Major League Baseball Betting Analysis and Predictions: National League West

Date IconLast Updated: Sep 15th, 2023
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Major League Baseball Betting Analysis and Predictions: National League West
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Major League Baseball will begin on April 7. To get you ready for the season, we’re going to take a look at each division with World Series odds and predictions.

Today, we break down the National League West.

World Series Odds

  • Los Angeles Dodgers, -225
  • San Diego Padres, +325
  • San Francisco Giants, +550
  • Colorado Rockets, +8000
  • Arizona Diamondbacks, +10000

Last year, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants won more than 100 games.

The Dodgers lost shortstop Corey Seager to free agency, but they acquired an MVP-talent in Freddie Freeman, who had been the face of last year’s World Series champion Atlanta Braves.

So, the Dodgers improved their roster in the offseason and are looking to win 100+ games in three of their past five full season 162-game seasons.

What are the Betting Markets Projecting this Season in the NL West?

Among the divisional favorites, the Dodgers are the greatest at -225 to win the NL West.

If you are looking for value, the Padres would be that team to bet. However, unless the injury becomes a plague for the Dodgers franchise, it is unlikely the Padres could upset them this season.

The two worst teams in the National League entering the season are the Rockies and Diamondbacks. They have the two lowest regular season wins totals with the Rockies line at 69.5 wins and the Diamondbacks at 64.5 wins as offered at BetMGM.

The Dodgers have the highest regular season wins total in MLB at 98.5 and appears to be a bit inflated given their multiple seasons of success. But remember, they will play the Rockies and Diamondbacks a total of 38 games (19 each) makes that total of 98.5 wins look cheap.

Last year, the Dodgers went 13-6 against the Rockies and outscored them by an average of 1.11 runs per game.

Despite the winning record, the Dodgers were heavy favorites using the moneyline in these games and ended up losing $35 dollars for the $100 bettor over those 19 games.

It’s a different story against the Diamondbacks, as the Dodgers went 16-3 and made the $100 bettor a $355 profit.

Combined, the Dodgers went 29-9 for 76.3% wins and outscored the Rockies and Diamondbacks by an average of 2.42 runs per game last season. ,/p>

If the Dodgers repeat that 29-9 record, they need to win 70 more times over a 124 games (162-games – 38 games) and that seems quite reasonable to me.

Are the Padres a Wild-Card Playoff team this Season?

The Padres are a playoff-ready team entering the 2022 season.

They have lost All-Star shortstop Fernando Tatis to a wrist injury that required surgery and will miss at least 2.5 months of the regular season.

Despite the injury, the wins total has stayed solid and has not drifted lower as would be expected and this divergence in sentiment makes me bullish to bet the Over 87.5 wins for the Padres offered at BetMGM.