you'll find at casino bonus sites and is an excellent incentive. To reach the highest payout, you need nerves of steel to stay on board the rocket til it comes to the end of its journey.

  • <h3/>Community Entertainment</h3>

    Community Entertainment

    Using trademarked ExitBet technology, DraftKings has developed its rocket game based on entertainment gaming. As users join, the crowd grows, and you can watch as other players hang on and try to win the biggest bets. This style differs significantly from slots which are traditionally a one-player game, and we found it exciting to see others enjoying the same action.

  • <h3/>Auto Cashout</h3>

    Auto Cashout

    Players have the option to either manually cash out (bail) or take advantage of the auto cashout feature which can be set based on your stake and multiplier value. For instance, if you bet $1 and set the multiplier cashout value at 100x, then it'll automatically bail once the rocket reaches this value resulting in a $100 win.

  • <h3/>Stop on Loss</h3>

    Stop on Loss

    You can play Rocket with a stop-on-loss setting, offering a barrier of protection and limiting your overall exposure. These settings are ideal if you want to focus on gaming and ensure you don't blow through your entire bankroll.

  • <h3/>Stop on Profit</h3>

    Stop on Profit

    Using the auto betting functions allows you to set a total number of bets and a stop-on-profit target. During the session, the auto-betting system will stop wagering and lock in winnings if you hit this profit amount.

What is the Rising Rocket?

The central concept of this game is the rocket which rises and is responsible for increasing multipliers and bigger payouts. The game starts with the machine flying in from the left. The multiplier increases as the rocket rises higher across the screen. When it randomly explodes, the journey ends, winners get paid, and the next game begins.

What's the maximum multiplier?

Playing the best paying online casinos comes with the chance to win big rewards. In the case of the DraftKings Rocket game, the maximum win is 1,000x. So if you place a $10 bet and get lucky enough for the machine to reach 1,000x, you would win $10,000. It's worth noting that this high multiplier is quite hard to achieve. So, what's the most money you can win playing Rocket? DK allows a maximum bet of $100. So the maximum you can win on this title is $100,000 (max bet x max win), potentially rivaling many DraftKings jackpots.


How to Access Rocket Online Casino Game on DraftKings

Accessing the DraftKings rocket ship game is easy thanks to the simple and accessible site layout. It's quick on desktops and smartphones, with options available through their main website and mobile apps.

How to find Rocket on DraftKings Casino app?

You can enjoy wireless rocket gaming on smartphone and tablet devices by downloading and using the DK Android or iOS app.

  1. Open the DraftKings Casino app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Click on the DraftKings Games tab, or search the other games for Rocket.
  3. Press the game to enter, wait for the next round to begin, or place bets with the autoplay feature.

How to find Rocket on the DraftKings desktop website?

We've got you covered if you prefer playing games at betting sites on a desktop setup. Follow the steps below to locate and play Rocket on the DraftKings Casino website.

  1. Visit their site on a desktop PC or laptop.
  2. Click the Games tab to open the casino lobby.
  3. Select DraftKings Games from the central menu bar.
  4. Click DraftKings Rocket to open the game and start playing.


How to Play DraftKings Rocket Game

Watching the game live can help you understand the mechanics and create a betting strategy. The aim is to 'bail' while the rocket is still moving. To do this, you can manually Bail by pressing the button or set an auto cash-out figure at the start of the round. All the options are visible in the dashboard. To enter the game, you must input how much to wager into the bet amount box and select if you want to set an auto cashout amount or other auto bet features. Place a bet over the $1 minimum and press the 'Place Wager' button to join the next round.

The game starts, and the rocket takes off, growing the multiplier value on the screen as it moves. When you hit a multiplier level you're happy with, press the 'Bail' button to end the round and collect winnings. If you set an automatic cashout, you don't need to press any buttons, and the system will collect profits if it hits the target.

The 'Auto' tab provides several extra options, and you can set the number of rounds, stop on loss, and stop on profit targets. You can play with these settings to create a strategy, set budgets, and enjoy hands-free entertainment. You lose the round if the rocket blows up before you cash out.


DraftKings Rocket Strategy and Tips

One of the best DraftKings rocket strategies is to watch a few rounds of the game to get a feel for how it all works. You can see when players bail from the rocket and how much money they win to form a system. The auto cashout feature ensures you never miss clicking the bail button. Set the amount you wish to profit from and let the system take care of cashouts automatically.

Bankroll management is essential in creating winning strategies. You can play responsibly by wagering within your limits and setting stake sizes relative to your bankroll. For example, if you have a $1,000 balance, you could place smaller $20 bets, play more games and stand a higher chance of winning. It's worth noting that luck is always required because every once in a while, the rocket can explode before takeoff, ending the round before it begins.


What are the DraftKings Rocket Game Odds?

The DraftKings Rocket RTP is 97%, leaving the casino with an overall house edge of 3%. This high payout level rivals many of the top slots in the industry. Players can decide the risk level and volatility by choosing how long to stay onboard the rocket. The DraftKings Rocket odds are up to players, who have control to make lower volatility wagers or hang on for life and ride the rocket sky-high.

Rocket is a game that works on a curve scale model, with payouts increasing as the rocket moves across the screen. At the start of the round, the volatility level is low. As the rocket progresses, so does the volatility, with a separate random number generator determining each time it explodes. You can aim for lower multipliers between 1.2 – 2x with a low house edge. This region provides more achievable targets and lets you secure some wins without taking excessive risks and going through long-win droughts.


Common Challenges and Solutions in DraftKings Casino Rocket Game

Some customers have been unhappy with their rocket game experience. The most common issues we found were related to geolocation issues. The game is available to players in states where DraftKings Casino operates legally, including Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The game isn't available outside these regions, and services like GeoComply ensure users are within these regions. On their website, DraftKings state that if a disconnection occurs and actions are required, the site pauses the game so players can resume after reconnecting. If no action is needed, the last round's results are available in the transaction section of your account.


Surprises and Easter Eggs in Rocket Game

The game comes with custom features aimed to enhance the experience. A popular in-game option lets you change the spaceship design. Click the setting button and select Change Spaceship to pick from six rocket styles to use in your game. While it does not affect gameplay, it's a nice touch added by DraftKings Casino, allowing you to pick tiny, chunky, or slim rockets that blast through space. There are also some neat Easter eggs, like a random flying electric car that can appear in outer space.

How to Register and Play DraftKings Rocket Game

You don't need a Draftkings casino promo code, just follow the steps below to create a DraftKings Casino account and join the online casino gaming action. 

  1. Visit DraftKings Casino by clicking here or the button below.
  2. Press the green Log In | Sign Up button to create an account.
  3. Fill in your details, complete the registration process, and make a deposit to play for real money.
  4. Search for Rocket or locate the game in the DraftKings Games menu.
  5. Place your bets, wait for the next round, and have a blast.

While many casinos stick to traditional online slots and table game titles, DraftKings Casino offers a rewarding experience with over 55 exclusive in-house games in their collection. With thrilling options like Rocket, they deliver out-of-this-world gaming entertainment. These new games are unique and provide exciting action. You can view the betting history, use the auto bet feature, and set stop-loss and take-profit targets for automated gaming. A few tips to remember are to aim for lower multipliers, set deposit, and loss limits, keep your mind on your bankroll, and take breaks for fresh air after playing this fun game.


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