National League MVP Betting: Odds, Picks, Predictions for Best Player

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National League MVP Betting: Odds, Picks, Predictions for Best Player
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As we approach July, we’re inching closer to the end of the season. The All-Star break and trade deadline are looking at the 2023 MLB MVP odds are beginning to show which players are dominating the game.

In our second bi-weekly installment, we’ll check back on the MLB NL MVP odds and see where the players stand. 

Spoiler: Starting things off with the MLB MVP odds is the same player as our list from two weeks back

Favorites for the 2023 NL Most Valuable Player

Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braces

6/6/23 Hitting Stats: .331/.407/.564, 12 HRs, 32 RBIs, 36 Ks, 78 Hits

6/20/23 Hitting Stats: .325/.403/.561, 15 HRs, 45 RBIs, 44 Ks, 94 Hits, 30 SB

6/6/23 Odds: BetMGM Sportsbook (+125)

6/20/23 Odds: BetMGM Sportsbook (-135)

Well, the plus-line value on Acuna has diminished, as his futures betting odds are now -135. There’s still some value here, but as you can see, the time for value is running out in just two weeks. 

Acuna dropped his average a bit but added three home runs, 13 RBIs, and 16 hits. He’s maintaining a solid pace with 30 stolen bases to boot. 

He has a sizable lead over the new second-place player — more on him soon — but he’s quickly gaining steam. Acuna’s lead is pretty comfortable, but not 100%. If he can continue at this pace, he should be able to lock down the award. 

Corbin Carroll, Arizona Diamondbacks

Stats: .304/.386/.596, 16 HRs, 39 RBIs, 55 Ks, 76 Hits, 19 SB

6/20/23 Odds: BetMGM Sportsbook (+450)

Making his debut on this list as the new No. 2 MLB betting odds favorite to win the NL MVP is Diamondbacks outfielder Corbin Carroll.

At +450, he has better odds than the player from two weeks ago, Freddie Freeman, who was at +600.

Like Acuna, Carroll can steal bases but still has 11 less than him.

The only stats where Carroll exceeds Acuna is home runs and slugging percentage. With a .596 slugging percentage, Carroll is second in all of baseball, only behind Los Angeles Angels designated hitter and pitcher Shohei Ohtani. 

In his third season, Carroll emerged as the Diamondbacks star. Still, he’ll need to go on a bit of a home run tear to catch up to Acuna, who’s outpacing him in most categories. 

Freddie Freeman, Los Angeles Dodgers

6/6/23 Hitting Stats: .331/.402/.558, 10 HRs, 35 RBIs, 43 Ks, 80 Hits

6/20/23 Hitting Stats: .324/.404/.554, 13 HRs, 46 RBIs, 55 Ks, 93 Hits, 9 SB

6/6/23 Odds: DraftKings Sportsbook (+600)

6/20/23 Odds: DraftKings Sportsbook (+700)

In third place is Freeman, who still sports +700 odds, which is on the heels of Carroll.

Freeman has seen more home run production, which he’ll need to recapture to get back into this race. He also has some base-stealing potential, but if he can catch up to Carroll in the home run department, he should be able to overtake him as his average is better by .020. 

He’s not out of it yet, but Acuna will be tough to top as he can stuff the stat sheet. 

Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers

6/6/23 Hitting Stats: .257/.362/.532, 15 HRs, 36 RBIs, 45 Ks, 57 Hits

6/20/23 Hitting Stats: .264/.365/.513, 17 HRs, 43 RBIs, 55 Ks, 72 Hits, 5 SB

6/6/23 Odds: FanDuel Sportsbook (+2500)

6/20/23 Odds: FanDuel Sportsbook (+2000)

Lastly, we’ll look at Betts, a distant fourth place at +2000. His sports betting odds have improved from two weeks ago, but he’s not in fourth place. 

Since our last overview, Betts has improved his batting average by .007 and has two home runs, 7 RBIs, and 15 hits. 

He has five stolen bases on the season as well.

The three players above him have batting averages north of .300, so Betts catching up is highly unlikely. 

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