Can Milwaukee Bounce Back to Take Control of Series vs. Bulls?

Date IconLast Updated: Sep 14th, 2023
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Can Milwaukee Bounce Back to Take Control of Series vs. Bulls?
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Here’s a question you don’t often ask: Which losing trend will end tonight?

It’s what we’re pondering for our NBA betting as the defending NBA champs Milwaukee Bucks travel to the Chicago Bulls for Game 3 of their first-round playoff series.

Dating to 2015, the Bulls have lost five consecutive home playoff games. That should sound good to the Bucks until you realize they have lost four of their last six road playoff games.

So, how do we see these trends? Let’s break it down.

Which Playoff Trend for These Teams Ends?

For the first time in more than a decade, we had home teams favored on the first half betting line, but underdogs on the full game line.

The 76ers were underdogs to the Toronto Raptors on the first half line and were favored by two points on the full-game line. The Raptors covered the first half line, leading by 10 points. They failed to cover the full spread when they lost in overtime.

The same thing happened in Memphis. The Grizzlies failed to cover the first half betting line installed as a dog but covered the full game lie as the favorite.

The same betting situation is what we have in the Bucks at Bulls game tonight. The Bulls are first-half favorites and the Bucks are game favorites. If you like the Bulls, you might be interested in taking them in the first half.

What the Betting System Says

The betting system has produced a profitable 24-7 straight-up record and 23-7-1 against the spread for 77% winning bets since the 2016 playoffs and has not had a losing playoff season in the past 15 years.

  1. Bet on playoff teams coming off a home win priced as a favorite.
  2. Our team covered the spread in that pervious home win.
  3. Our team now find themselves priced as road favorites.

With that, I like betting the Bucks tonight using the moneyline.

Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks made it to the play-in Tournament by winning 20 of their last 23 games.

It became a must-win situation for the Hawks almost every game, and the physical and emotional toll that those games required are now.

Now, they’re down 2-0 to the Miami Heat going into tonight’s Game 3 and it’s another must-win game for the Hawks.

The problem they face is two-fold. First, how do they overcome the significant fatigue problems to find a way to defeat the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference?

A 12-1 Against the Spread Betting System

Betting on road favorites after Game 1 of any NBA playoff series coming off a home win installed as a favorite and covered the spread have earned a 25-7-1 against the spread for 78.1% winning bets since the 2016 playoffs.

These road favorites are 3-0 against the spread. If the road favorite is the No. 1 seed, they are 12-1 against the spread for 92.3% winning bets since 2016.

I am on the Miami Heat tonight and have already bet them at -1.5 points.

If you can get a moneyline bet paying no more than -130, that is an excellent alternative wager.